Welcome, beauties, to the new Detox Diva website!! Have a look around and enjoy the new look and feel.  I am still making tweaks here and there, of course, so pardon my growing pains and I step into our role as a teacher, coach, confidant to light your path to vibrant health and a sensual, luxurious, and delicious life.  We feel you have earned it!

“So what’s new?” you might be asking.

Aside from a beautiful new image, gone are the “detox” categories.  Of course, I am, and always will be, The Detox Diva but life, including the way we eat, is about finding ways to not only detox but to stay balanced every day, all year round.

Learning to eat well; real, healthy, sumptuous food can heal, miraculously, a host of health challenges, including but not limited to, estrogen dominance and other “detox” issues, adrenal fatigue and thyroid dysfunction, leaky gut, hormonal imbalances, autoimmune and other inflammatory illnesses, weight and/or blood sugar issues, and even infertility, menopause, PMS, andropause and mood disorders.

I believe all the conflicting information on the internet, in the media, and even in doctor’s offices is wreaking havoc on all of us who have imprinted on the belief that food is fuel and we have lost touch with the ability to figure out which food is the best “fuel” for our bodies.  It is my mission to change the beliefs that there is a magic bullet (or a 5 day detox) in which all your health woes and those holiday pounds will be nullified in place of good healthy real food.  It is my mission to spread the word that a change in ideas about food (and indeed, lifestyle) is essential for getting to the root of any health challenge.

Look for recipes galore; lush breakfasts to start your day off right, savory lunch ideas, delectable dinners and luscious desserts that will nourish your body and satisfy the soul.

The Detox Diva brings you up-to-the-minute real world holistic wellness information.  I delve into the science behind the symptoms and break them down into understandable “bites” so you, my readers, can navigate the maze of misinformation and decode the “mysteries” of many of the wellness concerns and health matters faced by you or those you love.

Access to the truth about what is really going on in the body is like having the key to the door of vital health!

In that vein, we have some exciting new classes opening up soon that promise to teach you not only what to eat but how to eat!! I’ll be offering several “Q&A” calls as well in early 2014!

While most health blogs stop at telling you what to eat or announcing the latest health craze, dietary dogma, or scare, I assert that changing your lifestyle is as, if not more, important than merely what we put in our mouths and bodies.  Changing our attitudes towards not only food but shaking up the status quo on the messages society gives us on how we should be living our lives as well is the cornerstone of creating the life we want and deserve.

We as women (and men, you are just as guilty as we are of this) have a deep seated belief that we can’t have a specific lifestyle, that it is somehow unattainable to us or that we don’t deserve the life we really want to be living, full of health, vitality, abundance; of sensuality. I challenge this notion and want to help you surround yourself in beauty, in luxury, and gift yourself self-nurturing.

The Detox Diva is about detoxifying the old notions about what is a socially acceptable lifestyle, often full of chronic stress, dangerously skewed ideas about food and eating and what is truly healthy, and infusing your lives with knowledge, with power, with the tools to create a life of wellness, energy, beauty, joy and abundance.

A happy mind, a nourished body, and a contented soul lead to balanced health and an abundant sensual life!