The other day I was having a “discussion”  (read…argument) with a colleague of mine who proclaimed to one of my clients that I was a “crappy” nutritionist and health counselor because I did not force my clients to eat fish at least three times a week.  Never mind that the client happens to be pregnant and, although she does like tuna, is 1) not a fish lover, preferring to eat more vegetarian and 2) concerned about the levels of mercury and other heavy metals along with toxins that are currently present in many water supplies.  I found these illustrations of the levels of commonly (and overly) prescribed medications from antidepressants to antihistamines present in fish from your local market.  Take care.  Even if you take no medication, if you eat fish, you may be taking some very potent drugs.

I am not saying never eat fish.  I am saying be ever vigilant of where your fish are caught, preferring wild over farmed, line caught over net caught, and salt water over fresh water unless you know for sure you are eating fish (or, better yet, fishing yourself) from clean water lakes or streams.

I am letting this illustration speak for itself today because I think my readers need to see what is really in their food supply and I didn’t want to bog you down with more facts and figures.


Wishing you peace and balance,