When I started my journey from aluminum based antiperspirants to natural deodorants it was not pretty.  I think I must have tried every product on the market with varying success, some I liked, some I hated, some stung like a bee’s nest, and one actually discolored my armpits so badly due to the clay content I had to discontinue using it out of sheer embarrassment that my waxing girl had to see me with black armpits.  I have tried making my own with cornstarch, arrowroot powder, and baking soda.  This concoction I love because it works but it just doesn’t smell pretty.  I am nothing if not a girly girl goddess and I adore pretty smelling products. I love them more when are effective; even in 120° heat.

Enter Etsy goddess, Leslie Martin, of Crunchy Betty fame. I happened upon her website one day, I forget exactly why, but on the sidebar was this ad for Kokomo Cream Deodorant withe the picture of the lime and coconut.  Now, me being such a fan of that combination, ordered it, without hesitation, thinking if it didn’t really work it would smell nice for a little while, at least for a little while.  Wow, did I ever underrate this?  It teaches me to judge something before I try it!

From the first use I was in love.  Not only does it smell divine, it works, and I mean really works!!  It lasts forever, in part because of the baking soda, but it also keeps you a bit drier than most natural deodorants, moisturizes the delicate underarm area, does not sting when you put in on directly after a wax,  and she uses arrowroot powder instead of cornstarch which is much more hypo-allergenic and definitely ensures there are no GMOs. I mean, it is a win-win-win situation here. What’s not to love??  Oh and did I mention it is only $12 and lasts FOREVER??  AND, if that weren’t enough, she gives you the recipe so if you want to make your own, you can!

I make a lot of DIY beauty products but I will tell you, if she keeps making it, I am going to let her do what she does best and keep sending it to me!  It’s blended to perfection!

This is the first natural deodorant that heals instead of just masks.  Take note beauties, this doesn’t make you stop sweating, though, again, it does keep you drier than many on the market.  I have news for you, blocking your sweat glands, especially in such a delicate area, is a bad thing. Sweat is detoxing nasty terrible toxins built up in your system.  It’s your friend.

With so many toxins in conventional personal care products, aluminum tops my list of one of the harshest.  Though the jury is still out (and by jury I mean the manufacturers of aluminum based antiperspirants and their checkbooks with blank checks written to the FDA) on whether these harsh chemicals contribute to breast cancer, aluminum is a heavy metal and aren’t we exposed to enough heavy metals in our foods?  Oh, and you know those yellow marks on your silk and cotton light colored blouses??  Those are from those nasty aluminum based antiperspirants anyway.

Save yourself some dry cleaning money and your nurture your sweat glands which will make your lymphatic system love you.  Go get yourself some Kokomo Cream Deodorant, nix your Nivea and give your Ban the boot!

Where to buy:  Crunchy Betty’s Natural Market on Etsy

UPDATE::  I just got an email with a COUPON PAGE!  Who doesn’t like to save a bit of change??!!