My Nutrition Meltdown

My Nutrition Meltdown

Nutrition Meltdown Well, it finally happened.  I didn't just go off the deep end, I flew off the high dive!  I knew one day I would have to address the fact that, in the beginning of The Detox Diva I kind of went down the rabbit hole…
Pluggz Ballet Flats
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Obsession Alert:: Plugzz Ballet Flats

Flash Sale Run, don't walk to buy these miracle flats that are not only ultra chic but help alleviate aches and pains on sale now!
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Eating to Eradicate Cellulite

Find out how a simple diet change can dramatically reduce your chances of developing cellulite and how it can help you banish the bumps and find your bikini again!
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Superfood Spotlight:: Miraculous Moringa Leaf

Moringa leaf powder has been proven to be beneficial to balance hormones, blood sugar, and cholesterol levels and bring a new found health and vitality to everyone who uses it.
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Taming Estrogen Dominance

Nutrition plays a key role in reducing estrogen dominance and restoring hormone levels to balance. Find out which foods tame the estrogen dominance tiger.
wheat free for fertility
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Wheat-Free for Fertility

Find out how passing on wheat can boost odds for conceiving a child in your favor.
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A View from the Kitchen

A holistic nutritionist's take on today's diet, fads and all.
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The Alkaline Diet Dissected

Let me break it down for you. Coca-cola.....bad. Water with lemon.....good.
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Adrenal Fatigue and Salt Cravings

One classic yet often intense sign of adrenal fatigue is salt cravings.
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Fertility & the Alkaline Diet

Are you thinking about getting pregnant? Maybe you are trying to conceive