Festive Christmas parties, intimate Hannukah gatherings, crisp winter weather leading to leading to wind kissed red cheeks, and the warmth of a crackling fire leading to that cozy firelight glow, this season screams for holiday colors such as red, silver, and gold along paired with subtle pink, and the blackest of black mascara. Unfortunately, the lure of conventional cosmetic counters offer plenty of solution usually coming with a handy “gift with purchase”  to hook you even further.

It never ceases to amaze me that people will go to great lengths to feed their families and themselves the most nutritious meals with seasonal organic produce and then slather on toxic beauty products not knowing that those chemicals are absorbed into the skin (your first line of defense) and can cause health problems stemming from allergic reactions, skin irritations, even cancer causing compounds and endocrine and hormonal disruptions.  All in the name of beauty, right?

Most women I know have a love/hate relationship with mineral foundation.  Let’s face it.  Some of it can be drying, caking, and irritating.  A lot of it is just a few minerals encased in even more junky ingredients. INIKA Mineral Foundation is the stand-out among the crowd.  This powder stays on for hours, never clogs the pores and gives a radiant glow and a smooth canvas for creating looks from the most subtle “no makeup” looks to the most “va va va voom siren” creations.  It whisks off beautifully with the Oil Cleansing Method, too.

Luckily there are some amazing organic and natural alternatives on the market today.  The big surprise is many of them work as well or even better than their conventional counterparts and, since they are made with nourishing ingredients, are even conditioning your skin while you wear them.

RMS Beauty Living Luminizer is my absolute favorite beauty product of all time.  Hands down, if I were stranded on a desert island  and could choose only one beauty product to take with me, this would be it.  In one layer, if I am wearing no makeup, a swipe across my eyes makes me look “awake” and “rested”  (something I am not often these days), but layered, on tops of cheekbones, brown bones, forheads, cleavage, pretty much anywhere I want to spotlight, it is nothing short of magic.  While the 20 somethings can look glittery, I simply can’t pull that look off.  I want to look shimmery-lit from within-but don’t want to look like a night club just threw up all over me.  This product does that and more.  Made with the highest quality, raw ingredients, it is the single most nurturing makeup product I have ever encountered.

Vapour Organic Beauty Multi-Use Stain is, around this time of the year, one of my “go-to” products not only for its stunning pallet perfect for this time of the year but its ability to be used as a lip and cheek color.  For me, it is also the perfect red lipstick with staying power for Christmas parties where I have no time for touch ups and where there is mistletoe there will involve kissing.  (Oh doesn’t life sound so hard for me??)  I love the anti-inflammatory blend of frankincense (perfect for the holidays, no?), antioxidant rich tulsi, and moisture rich lotus flower that calms skin irritation.

Alima Pure Shimmer Eyeshadows, with their halo effect give eyes an angelic appearance while Physicians Formula Eye Boosting Eyeliner  with a built in serum offers staying power whether you choose cat eyes or a more doe eyed look.  Per-fekt  Lash Perfection Gel is the blackest of black mascara, primer, treatment/conditioner, and enhancer in one.  It never flakes, builds lashes to a mile long and pumps up the volume while encouraging lashes to grow to even greater lengths naturally.

See our top picks below and have fun creating your own holiday glow!


Holiday Color
Wishing you peace and balance,