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Divalicious:: Tieks by Gavrieli

Tieks starstruck ballet flats

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]As a typical “diva” I have spent my life in sky high stilettos and loved every moment.  I adore Jimmy, Christian, (and Christian), Manolo, Brian, oh I could wax poetic about my shoes.  I treasure each and every pair.  As much as I love my heels, I used to travel often and my go-to shoes were always ballet flats.  I have tried many different styles over the years; structured ones, thin ones, quilted ones, you name it, I have tried them.  Even, sadly, my Chanel and Tod’s flats both left me with blisters on blisters. Don’t get me wrong.  They have a beloved place in my shoe closet but surviving travel, especially long-haul flights , not to mention the fact that they occupy too much space in my suitcase, they don’t tend to make the cut when I leave the country.

When I got pregnant one of my gorgeous girlfriends sent me my first pair of Tieks by Gavrieli ballet flats.  One day they just showed up in a beautiful blue box with a big stretchy (not to mention glittery) yellow flower adorning it.  It was almost like getting a package from Tiffany’s but better if you are a shoe lover like me.

Inside the box there are all kinds of goodies like clear “clips” to pin up pants when you NEED to change out of your sky high heels into something more comfortable (or decide to go shopping on your lunch hour), a cute bag to put your heels in once you change, and a satiny black pouch where you find inside…… wait for it……. the most incredible, most luxurious, most comfortable ballet flats you could ever hope to own. (Did I mention their gorgeous signature turquoise soles???)

My lovely friend Anna sent me the Cardinal Red Tieks and once I had them on my feet I could not believe how comfortable not to mention beautiful and stylish they were.  The padded insoles with remarkable arch support, much more than the average ballet flat, even the chokingly expensive ones, made them wearable for days.  After ordering a few more pairs, I took them on a trip to Paris (foldable ladies!  What more could you want??) and was surprised, even newly pregnant I could walk for hours without fatigue or pain.  Luckily ballet flats are de rigueur in Paris because these were the only shoes I wore.

I wore them all the way through my pregnancy and now that I am a mother of a litter, even with my best intentions to find my way back to my heels, these are the first shoes I reach for.  Even in Beirut where fashion is fierce roads are so rocky wearing heels can be downright dangerous.  There is always a pair of Tieks in my handbag.

If you act soon, Tieks is offering their super exclusive holiday promotion of 20%.  All you have to do is introduce four of your own friends to these amazing shoes and they will send you your very own promo code.

I am using mine for the Starstruck Tieks (the ones pictured above) and can’t wait to have them on stand-by for all my holiday parties when I want to dance ’til dawn.  I can’t wait to be the awe of all the ladies who are stuck in their heels trying to dabke while I prance with ease and comfort!

Oh and did I mention they have about a gazillion styles to choose from??  They even have some really beautiful styles for vegans like the Brent Wood Tieks.

By the way, these shoes are a few of Oprah’s “Favorite Things”!  What better endorsement???  Well, almost as good as mine, right?

HURRY!  The PROMO  only lasts until 12/05/2013 at 11:59 PM PST!! [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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  1. Mina
    Mina says:

    Welcome Back! I really do love the new design and can not wait to read more and more from you !Though I find the previous theme of each article better for sitting and taking time to read .(the mobile flash tool bar is a nuisance to me )LOL..just wanted to share with you .
    Im so happy you are back .
    have a great day .

  2. Elissa
    Elissa says:

    Hi Jacqueline!! I love your new web page, it’s beautiful!!
    These shoes are to die for! I love flats and it’s a shame that I found this promo too late. Boohoo.
    Are the flats true to size or should you buy them a bit bigger (or smaller)?
    The colours, prints OMG!!!!!! I want them all!

    Much love for the triplets and you!!!!


      • Elissa
        Elissa says:

        Thank you!! I will start my collection soon!
        I hope your Christmas was great and your New Year full of love, properity, health and an abundance of advice for us!


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