I get all sorts of “odd” products that cross my desk to try and I have to say when I first saw these Bellabaci Cellulite Cups I was, to say the least, skeptical.  Based on the principles of “cupping” in Traditional Chinese Medicine, which releases stagnant energy thereby stimulating “chi” or life energy, Bellabaci nailed cellulite treatment with these cups.  These little gems also are a marvel on muscular pain, constipation and other digestive disorders, circulation issues, and many other “stagnation” issues in the body.  Bellabaci Cups have also been shown to vastly improve symptoms of fibromyalgia.

All this and they really do work on cellulite too??

As I said, I was skeptical but I used have used these cups for the last 6 weeks on my triplet pregnancy ravaged “bumpy” lower body (I eat extremely well, mind you, but still have noticed a few lumps and bumps that were definitely not there before!)  caused by estrogen overflow.   Even in pregnancy I have noticed vast improvements in the lump texture of my skin on my lower body and arms. (And for all you smarty pants out there, no, not because I can’t technically SEE my lower body, either. Even my dear husband commented on the smoothness of my hindquarters the other night!)

Because my posture, despite my consistent yoga routine, seems to be challenged beyond its breaking point by my pregnancy and my insistence on posting semi-regularly thus spending hours hunched over in strange positions on the computer, my neck and shoulders are in a constant state of strain causing unbelievably bad headaches of which, of course, there is no relief.  These miracle cups really do release the “knots” bringing me back into a state of balance and pain-free quickly and easily.

I also believe they are a boon for constipation, and though I am obviously not testing them on my own belly, let me just, without going into great detail as to HOW I know they work, tell you that a particular member of my immediate family had a slight “problem” (and by slight I mean three days….. no toilet) due to his insistence on eating an entire baguette in one seating.  Remembering my time in Korea where my TCM practitioner used to stimulate my abdomen using cups, I went to work on my husband this particular member of my family.  Within half an hour we had achieved results.  Ok, so much for avoiding over sharing but there it is.

These two treasures (both soft cups but one harder than the other) are Spring’s MUST HAVE product for anyone that plans to show off in a bathing suit as they are at least as if not more effective on cellulite than 98% of all the treatments in a spa or dermatologist’s office (and I am NOT kidding the least little bit!).  Plus, they are based on a centuries’ old healing modality that has been proven effective on increasing metabolism (by increasing the release of toxins due to its stimulation of the lymphatic system) and blood circulation, regulating the autonomic nervous system, and even calming and soothing the body thus nourishing the adrenals.  The Chinese believe that by releasing stagnation in the body can treat a myriad of hormonal disturbances including PCOS, endometriosis, PMS, and help with fertility issues.

Two little cups can release muscle strain, ease headaches, relieve constipation, and eliminate cellulite along with countless numbers of uses of which I will apprise you as I find them.  Oh and word of warning.  Bellabaci in Italian means “beautiful kiss” and, if you try to go too hard too fast, you will end up with a little “kiss” (read….bruise!).  Trust me, start with the soft one, go no longer than 10 minutes in a zig zag, up and down, and circular motion up towards the lymph nodes, and work from there.  In 6 weeks, I have graduated to the harder one and work for between 15 and 20 minutes while watching TV.

At $50 Bellabaci Cellulite Cups are must haves for all your health and beauty needs but girls, order them fast.  Bikini season is around the corner!!!