Nutrition Meltdown

Well, it finally happened.  I didn’t just go off the deep end, I flew off the high dive!  I knew one day I would have to address the fact that, in the beginning of The Detox Diva I kind of went down the rabbit hole trying to find the best niche rather than the soundest of nutritional therapies, flirting with Alkaline Diets and even veganism, and touting the health benefits of a plant based diet instead of a real foods diet. I think I even may have encouraged people to give up sugar before I took that first fateful nutritional biochemistry course.

I thankfully know better now. I am grateful to the countless professors, hours of research, analysis of research studies, and mentors like

Yesterday I received an email from a reader who asked a question about the Alkaline Diet.  It was actually a really good question asking if 80% of the diet should be alkaline what the other 20% would look like.  My response was that I didn’t really ascribe to the idea of the Alkaline Diet any longer, because, at the end of the day, the body really did know how to keep itself alkaline and even the fact that different parts of digestion vacillated from alkaline to acid and back to alkaline again.  (The immune system, indeed the digestive system, has to be very out of whack for the body to be very acidic and there are even times during the day, like the morning, which your body will be naturally more acidic than others.)  I told this reader that, at the end of the day, this was dietary dogma in which I never found a basis in science.

The response was astoundingly harsh, in my view, quoting me back what I had written and telling me that my website was all about this subject and giving me the impression that she felt “how dare I contradict myself!”.

That’s when I lost it, and, after probably 100 different questions from various people asking single questions I could not possibly ask without knowing many more facts, I snapped.  Not just a little snap.  I came off as really hard; probably  definitely less than professional.  I told her, essentially, she must not have read the rest of the website

Long story short, she’s a VERY nice lady who called me on my tantrum and then actually allowed me to explain myself.  I actually feel even worse now that I snapped the way I did.  She gave me a chance to redeem myself for my conduct and did so in a loving understanding way.  I thank God for the glimmers of light that still exist!

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“So why don’t you go back and delete all the posts that don’t fit with The Detox Diva now?”  Well, dear readers, I have been told that this is tantamount to committing internet suicide, first and foremost.  Google doesn’t take too kindly to websites who delete vast amounts of information and I want to keep being able to be found by all of you.

The second reason I don’t delete all the information is I truly believe it sometimes is helpful to show the evolutionary process for which every good nutritionist should undergo.   Many nutrition gurus tend to get very stuck in their dietary dogma and never really go past one point, sticking to their guns as if their life depends on it. The problem is that it is imperative to continue to learn; to delve further down your path; to test theories; to question everything you know and be prepared (just in case) to admit that previous assumptions no longer stand the test of time.

I don’t think I would have helped many people balance their hormones, heal their guts and thyroids, balance blood sugar, and calm adrenals if I had stuck on the same path I was on looking for nutrition trends instead of the truth.  I certainly would never have conceived my triplets and stayed healthy enough to run after them!

Moral of the story:: You as readers should be thrilled and even expect me to continue to learn cutting edge science based nutrition (with traditional holistic wisdom balanced) instead of getting sucked up into the newest, latest, and greatest hype.  Me, as a nutritionist and writer should NEVER assume all people are the same and I should read between the lines when questions are asked of me, remembering I have a responsibility to bring the best most healing information to you all!