I know it’s been a few weeks since we have done the Steal vs. Splurge but I wanted to keep the momentum going with talking about thyroid issues as they affect so many men and women and are often under diagnosed.

Many of you know very well that I believe in living as simply and as “green” as humanly possible. That being said…. my no ‘poo experiment failed miserably, mainly because no matter what I tried, it either didn’t remove the oil I adamantly and stubbornly maintain is the secret to my long, shiny, healthy hair, or it dried out my highlighted tresses miserably.   On top of it all, I missed the luxury of shampooing and conditioning my hair as part of my slow beauty routine.  Although I want to save the environment and reduce my waste, I have to admit, I LOVE the lush scents and textures and even the lather of my natural shampoos (albeit lower lathering than conventional shampoos).

Today, I bring you two amazing product combinations.  I have chosen two products with shampoos and conditioners (and one with an oil) that are equally effective, meaning, the ones where I loved the shampoo and conditioner equally. (Believe it or not that is not always the case!)

In the “Splurge” Corner we have Rare Elements Trio Collection.  Weighing in at a whopping $110 it might cause a little sticker shock at first but, let me assure you the level of quality is no less than miraculous and the smell….oh the smell…… divinity wrapped in a cloud.  I bring this shampoo and conditioner along when I have a salon visit and I am always bombarded with questions about how to order this utterly luxurious shampoo and conditioner.

With exotic ingredients like Baobab, Phulwara Butter, Cupaucu Butter, Meadowfoam, Marula, and Abbisynian, and some effective but well-known ingredients like ylang ylang, macadamia, rosewood and geranium, your hair is cleansed and thoroughly nourished strand by strand.  This is done without sulfates, silicones, or other “nasties”.

Their E’ Treatment oil is a treat unto itself.  This seemingly light but thoroughly nurturing oil has a secret ingredient- Novaehol Oil- or emu oil which is prized for its ability to treat hair loss, hair and scalp conditions as well as other medical conditions.   This emu oil is chockablock with essential fatty acids like linoleic acids, Omega 3 and 6, Oleic Acid, and Omega 9.  It is also a rich source of antioxidants.

I do use the oil but ordering the shampoo and conditioner separately makes it considerably cheaper and if I had to choose whether to use the shampoo at $34 and conditioner at $44 without the oil or not use the product at all, I would ditch the oil in a heartbeat.   If you want to splurge, I suggest you get the trio because the sheer idea of using the pre-treatment (which just lulls you into relaxation by the scent alone) is worth the extra de niro.

Where to buy:: Amazon

Living hair system Steal Vs. Splurge:: Hair Care Essentials Steal Vs. Splurge:: Hair Care Essentials The Body Deli Shampoo and Conditioner

In the “Steal” Category we have The Body Deli Living Hair System.  This is not your average natural shampoo and conditioner.  In fact, it is a little scary, looking like a cross between kale pudding and a newborn baby’s diaper, but the miracles it produces on the hair…..  you have never seen such shine. And don’t even get me started on the new growth I see coming through in my hair.   The entire system is full of sprouted greens, rice protein, sea vegetables and even maca root.  When I first tried this system I kind of scoffed at the idea that these ingredients would have any real effect on the hair or its growth.  I have to officially eat crow.  Who knew a green superfood smoothie would have such a luscious effect on hair??

The shampoo actually lathers without the help of sulfates and it really does thicken finer limper hair.  With amino acid rich oat and wheat proteins this shampoo strengthen hair with Pro-Vitamin B-5 imparting sheen and incredible body to the hair shaft.  It smells of spearmint and leaves my hair squeaky clean.  It says it is formulated for daily use but I don’t believe your hair needs that much washing.  As these days I am oiling my hair once a week because of the humidity creeping in already, I use this shampoo on the third day after oiling and it cleanses without stripping.

The conditioner is brimming with phyto-nutrients and Klamath Blue Green Algae which actually strengthens hair.  It works too.  When you first put it in your hands it’s a little overwhelming as it is incredibly light.  Because it isn’t weighted down with oils as you massage it into your hair (even into the scalp) you may not have a lot of faith it is going to leave your hair combable.  As you rinse it, even though, admittedly, it doesn’t have that “silicone” or slick feel (even Rare Elements gives you a slicker feel), it does magically condition the hair.  You may actually still have to gently detangle your hair, however, the shine you get out of your hair and the excitement of watching stubborn “hard to grow” hair spring to life is worth a little time with the wide mouth comb.

Oh and their Sea Vegetable Supplements and Sea Marine Aminos are fantastic for anyone trying to grow their hair fast!

Where to buy::  The Body Deli  (Just go to the home page and click on “Hair”.)