Is Your Dinner on Prozac?

The other day I was having a “discussion”  (read…argument) with a colleague of mine who proclaimed to one of my clients that I was a “crappy” nutritionist and health counselor because I did not force my clients to eat fish at least three times a week.  Never mind that the client happens to be pregnant and, although she does like tuna, is 1) not a fish lover, preferring to eat more vegetarian and 2) concerned about the levels of mercury and other heavy metals along with toxins that are currently present in many water supplies.  I found these illustrations of the levels of commonly (and overly) prescribed medications from antidepressants to antihistamines present in fish from your local market.  Take care.  Even if you take no medication, if you eat fish, you may be taking some very potent drugs.

I am not saying never eat fish.  I am saying be ever vigilant of where your fish are caught, preferring wild over farmed, line caught over net caught, and salt water over fresh water unless you know for sure you are eating fish (or, better yet, fishing yourself) from clean water lakes or streams.

I am letting this illustration speak for itself today because I think my readers need to see what is really in their food supply and I didn’t want to bog you down with more facts and figures.


Wishing you peace and balance,


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  1. mrs green
    mrs green says:

    That;s a pretty startling image and it’s something I personally find difficult to balance. I was vegetarian for 20 years then a year ago something was screaming at me to eat meat and fish – can you imagine reconciling that??! I now eat tinned salmon twice a week and organic, local chicken about once every 6 weeks as and when my body craves it. And yes I feel SO much better – more balanced psychologically, my hormones feel more balanced and I just feel better; happier, more grounded. But I DO struggle with the whole mercury / toxics issue. It’s not easy is it??!!

    • thedetoxdiva
      thedetoxdiva says:

      I went raw vegan for about six months when I was studying for my nutrition degree. I got so sick. I then went back to vegetarianism and back to careful omnivore and flexivore. I do get you totally what you mean. I knew what my body needed…. but I struggle with the toxicity in fish. This blew my mind!

  2. Marnie
    Marnie says:

    Great post. I agree. I think when it comes to food in general, always do your personal best to get the safest food possible. I’ve been reading your posts and you are very knowledgeable.

    Get this, when I was pregnant, I was told off by a Nutritionist because I had a big healthy salad with my lunch and dinner. I am not kidding. I got the worst lecture you could ever imagine. I was so upset I told my family doctor. Considering how healthy I was, she told me to keep on doing what I was doing. My daughter weighed in at 9.5 pounds because I was healthy.

  3. Courtney~Mommy LaDy Club
    Courtney~Mommy LaDy Club says:

    I prefer sushimi if I eat fish, and sometimes crave cooked salmon, or eat tuna out of the can, but I’m not a huge fish eater. Everyone is so different, so nutrition, like medicine is very specific to the individual I would imagine. There’s not a one way fits all. For example, I’m allergic to fruit, so it can’t be on my nutrition plan. Did you know prescription drug deaths have surpassed car accidents now?

    • thedetoxdiva
      thedetoxdiva says:

      I like sashimi too but prefer deep sea fish when I eat it. Love wild salmon. And yes, I did know that prescription deaths have surpassed car accident deaths. With so many people on medication these days, mixing supplements and herbal remedies, it is bound to keep climbing too.

  4. Christine
    Christine says:

    eewww. I have learned several things from this post including be careful the source of your fish and the term flexivore.

    last year I wrote this post about Frankenfish and the need to eat only wild salmon from a conservation perspective. but clearly it jives with your advice about exactly what we put in our body


    thank you for striving to keep us all healthier! after a fun weekend in new orleans I am in much need of some detox and clean eating…


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