Taming Estrogen Dominance

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Taming Estrogen Dominance

Yesterday we broached the subject of estrogen dominance in Estrogen Dominance Examined and looked at the ramifications of treating it holistically rather than conventionally in Estrogen Dominance:: A Case Study.  Today we are going to get a little more in depth and talk about some real nutritional and lifestyle adjustments that can and should be made to treat estrogen dominance. Most people (I say people because men suffer from estrogen dominance as well) that suffer from estrogen dominance also have an acid/alkaline imbalance and generally are affected by chronic inflammation.  They are almost always hypothyroid and have some sort of adrenal insufficiency.  About 65% are overweight and over half of that 65% are obese.  They can also be insulin resistant.

Why am I running down the laundry list of other health issues when I am supposed to be talking about estrogen dominance?  I am attempting to illustrate, again, how you can cannot heal selectively just as you do not get a health condition selectively.  It’s what conventional medicine either doesn’t get or doesn’t WANT to get  but whatever the case, a few pills or creams isn’t going to magically heal you if you are doing/eating/using the same things/foods/products you have always used.  What is the definition of insanity?  I’ll give you one definition of insanity that has nothing to do with your lifestyle.  So many people are estrogen dominant in part because the water supply is polluted with enormous amounts of hormones from women on birth control pills and hormone replacement therapy already.  They are not only literally being flushed down the toilet every time they eliminate but hundreds of pounds of unused medications are being dumped into landfills and absorbed into the earth.

So you have a diagnosis, or, at the very least, an inkling that you are estrogen dominant.  You have 10 out of 11 symptoms and you just don’t feel well.  If you are one of my UK or perhaps Canadian readers, getting treated on the NHS conventionally is a headache and a half because they just don’t want to run those types of test to diagnose.  If you are in the US, the doctors are more than happy to run the tests but push creams and/or pills made of the urine of a pregnant horse.  It might be natural but your body does not metabolise it in the same way it would say, if it were bio-identical.

Please remember that women have ten times the rate of autoimmune disease as men – due to imbalanced and excess levels of estrogen. This is because estrogen (estradiol) suppresses T suppressor cells, leaving them out in the circulation longer and more likely to adversely react to inflamed tissue.  (Caused by chronic inflammation!)  The cases of lupus and rheumatoid arthritis along with fibromyalgia and polymyositis being diagnosed in women in their 30′s, 40′s and early 50′s is sky rocketing due to estrogen dominance and the so called “HRT” treatments being given as a result. I paint a very dark picture, don’t I?

The fact of the matter is it is possible to treat Estrogen Dominance holistically with nutrition and lifestyle changes right alongside more conventional medicine.  I say MORE conventional medicine because I absolutely convinced women need to be consulting doctors that are schooled in Functional Integrative Medicine and are well versed in bio-identical hormones.  Your GP is probably or even run of the mill OB/GYN is probably not the one you want to ask about nutrition, lifestyle changes and rational hormone replacement. I will be going into conventional vs.  bio-identical hormones in a few days.  We will be focusing on nutrition and lifestyle adaptations to treat estrogen dominance and the ensuing conditions that surround it. To recap the definition of estrogen dominance, it is exactly as it sounds.  Estrogen dominance is when the estrogen produced by and circulating in the body far outweighs the other hormones, namely progesterone. This imbalance causes a multitude of symptoms and, if those symptoms weren’t bad enough, it causes weight gain which can make the estrogen even more unbalanced.  It’s a Catch-22.  Or is it?  The fact is that good nutrition is the absolute best medicine for estrogen dominance.  Then there are a few lifestyle changes such as reducing stress through exercise, (and my favorite all-time exercise for hormone balancing happens to be yoga), meditation/prayer, and breathing techniques.

Let’s get down to business and discuss how to tame the estrogen dominant tiger with nutrition. Reducing estrogen dominance is not only about foods with anti-estrogenic effects but foods with FIBER that is going to help eliminate excess estrogen through the bowels, which is where excess estrogen ends up to be excreted.  A carrot a few times a day has the PERFECT fiber to bind to estrogen and excrete it.  Carrots must be eaten RAW and bamboo shoots can also be substituted.

Let’s first discuss what to avoid, shall we??  These are particularly important to avoid in the first 21 days of undergoing a holistic shift because our aim is going to be reducing the amount of estrogen produced AND helping eliminate the excess from the body.

Commercially raised meats and poultry are particularly problematic in the issue of estrogen dominance.  First, they are fed on a diet of hormones, antibiotics, and other chemicals mixed in with their feed. Second, that feed is grain, which the animal is not able to metabolize in the first place.  Like in humans, who are, by and large, not able to tolerate grains, when the bacteria and gluten in those grains becomes too much, leaky gut and other malabsorption issues occurs in the livestock causing not only vitamin and mineral deficiencies in the animal, but all those toxic hormones, antibiotics, and other chemicals are leached into the blood stream causing inflammatory immune responses.  The bodies of the animals are not able to detox properly and those chemicals are stored in the fat of the animal.  Never mind about the grains that the animals can’t metabolize in the first place are genetically modified.  That goes without saying these toxins and pathogens are going to find their way into every organ of the animal and those organs and slabs of meat are going to be eaten by the consumer.  Dairy products add insult to injury by not only having high levels of puss and blood from the immune responses raging in the animals but then are pasteurized killing every single enzyme that could ever hope to make it digestible.

Eat animal protein, by all means, but make sure it is pastured and grass-fed, limit your chicken to once a week and stick to wild, line-caught cold water fish.  Young cod, sardines, anchovies, mackerel, and tuna in small amounts a few times a week will not hinder estrogen reduction.  If you want to eat eggs they absolutely must be soy-free, free-range and foraging hens that have access to a rooster.  You can usually find these at farmer’s markets. These are the healthiest eggs around.  If you must eat supermarket eggs, don’t eat eggs!  (About now you are wondering why I haven’t said “organic eggs are ok”.  They aren’t because they might still be fed on grains and soy, even organic they can still be estrogenic.)

We are resetting your body the first 21 days so eliminating grains will help restore insulin sensitivity and, as you add more whole grains back into your diet you will find which ones trigger responses and which ones are more tolerable.  I strongly urge everyone to give up modern wheat as it is has been bred to contain up to 40 times the strength of glutens present in heirloom grains.  Great for Wonder Bread, BAD for digestion and one of the prime reasons the incidence of Celiac’s Disease is rising to epidemic proportions.  In fact, if you are caucasian you are probably gluten intolerant.  If you have hypothyroidism and estrogen dominance you are probably, at the very least, gluten sensitive.

So if you can’t eat meat,and you can’t eat modern wheat  or many grains, and you can’t eat eggs, what can you eat??

Avocados, sprouts, radishes, asparagus, artichokes, celery, carrots, squashes, tapioca, pineapples figs, pears,  green beans, and corn** are all produce  that has an anti-estrogenic effect on the body.  (The corn must be fresh, NOT genetically modified and organic if you choose to eat it. If you have insulin resistance, avoid it for the first 21 days.)

Citrus fruits  contain D-Limonene, a naturally occurring substance found in the oils.  Along with onion and garlic they also contain flavanoids and indoles that are estrogen inhibiting compounds found  in plants. D-Limonene, a naturally occurring monoterpene found in the oils of citrus fruits, promotes the detoxification of estrogen by triggering Phase I and Phase II enzymes in the liver (the primary detoxification pathways in the liver).  This compound has also shown great promise in the prevention and treatment of breast and other cancers.  Try drinking Ginger Lemon Tea and grating the peel of the lemon or lime into salad dressings, puddings, and into salads.

Seaweeds contain a live source of iodine that can effectively and rapidly detoxify xenoestrogenic compounds. North Atlantic Dulse, Nori, Uniradiated kelp, and other seaweeds make great additions to salads and soup.

Sweet Potato is a natural progesterone stimulant, it works on the pituitary gland.

Rosemary contains a potent antioxidant, inhibits breast cancer development and it helps to detoxify carcinogenic estrogens. Rosemary may also enhance estrogen detoxification.

Thyme and Oregano  can increase the body’s progesterone levels.

Grapes contain Resveratrol- a naturally occuring bioflavonoid.

Seeds such as flax, chia and hemp,  sprouted pulses and beans, legumes, and vegetables such as broccoli and kale containing lignans  are natural plant compounds containing important insoluble dietary fiber.  They can interrupt the circulation of estrogens in the liver and digestive tract in two ways.  Because of their phytoestrogenic properties they bear a strong resemblance to estrogen, which enable lignans to compete against estrogen for estrogen receptor sites on breast cells. (It is through estrogen receptor sites that estrogen may cause cancerous mutations in DNA.) Once displaced, excessive or bad estrogens are harmlessly flushed from the bowels as waste. They also inhibit aromatase activity, thus decreasing conversion of testosterone and androstenedione into estrogens in fat and breast cells.

NOTE:: Upon further investigation (and far too many classes) I no longer recommend chia seeds due to the estrogenic effect they have in women with estrogen dominance.  They don’t actually compete very well, rather can exacerbate the issue.  They are also little PUFA bombs which can further contribute to estrogen dominance.

Sunflower seeds contain vitamin E which has  been shown to inhibit the growth of estrogen receptor positive breast cancer (the type of breast cancer caused by estrogen dominance) cells by as much as 50%.

Dark Green Leaves (and wheatgrass/ barleygrass) contain alpha lipoic acid (ALA) Since we know that fat cells store toxins, detoxing the fat cells with alpha lipoic acid is another key factor reducing estrogen dominance.  These foods also enhance the potency and life of vitamins C and E and other antioxidants, recycling them and making them much more effective. Alpha lipoic acid also aids in the conversion of carbohydrates to energy. This, in turn, helps improves energy metabolism.

Alpha-Lipoic Acid has been found to be a super antioxidant with the ability combat the effects of aging..  ALA protects DNA and is vastly beneficial for combating chronic inflammation.

Make sure you COOK your dark green leafies or, better yet, boil them with your bone broth and discard them, drinking the broth instead.


Red Peppers,garlic, onions, broccoli, brussel sprouts and oats contain N-acetylcysteine a powerful antioxidant.

Green Tea extract contains polyphenols, catechins and flavonoids shown to inhibit breast tumor growth, improves liver detoxification of estrogen, reduces aromatase enzymes and lowers levels of damaging estrogens, protects against estrogen-specific free radicals and carcinogens

Tomatoes, pink grapefruit, papaya, guava and watermelon contain lycopene a powerful antioxidant found which was recently shown to reduce a women’s risk of breast cancer by 36 percent.  Lycopene  inhibits cancer cell proliferation and reduces DNA damage from estrogen.

Apples, Oranges, Broccoli, Spinach, and Brussels Sprouts contain Calcium D-glucarate  which  is a powerful detoxifier of excess estrogens from the liver. This compound binds to excess estrogen and inhibits the unfriendly bacteria in the gut that is present as a result of a low-fiber, high glycemic diet that allows estrogen to be recirculated from the bowel into the blood stream. Calcium D-glucarate has been found in animals to lower estradiol levels and inhibit the initiation, promotion, and progression of cancer. There really is something to the saying  “An apple a day….”

Cruciferous vegetables ( Broccoli, Brussels Sprouts, Cabbage, Kale, Mustard, Turnip, Bok Choy, Kohlrabi, Rutabaga, Swede) are rich in zinc, vitamins A, B, C, D and E  and contain Indole-3-Carbinol (l3C)
I3C and DIM (diinodylmethane), naturally occurring compounds that actively promotes the breakdown of estrogen to the beneficial metabolite, 2-OH. Sulfurophane, from broccoli,  has been shown to stimulate the body’s production of detoxification enzymes that eliminate harmful xenoestrogens. Sulfurophane is also a powerful antioxidant slowing the aging process, which, in my book, is a major reason to eat my broccoli.

Again, make sure the above are VERY cooked and eaten with plenty of healthy saturated fat like grass-fed butter or ghee.

Tomorrow we will talk about supplements to aid in detox of estrogen dominance.



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  1. Marnie - - reply

    I have often wondered if I have this problem as there are times I just feel shaky during certain times in the month. I just feel off. I will be bookmarking this post. Thanks for the list of foods to eat. I’m going to give this a serious try!

    1. thedetoxdiva - - reply - author

      It sounds to me like your hormones are imbalanced and you might have a little insulin resistance. The food list should take care of all that if you are eliminating sugar and eating a plant based diet!

  2. Melissa - - reply

    Hi! I have found this site after finding out that I have had very high estrogen levels, but my doctor seems to have no clue what to do about this, other than “avoiding soy”. Internet searches regarding high estrogen levels provide amazingly conflicting information! Do you happen to know how I could find one of the doctors that you recommended, schooled in Integrated Functional Medicine? I am in the Boston area.

    Thank you!

    1. thedetoxdiva - - reply - author

      Avoiding soy is a rubbish answer (I think) because it is only soy isolates (or raw soy) that causes any kind of problem and lignans of any kinds (Flax seed, hemp seed, chia seed) along with beans, nuts, and seeds have SOME phytoestrogens. Detoxing from estrogen is much more than avoding phytoestrogens, rather that’s the last thing you should worry about. Much more than this is the xenoestrogens that are present in so many foods (packaged) and personal care products along with antibiotic and hormone laden beef, pork and poultry and even pesticides and herbicides on our fruits and vegetables. Boston Osteopathic Health have functional medicine specialists on staff. Dr. Joseph Kaye is an amazing doctor in the Boston area and he even specializes in bio-identical hormones. He’s awesome. Dr. Kathleen O’Neil-Smith is known in her field but I don’t know her personally. I think her clinic’s name is Treat Wellness. These are the ones I know in the Boston area. Detoxing from estrogen is not impossible. Most of my clients that have come to me have had to go through the detox I suggest so you aren’t alone.

  3. Just me - - reply

    Is it okay to eat lentils soup (soaked beforehand) and beans soup? I prepare the beans this way – I soak them for at least 12 hours, then boil them and change the water 3-4 times before adding the other ingredients. It’s a traditional way to prepare it in my country, this way you avoid gas. This soup is the best for my stomach, it feels great and makes me full like no other soup (but it takes hours to prepare). So is it okay to eat it?

    1. thedetoxdiva - - reply - author

      I still eat lentils but I do soak them as well. I eat them about once a week as a meal. You are completely prepping them the right way just don’t make it a basis for all your meals.

  4. amanda - - reply

    Hi, this is all great. It backs up so much of what I’ve read elsewhere but brings it all into one place. Thanks so much.
    I’m in Edinburgh, mid-50s and have had a terrible few years struggling with perimenopause, because of estrogen dominance. I’m beginning to implement the diet stuff (tho find exercise so hard because of fibroids/heavy bleeding) so have gone down to very little. Not good in the overall picture, is it?
    Any suggestions for finding a receptive doctor over here would be so welcome. They all look at me like I’m crazy when I refuse synthetic hormones/surgery.
    Many thanks again

    1. thedetoxdiva - - reply - author

      Hi Amanda,
      My best advice for finding a doctor is to try to find a reputable functional medicine specialist OR at least a private doctor that specializes in bio-identical hormonal treatments. Usually this will be an endocrinologist or an OB-GYN. Unfortunately on NHS this is harder to find. I will be doing a piece shortly on menhorragia which might help a bit but surgery, unless it is a hysterectomy (which is extreme) is the worst case situation and ablative surgery doesn’t always work….

  5. kellio - - reply

    I really have tried to stay away from conventional fruits and veggies (at least the ones where I eat the whole fruit and veggie including the skin) but what if I’m not able to get all organic fresh produce?
    I use organic wild blueberries and organic spinach plus some other things, in my smoothies, and use organic lettuces in salads. I am able to get some organic at the store but can’t get organic asparagus, brussel sprouts, etc. and all of it is from the store, not a farmer’s market. Also, apples and lemons are some of the very few organic fruits I can get. What are your thoughts on that? If I am gonna do this for 21 days, I want to do it right.

    1. thedetoxdiva - - reply - author

      Don’t obsess too much about organic if they aren’t available. Obviously the thinner the skin (especially apples, strawberries, and cucumbers) these are what you should focus on buying organic but soaking your fruit in a little hydrogen peroxide and water (or you can use baking soda and water) will soak off much of the “nasties” of conventional fruits and vegetables.

    1. thedetoxdiva - - reply - author

      Most nutmilks are nothing more than PUFA bombs. If you are going to use milk alternatives, I prefer you use coconut milk or macadamia nut milk (which has a lipid profile closer to olive oil than polyunsaturated fats). A little nutmilk in a smoothie is fine, just not every day.

      1. kellio - - reply

        PUFA?? Lol I would prefer coconut milk anyway. I am not a big nutmilk fan. I still love raw milk. Speaking of, at what point can I drink raw milk. The main way I drink milk is in the kefir I make. Ok, I lied. it wasn’t the last question ^.^

        1. thedetoxdiva - - reply - author

          PUFA as in polyunsaturated fatty acid. And who told you that to do a cleanse can’t include raw milk kefir?? Yes, on a “clean” cleanse you would eliminate milk as it is a classic allergen but if you had no problems with it to begin with I question the wisdom in giving it up.

          1. kellio -

            I was going by what I read in your post about the 21 day reset. I think at this point it’s difficult to know if milk(kefir) has affected me, because of dealing with all this stuff. I would think that it hasn’t, because of all the benefits, but If it’s better that I wait until after the 21 days I’m totally ok with that. I just want to do it right ;)

  6. kellio - - reply

    Ok, so I picked up more raw milk today, and I just want to verify. Should I or should I not have raw milk kefir during these 21 days? Thanks ;)

    1. thedetoxdiva - - reply - author

      If you are doing a traditional “clean” cleanse, you can cut out all dairy but, if you have never had a problem with fermented dairy and have raw milk, a little kefir a day should not affect your cleanse.

  7. kellio - - reply

    Ok, thank you. I have never been a popcorn eater, but in the recent past, I read that organic popcorn is a great light snack. I had it with organic coconut oil and himalayan salt. I assume I should not have it during the cleanse, but thought I’d ask just in case.

    1. thedetoxdiva - - reply - author

      It is better to keep popcorn (which is a grain) out of your diet during the 21 days and introduce little by little afterward.

      1. kellio - - reply

        That is what I thought. I have always known popcorn to be a grain and never thought it was good to eat, but then read an article saying how good it was as a light snack. So, I figured it wouldn’t be good, but just wanted to double-check. Maybe others have had the same question too ;)

      2. kellio - - reply

        I meant to ask your thoughts on agave before and forgot. I have read that it is not a good sweetener like people think. I’ve also read that it affects the body worse than fructose does. What are your thoughts? Also, what do you think about dates? Just trying to find some healthy ways to sweeten things. I use stevia in some things, but would like other options depending on what I’m making. I am almost at the end of my 3 week reset, and I have to say, I was hoping I would have lost some weight. I think I may have lost 3 or 4 pounds. The only time I actually feel like I have lost is in the morning, otherwise I still feel just as puffy as I did before this detox :( I have been using progesterone for about 2 1/2 weeks, but I know that will take some time. Thanks again for your advice ;)

        1. thedetoxdiva - - reply - author

          3 or 4 pounds is actually good considering MOST people that do harsh resets that lose tons of weight are losing weight by losing water and glycogen. If you were doing this as a jump start to weight loss IF you have a thyroid condition, estrogen dominance, and/or adrenal fatigue, then you did it for the wrong reasons. Also, why are you using progesterone?? Was your progesterone low?? I never suggest my clients use progesterone unless being tested properly.
          And sweetener of choice is SUGAR…. Yes, I said it…. SUGAR. Not bowls of it but get some good unbleached cane sugar or raspadura and use it…. within reason. Molasses, honey, muscovado are all good choices. I am about to write a post that is going to rock your world on why all these sugar alternatives are actually causing more issues than they are helping.

          1. kellio -

            No, my reason was for the estrogen dominance, but of course hoping for some weight loss just because I’ve been stuck at this weight for so long, even with exercise and eating very healthy. I am using progesterone, because like I mentioned in the other thread, I had a hysterectomy(at 37) a few years ago, and my bloodwork showed me at nothing for progesterone, and estrogen higher than what I am suppose to be at post menopause. Ok, I’ll look out for your post. I also have been looking at raw coconut crystals, so that may be something to add to your post if you know anything about it. Thanks ;)

          2. thedetoxdiva - - author

            Oh that’s right. I forgot about your history. Yes, progesterone will help but it should not be used as a cleanse for estrogen dominance and unfortunately, depending on the extent of the estrogen dominance, 21 days really isn’t enough. It’s not about a reset (in your case and many others) it is about teaching your body to readjust. Don’t think about raw coconut crystals, think SUGAR!

          3. kellio -

            Ya, I figured it would take a good while. I was just planning on adding some free range eggs, healthy meats, and some raw dairy, after doing this 21 day reset, and continue with all of the green smoothies and veggies I’ve been eating. Do you think that is ok? Or should I just continue with only fruits and veggies and some wild caught sardines a couple times a week?

          4. thedetoxdiva - - author

            I am actually going to amend that post to not recommend a lot of the green smoothies as my complete understanding now (as a result of PhD level research) has led me to understand that juicing too many leafy greens can actually attack the thyroid which will bring estrogen dominance further into the forefront. (not what we want). I think adding some raw dairy as well as pastured (soy free) eggs, free range meats, and sugar into the diet (as well as your carrot a day with coconut oil) would do better for you than a largely plant based diet. Fruits are important as are vegetables but in addition to not instead of the above.

          5. kellio -

            Ok, well that is good, because I am not a vegetarian ;) Still havin a hard time with the sugar bit, but I’ll look into a few of the different forms of sugar you mentioned above. I just don’t want to use something that will feed candida or affect the blood sugar, right? So you are are saying also to have carrots and coconut oil each day? My leafy greens have consisted of spinach and kale along with banana, wild blueberries, sometimes pineapple, chia, and coconut oil in the morning. Salad(mixed greens, tomato, bell pepper, broccoli, artichoke hearts, cucumber) with balsamic vinegar and olive oil at lunch, and then some cooked veggies like brussell sprouts, asparagus, sweet potato, broccoli, etc and maybe the sardines. So do you think that messed up the reset? I appreciate your time, sleep well.

          6. thedetoxdiva - - author

            You clearly have the wrong ideas based on mainstream media. Sugar doesn’t actually feed bacteria and actually it is the PUFAs you are eating with sugar that spike blood sugar. More on that in the post. You are eating too many leafy greens (probably not rotating them either) as raw for juicing. If you have estrogen dominance you are affecting your thyroid.

  8. kellio - - reply

    No, most of what I’ve read hasn’t been mainstream, but I’m always open to learning. I also have been eating some other things listed up above. I just listed the main things i have been eating. But it’s good to know that the last three weeks have been for nothing, lol Who would have thought eating lots of veggies would do damage.

    1. thedetoxdiva - - reply - author

      No, not for nothing…. 21 days doesn’t destroy your thyroid but it will hamper your estrogen detox if you don’t rotate veggies (especially greens). If I were to do a consult for you one of the first things I would tell you after a hysterectomy is to rebuild what is lost and gently detox…. It’s one reason I still wanted you to do raw dairy kefir because it is nourishing….. Sugar is actually estrogen’s enemy as is helping your body use oxygen more efficiently. More to come on that… you didn’t do lasting damage but remember a 21 day reset (though this reset was never published) is only a very small part of the equation. Do your carrot salads in favor of your juices for the time being, incorporate coconut oil into your diet (including cooking in it), eat bone rich meats, drink the bone broth, and do dairy….. eat a little sugar every day (I like homemade marshmallows and orange juice with a little sea salt.) That will do more to help your body than you know.

  9. kellio - - reply

    Sounds good ;) I definitely use coconut oil in cooking and smoothies. What are some of the best bone rich meats you would recommend? So, then take the bones and boil them? Also, if we have free range chickens in the freezer, what would be the way to cook them to get the most out of them?

  10. kellio - - reply

    Darn, I forgot to ask about cacao. Is that something I can have during all this? I was not sure about that or Green tea, because of the caffeine. I’m not actually sure how much caffeine is even in them. It probably is a nominal amount. You have been so gracious to answer all of my questions. Thank you.

  11. kellio - - reply

    It seems that most the farms around here are feeding their free range hens organic grains that have a little soy in them. I know I can go to the store and get no soy eggs, but they have been pasteurized. So do I just not eat any eggs, or is it ok to have them if it is a very small amount they are given?

  12. ged48 - - reply

    Hi im a guy 48 with low testosterone, my libido is very low
    i was put on to testosterone patches 3 years ago with no effect.
    i told my urologist to check my estrogen levels, he took some blood
    and amazingly cannot read the results of the blood test!
    anyway just wondered how i can reduce estrogen on my own.?
    i feel very anxious all the time, have no sex drive and feel numb!

    1. thedetoxdiva - - reply - author

      I do help men with estrogen dominance issues but you really do need to look at what is causing it. I have loads of information on my site about estrogen dominance but I do feel a consultation might make it easier to tailor something specifically for your needs. Looking forward to talking to you.

  13. Julius - - reply

    Avacadoes, peanuts, and olive oil are all great to keep in your diet, as healthy fats help regulate hormones and keep your test/estrogen ratio in a healthy range. Many women think low testosterone is just a problem for men but it affects women too.

    1. thedetoxdiva - - reply - author

      Peanuts we disagree on. Too high in mold to be healthy and the PUFA in peanuts is most assuredly not great for hormonal balance.

  14. hudchick - - reply

    I just stumbled onto your site. I’m two months into my food revolution. No processed foods, wheat or soy. Grass fed meats excedera…
    My interest in your site is due to the extreme sharp headaches I get once a month when I take a week off of birth control pills. They last for days and are unbearable. My doc says I can just stay on them with no breaks and basically never have a period. This does not feel right in my spirit so I’ve set out to find as much info as possible. I’m eager to learn.

    1. thedetoxdiva - - reply - author

      The fact that you are ON birth control is something that horrifies me. Birth control pills CAUSE estrogen dominance so it should go without saying that taking them without breaks would be severely damaging to your health overall. I would urge you first and foremost to get OFF the birth control pills and find another form of birth control.

    1. thedetoxdiva - - reply - author

      You can absolutely use coconut oil. As far as using your progesterone cream, it depends on the type of progesterone cream you are using but since progesterone opposes estrogen, if you are using progesterone because you are low in production, then absolutely you can and should.

  15. Jwoods79 - - reply

    I self-diagnosed myself with estrogen dominance a few years ago and it was confirmed when I went to a holistic doctor. I have been studying nutrition and health since I was 17 (34 now) because my dad had terminal colon cancer and was cured through juicing and Essiac Tea. I am working hard at controlling my estrogen dominance but I feel that my body needs something radical to realign itself. I had a uterine ablation procedure done a few years ago because of extremely heavy bleeding (before realizing I probably could’ve handled it a more natural way) I am 15 pounds overweight, I haven’t been my happy self in years and I’m tired of being so moody and frankly, my family is, too! All caused by this excess estrogen. I’m thinking a 21 day juice fast will reboot my endocrine system. Can estrogen dominance be completely healed or reversed through such extreme measures? Thanks for your time.

    1. thedetoxdiva - - reply - author

      It would indeed be extreme to go on a juice fast as it will not have the desired effect of resetting your endocrine system and would more than likely affect your blood sugar in such a way that it would increase symptoms of estrogen dominance. There are much smarter ways of doing things. Yes, estrogen dominance can be healed and reversed but no, not by these measures.

  16. Carelita - - reply

    Hi, I stopped drinking coffee because I read that it contributes to estrogen production and I used to drink coffee 3 to 4 times a day. I’m desperate since I’ve been married for 7 years and have not been able to get pregnant even thou we have tried for the last 3 years. I seem to have all the symptoms of hight level of estrogen and hypothyroidism that’s why I’m trying your 21 days to detox from estrogen but, should I eat lentils, red or white beans during the 21 days?

    1. thedetoxdiva - - reply - author

      Actually, those are the last things on earth you should be eating for 21 days when detoxing from estrogen. Coffee isn’t hugely estrogenic if it is high quality and low in mycotoxins and not drank in the amounts you discuss. If you are trying to detox from estrogen and heal your hypothyroidism you need to heal your gut first and make sure your detox pathways are working properly. The body is intrinsically more intelligent than we give it credit so making sure you are eating a high quality (low PUFA diet) is going to do more for detoxing estrogen than all the plans in the world.

  17. Kay - - reply

    Hi there! Great thread. Im curious… if someone has had a hysterectomy, do they need to be concerned about estrogen spikes? Its good to take soy out of the diet since its a common food allergen, but will it spike estrogen for someone who has had a hysterectomy? Thanks.

    1. thedetoxdiva - - reply - author

      Your ovaries are not the only place that makes estrogen, your fat cells do too AND you are exposed on a daily basis to xeneostrogens so yes, you still have to worry about estrogen dominance issues and estrogen spikes. You can still have estrogen dominance with a hysterectomy, especially if any part of your ovaries are left in tact but even with a full hysterectomy in this day and age, estrogen dominance can affect MEN to not affect all women! Hope that helps.

  18. Jennifer Mosley - - reply

    Please please help. I believe i have estrogen dominance. Working on getting saliva test for adrenal and sex hormones to see where my levels are. I have ha low thyroid since having my daughter 14 yrs ago. 2 yrs ago diagnosed with fibromyalgia. Pcos. Etc. what can i do to work on this? Certain diet? Some mention a high protein low carb diet. Please help i just want my life and health back. I am now 35 yrs old. I have 3 kids. Im sick of crying over all this and my weight gain.

    1. thedetoxdiva - - reply - author

      I really would need to do a full consultation for you but I CAN help you!! Email me privately and we will set up something in the beginning of the new year but there is NO such thing as ONE perfect diet so if you go low carb you must be aware your adrenals WILL be even more taxed. We need to find YOUR triggers and learn how to work with the challenges you have but we CAN make you feel miles better!

  19. gillc - - reply

    Hi there, great thread, I’ve read all through and found it all very helpful. I have spent the last 5-6 years of my life dealing with estrogen dominance, not really doing enough to combat it. I struggle with weight loss after gaining around 15kgs after having 2 kids, inadequate eating patterns and basically letting my health down.
    I have now taken quite a dramatic approach to my eating and exercise. Started juicing, using psyllium husk and green powders, snacks of veg, cut out nearly all wheat (this has made a HUGE improvement to my bloating and IBS) almost eliminated caffeine and dairy (to be honest I’m not a massive milk fan) have increased green tea intake and yes the best thing I’ve done increased my H20 intake.
    I’ve even started doing coffee enemas at home as I heard they were good to purge the toxins. The main question I wanted to ask was should I be supplementing? If so what with? I’ve stared a bit b complex but heard that L Glutamine and Andrenogen could help to with my recovery?
    I do eat as well as juice but stick mainly to 3-4 juices per day (2 with green powders) snacking on miso soup, veggies (raw) And oak cakes with a little goat cheese, beetroots etc. I have homemade soups and salads with fresh fish, chicken etc.
    Only been doing it 2 ish weeks seem to be feeling alive again. I need to know if my “leaky” gut will improve? I’m worried that I’ve done permanent damage?
    Thank you.

    1. thedetoxdiva - - reply - author

      Personally, I think you are way overdoing the greens. They can be cellulose laden and, if they are raw, can be tough on the thyroid. Miso soup is fine but it must be done in extremely small amounts because it is still soy and if you are estrogen dominant, it can be too much. In my view, your leaky gut can’t improve until you HEAL your gut which you aren’t doing. Cutting out wheat is a great thing but nothing is said about how much other grain you are doing and that can be very fibrous which is not a good factor. I am bit taken aback by the Andrenogen. L Glutamine should be taken in whole food form. Yes, there are some supplements that could be helpful but barring knowing your history, which we can most certainly take and do a consultation, there is no way of knowing which supplements you really need.

  20. Sids - - reply

    Hi, ive been suffering from pannic attacks, angiodema, allergies for quite long time. M just 25 n m on betablockers. I suffer from extreme swelling on hands face and feet especially in warm weather. All symptoms go worse with heat. My lower body is heavy while upper is ok. M sick of extreme gastric problem before during and 7 days after periods. Swelling and gas gets better with sunflower seeds also my pimples. Wat cud be the possible reason. Plz guide me

    1. thedetoxdiva - - reply - author

      There is NO way sunflower seeds can make your swelling and gas better. You are on a great deal of medications when you most assuredly have serious intestinal permeability and malabsorption issues which have more than likely impaired your thyroid and affected hormones. Beta blockers are incredibly caustic to the situation. The only way I can guide you is with a private consultation because I need much more information from you to personalize a plan. You can schedule a consultation right on the website! I look forward to working with you.

  21. Dominique Adansi-Bona - - reply

    Hi, I have a very rare disease called Lymphangioleiomyomatosis, LAM. I have hundreds, maybe thousands of holes, cysts on my lungs. Doctors have told me that this is caused by elevated estrogen levels. I am extremely skinny, I don’t think that I have ANY body fat. I am a 90% raw vegan and I eat all sorts of fruits and veggies. I’m also pretty active but this past Christmas I found myself in the hospital with a collapsed lung. I am still recovering and having difficulty breathing until my lung heals from the pnuemothorax. I am supposed to be on a diet free of xeno and pyto-estrogens and am wondering about 3 food items that I keep seeing on “foods to avoid” lists, tomatoes, dates and apples. Also, as I am home now trying to recover, I find that I cannot breathe unless I do an Albuterol Breathing Treatment every 6 hours. Walking from my bed to my bathroom 10 steps away leaves me breathless. What kind of diet would you recommend while I am on this healing journey-completely raw, grain-free, starch-free?

    1. thedetoxdiva - - reply - author

      Honestly, I have read this comment over and over. You are a raw vegan so unfortunately I can’t advise because raw veganism (sorry to say) is one of the causes of high estrogen levels. I wouldn’t advise no starches but I would advise no grain because that isn’t going to help you. Raw, unless you live in a VERY hot climate is not going to do you much good. The very things that I would prescribe to heal your body you will turn away. Oh I don’t agree that tomatoes, dates and apples are phytoestrogenic to the point where it would cause elevated levels of estrogen. I actually know a lot about your disease and estrogen does play a role but unless you are willing to abandon your ideology, I am afraid I am not going to be able to give you any healing advice because the first thing I would suggest is animal based.
      I wish you the best of luck and hope you do find a way out of this. I had pneumonia shortly after my triplets were born and that was terrifying. I can’t imagine what you must be going through.

  22. Miranda - - reply

    Dear Detox Diva
    First of, I must commend you on the support you are giving readers – its very generous, and is a breath of relief for those of suffering from estrogen dominance.
    I have had several tests recently throughout the course of my cycle, and I am estrogen dominant, with my last levels off the chart (it was a weird and wacky cycle with a 28 day and then day 10 bleed). Before that, levels were high, but not off the chart. My progesterone levels are low and am supplementing with bio-identicals. My testesterone is very low (about to start a low-dose bio-identical cream), and low morning cortisol, DHEA. I gave up sugar (save for honey in my tea) and gluten about a month ago.
    I was wanting to get your opinion on Chinese herbs. From a TCM perspective, estrogen dominance or hormonal imbalances often stem from liver congestion, and your approach definitely tackles this. I wonder if you have any advice on taking Chinese herbs to clear both liver congestion and spleen qui deficiency? I note that you don’t like supplements, and I have slowed mine right down as I find myself getting stimulated. I was supplementing heavily because what appears to be adrenal fatigue issues, but I wonder if all the supplementation causes additional burden on the liver?
    My other question is about estrogen metabolism products like Estriol – what are you views on things like this? I have just started mine today.
    My key symptoms have been insomnia, and nightly “surges” during the upper part of my body which feels like adrenalin running through them (thyroid normal) and then severe anxiety.
    I have started taking passionflower as I here that helps estrogen dominance as well.

    Thanks for your input


    1. thedetoxdiva - - reply - author

      I actually love Chinese herbs but believe strongly in getting a specialist to prescribe them rather than taking a one-size fits all approach. You probably don’t do enough sugar having cut yours out which will put a strain on your liver as detox pathways require glycogen to work.
      I don’t like too many supplements, no, but my clients will tell you that I do have a few that I recommend (mostly products that can be absorbed into the skin) and, although I am not terribly fond of most estrogen metabolism products, if they work for you, then try them. Most people I know have horrible symptoms as a result because their livers just don’t support phase 2 or 3 detox so these supplements can make things worse.
      Sounds like you are doing everything right!

      1. Miranda - - reply

        Thank you so much. Yes, I have had a consult with a TCM practitioner as well as Accupuncturist both who identified that I have liver-qui stagnation, as well as blood deficiency – the herbs hope to balance the hormones as well as tonify the liver. I wonder if you can point out a good article which explains the different phases of the liver detox process? I am already following your suggestions in this article. Very interesting about the sugar – I wasn’t aware of that, so will be sure to increase.

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