I had a request from a reader on the benefits of celery juice and, since it is one of my favorite vegetables to juice, thought I would bring it to the top of the list and post this early.  Celery juice has been prized as a cure-all as far back as the Ancient Greeks, Egyptians and Romans.   Though it has less chlorophyll than most green vegetables, it is a nutrient dense powerhouse and when juiced, provides even more health benefits.  Stanford School of  Medicine reports that 1 cup of fresh juice provides the same nutrition as five cups of the same fruit or vegetable in its whole state.   That means you can pack a phyto nutrient punch simply by juicing (and blending) your vegetables and fruits!

Celery is on the Dirty Dozen list of highest amount of pesticides.  Buy organic if possible.  Make sure you check out our whole list of the Dirty Dozen, Clean 15.

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Below you will find the top 5 health benefits of celery juice to jump start your own cleansing routine:

  1. Drinking fresh celery juice neutralizes acidity, alkalizes the body (a Standard American Diet is very acid forming), and balances the body’s pH. A slightly alkaline pH is essential to good health (and fertility). Celery juice also rehydrates the body and replaces electrolytes so it is a fantastic and much healthier alternative to Gatorade and other sports drinks.
  2. Celery juice contains many anti-cancer compounds and reduces the risk of certain cancers including colon and stomach cancer. It has also been shown to lower bad cholesterol and lower blood pressure as good or better than many prescription medications.
  3. Drinking celery juice helps balance weight by helping to reduce cravings for rich or sweet foods. Celery juice also aids weight loss, reduces cellulite and puffiness by acting as a diuretic and reducing inflammation. Want to shed those post-baby pounds?  Forget the protein bars.  Drink celery juice.
  4. Celery juice is calming and cooling. It has a calming effect on the entire nervous system and helps balance body temperature during extreme heat.
  5. Drinking fresh celery juice also prevents constipation and reduces the risk of calcification in the body such as kidney, urinary and gall bladder stones.

Celery leaves are high in Vitamin A and the root is high in Vitamins B1,B2,B6 and Vitamin C.  It is an excellent source calcium, potassium, folic acid, essential amino acids, and phosphorous.  Drinking fresh celery juice is an easy way to promote overall wellness and practice preventative health measures. Try combining fresh celery juice with apple and carrot juices and  many vegetable juices for delicious flavor combinations with different health benefits.

Some juice recipes that can use celery as a base are:

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