It’s quite possible that I have a little too much homemade pumpkin puree on my hands but I figured since I had a little left over from making pumpkin butter, pumpkin spiced lattées, a homemade pumpkin pie, and pumpkin sage soup (don’t worry, the recipes are coming) I figured I would do a little DIY beauty creation, my nod to Slow Beauty, since my insanely expensive “organic” one that I loved until I read the ingredients closely and found it was only 64% organic and the rest were some very questionable ingredients met with a tragic dustbin accident.

Pumpkin, as it happens, is an amazing exfoliant with it’s natural alpha-hydroxy acid and skin dissolving enzymes  which helps a myriad of sins, is high in Vitamin A for those with wrinkles, acne, deep scarring, or pretty much anyone with skin, and  Vitamin C which  brightens skin as well as stimulates and nourishes collagen production.

When you add raw honey you get even more enzymes and a boost of hydration.  Depending on whether you add yogurt or coconut milk you will get a boost of lactic acid and pre and probiotics that pamper the skin in just such a way your skin will radiate.  Add a little raw apple cider vinegar, and it is great for those with acne as it adds an enzymatic quality and alkalizes the .  But the real star of the show…… Raw cacao powder, boosts the antioxidant value through the roof.  We all know what antioxidants do for the skin.  This is one of those masks that help halt the hands of time…. Ok, maybe that’s an exaggeration, but it does really work to tone, refine, and aid in cell turnover.  That’s not a bad thing.


1/4 cup pumpkin puree (you can use canned but I love fresh)

2 tsp. raw honey

1 tbsp. bio-live yogurt (Greek works well to avoid drips)

1 tbsp. raw cacao powder

1/2 tsp. pumpkin pie spice (does nothing but it smells so good… it’s optional)



Mix everything up in a bowl.  Spread on clean face.  Let sit for 10-20 minutes.  Rinse well.  I do this while I am oiling my hair and let it sit during my abhayanga.