Detox Your Skin:: The Oil Cleansing Method

Oil Cleansing method with castor oil

What if I were to tell you that the secret to glowing, dewy, luminous (and poreless looking) skin is cleansing with OIL???  Would you think I had gone round the bend?  What is the first thing you think of when you think of putting oil on your face?  Does it conjure up zit-faced fry cook images?  Do you immediately think of your face turning into an oil slick shine fest?  Well, beauties, read on to find the real super hero of glowing skin and how the oil cleansing method (OCM) can give you the luminous skin you crave!

Let’s look at why the oil cleansing method sends a lightning bolt of panic coursing through your veins.  The beauty industry and marketing companies would have you believe that you have to strip every ounce of oil off of your skin with one of their gel, foamy, or cream cleansers, then use even more harsh chemicals to “exfoliate” the skin, and finally, moisturize with some high-tech miracle sounding product guaranteed to take away the “7 signs of aging”  they helped contribute to in the first place!  Pardon my tangent.  The bottom line is the products you are using that are making all these claims want to sell you their products.  If their products worked like they say they do you would not have to buy another product.  Are you following me?  Making you a totally satisfied customer is bad for business.

The conventional beauty industry does not want you to have clear, glowing, radiant skin.  They want you to constantly aspire to perfect skin, sure.  And you keep those aspirations because the 15 year old (who has been airbrushed to look 10) trying to sell you anti-aging cream (or acne cream, or pore minimizer) is so believable with her “perfect” skin you actually think it could happen for you if you use their company’s product.  Guess what?  You’ve been tricked.  All those chemicals meant to clear your skin, erase hyperpigmenation, sand away the hands of time are actually meant to “solve” some problem by creating another thus ensuring a purchase of another product to get rid of yet another problem.  All those mainstream products strip the skin of oil.  Skin needs oil to stay moisturized and protected so it compensates by producing MORE oil leading you to buy even stronger products.  By the way, blackheads, white heads, clogged and enlarged pores, redness, and other irritation are actually your body rebelling against these chemicals.

Have I blown your mind?  Are you good and mad yet?  Are you ready to tell the conventional beauty industry to stuff it yet?? Let me tell you how to do just that.

The Oil Cleansing Method is not new.  Women have been using it for centuries.  It is what is behind the radiant skin of countless little old ladies in Italy, Greece, India, the Middle East, and even Japan.  I say little old ladies because somewhere we stopped listening to our grandmother’s wisdom when she told us that olive, argan, camelia, grapeseed, or jojoba oil cleanse and moisturize the skin in one.  We started listening to glossy advertisements convincing us science had all the answers and age-old wisdom had no place in the modern world.  I say again.  You have been tricked.

How does the  OCM work?

I am taking you back to chemistry class.  Like dissolves like.  In this case, oil dissolves oil.  Water does not dissolve oil.  {Suzanne LeRoux of One Love Organics  will be explaining WHY  tomorrow  in Water:: Should it be in Your Skincare? } Mainstream cleansers only do with the help of chemicals used in engine degreasers and anti-freeze.   So, oil dissolves oil and armed with that knowledge you know exactly how to cleanse and nourish your skin.  This is why oiling your hair makes it longer, stronger and healthier.

“But I have dry skin!”  Even if you have dry skin, your skin still has some oil on it.  By using oil on your face you are dissolving makeup,  dirt, grime, pollution,  and other “icks”  and replacing it with protective nourishing oil.

If you think you are pushing the “ick”  into your pores let me just tell you, most of it is sitting on top of your skin anyway.  The blackheads and other unsightly issues are actually your pores way of trying to protect your skin from environmental assaults (like conventional skincare)  by creating hard sebum plugs.  The oil dissolves that sebum, effectively emptying your pores (an oily vacuum cleaner if you will) and letting your pores shrink back to normal.

What the oil cleansing method does is it gently, naturally, and effectively removes the built up environmental gunk that gets on our skin during the day, exfoliates, and moisturizes the skin promoting optimal sebum production so your skin heal, balance and be healthy.

How do you use the OCM?

That part is simple.  Castor oil and EVOO (extra-virgin olive oil) are your two new best friends.  Yes, you can use another carrier oil such as almond, jojoba, grapeseed,  argan,  or organic sunflower oil, too.  I reserve coconut oil for the oiliest of skins and even then only in the summer. (It IS fantastic on the hair though.)  I use olive oil simply because we get it by the barrel, the really fresh, high-quality stuff, and my skin just drinks it in. Olive oil also has a similar pH as the skin so it helps maintain the protective acid balance of the skin.  It also has a high antioxidant content so it is one of the best anti-aging moisturizers around. If you have severe acne, you could try flax or evening primrose oil which are extremely nurturing for problem skin prone to hormonal issues.  {For you divas who prefer pre-mixed formulas there are plenty of luxurious yet natural cleansing oils on the market today.  See Our Top Picks for Divalicious Cleansing Oils}

Castor oil is thick, viscous and awesome at pulling out all the “ick” from deep down in your pores.

Mixing the two is very easy.  The oilier your skin is to begin with dictates the ratio of castor oil to EVOO.  If you have oily skin, start with 3 parts (3 tsp.) castor oil to 1 part EVOO.  If you have normal skin try a 2:2 mixture.  If you have dry skin use 1 part castor oil to 3 parts EVOO and if your skin is super dry skip the castor oil altogether, just using the EVOO.

If you wish, as I do, you can add a few drops of essential oil to cut the “grassy” scent of the EVOO.  I use jasmine and orange, rosemary and mint, and sometimes even a hint of eucalyptus.

Here’s a fun fact…..  After about two weeks using the OCM your skin will normalize.  If you have oily skin, it will be much more normal.  Same goes for dry skin.  The OCM is miraculous at normalizing skin.

What you will need

1 washcloth.

Hot, running water.

Your OCM blend.

What to do

1.  Prepare your oil blend using the appropriate ratio of castor oil to your choice of carrier oil.  Run the hot water to warm up.

2. Cleanse your face by rubbing oil all over (no need to pre-clean first even with a full face of makeup!) your face.  Massage in for at least 2 minutes.  Allow to sit on the face for a minute or two.  (Or longer)

3.  Remove oil by saturating washcloth with the hottest water you can stand.  You don’t want it scalding, just hot enough where it is hot but not to the point of burning you.  Cover your face with the saturated washcloth  and press for 10-15 seconds or until cool. Rinse the washcloth.  Repeat the process 2 to 3 times until the oil and all the grime has been removed from your face.

You do not need a toner or, in most cases, even a moisturizer.  If you do find yourself craving a spritz of something, rosewater or aloe makes a good alternative to alcohol-laden astringents.


Pros and Cons of the Oil Cleansing Method

  1. It is completely natural and free of any questionable or downright toxic chemicals.  (Use cold-pressed, high quality oils, organic when possible )
  2. It is cost effective.  Think of all the money you will save looking for the perfect cleanser/toner/moisturizer.  (You only need a “quarter-size” dollop of oil to do the whole face)
  3. It works better than any commercial product on the market today!  Whisks away makeup, dirt, grime and all kinds of other “ick”, leaving you with nourished, radiant skin.
  4. It leaves your skin protected and healthy.  Skin that is allowed to maintain its natural barriers is healthy skin from deep down meaning fewer breakouts, less wrinkling, and better tone.
  1. It can take a few weeks for your skin to adjust to the new cleansing paradigm.  It may be tempting to use a conventional cleanser during this time but I urge you to stick it out with the OCM.  Your skin will thank you.
  2. It can be a little time consuming learning how to use the OCM.  Think of it as part of your new Slow Beauty ritual which nurtures not only your skin but your spirit.
  3. You will do more laundry keeping up with all the additional washcloths.

For a complete list of oils for use in the OCM see Oils for the OCM.


The OCM truly is the secret to young looking, clear, radiant skin.   Have you ever tried using oil to clean your skin?  What was your experience?  Has this article convinced you to give it a try?


Wishing you peace and balance,



 For an update on the OCM see My Oil Cleansing Method  Journey



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  1. says

    Thank you so much for this post! Do you ever watch Yogi Cameron: Model Guru on the Veria channel? Your post reminded me very much of something he would say. I use Argan Oil on my hair (which is very dry) but had never considered using the blend you suggested as a cleanser. Thank you! This was fantastic

    • thedetoxdiva says

      I’ve not watched Yogi Cameron but you know, I just googled him and he does a lot with Ayurveda so I am so going to watch! Thanks for the tip!

  2. says

    You’ve not been wrong on any other advice I’ve taken from you on this site, so I’m apt to try this one, too. As a guy with a history of acne in his teens, I think I was just relieved in my 20s to be rid of acne, but hadn’t given much thought to still cleansing my face and taking care of it. I’m going to give this one a try.

  3. says

    I think I’m going to try it. I tried the oil in my hair (totally skeptical at first, but trusting your opinion) and it worked great after just one time!!! I can’t wait to see the results after I’ve been doing it regularly. And everyone kept telling me I smelled good when I walked by them or hugged them, lol.

    So normally, the idea of oil on my skin would not appeal, but you write good (and valid) stuff, so I’m going to seriously consider the OCM too. And no, I don’t think for a second you’re ‘around the bend,’ but it made me laugh when you typed it. :)

  4. says

    Get out of here!!! Really???? Well heck…out goes the wasteful “youth, clear skin, no more zit” stuff and in comes my oils.

    If I end up looking like a fast food fryer bin, I’m coming after you!!!!

    LOL…can’t wait to try this!

    • thedetoxdiva says

      Sharon, you might break out a wee bit during the 2 weeks adjustment period. It’s all the rubbish coming to the surface. (It’s got to go somewhere!) It calms down really quickly. That being said, for the next two weeks, I’ll look over my shoulder (and on twitter!)… ;)

      • says

        hi ! I’ve been using this method for 2 weeks now or more and I realized that my pores are getting bigger and bigger. I have a combo skin and I used to clean my skin only with coconut oil. I love this method but I don’t like big pores on my it the oil?

        • thedetoxdiva says

          Yeah, coconut oil is very comedogenic on the face…… Switch it up to a lighter oil and you might find things get better!

  5. says

    I love your site…seriously, love it! You have great ideas, know your research and have a great sense of humor. I’ve never heard of this and am completely intrigued and motivated to try it. Thank you!

  6. mary says

    I’m going to have to try too. I already use Jojoba oil as a moisturizer last thing at night. It’s great. But I’ve never taken make up off with olive oil/castor oil.
    What’s your take on face serums. I loved the sound of Linda Hanson one you wrote about a while ago but it’s expensive.
    Do you really think you can use oil and nothing else at all?
    It would certainly work out a lot cheaper – even with washing the face cloths!
    Do you wash the face cloth after one use?
    (Sorry all the questions!)

    • thedetoxdiva says

      Mary, The Linda Hanson one I wrote about is actually an oil so I do love it as it has all kinds of lovely mixes in it such as camellia oil. (I use camellia oil though alone too). Since I have run out of just about everything, I do use only oil and thus far, it hasn’t steered me wrong at all. If my skin is at ALL dry, I just pat on a little more EVOO. When I do my abhyanga though I also use my herbal body oil on my face and that takes care of any remaining dryness. I don’t see why, unless you are in the mood to really pamper yourself (like I am sometimes), you really need a whole lot of extra oils or serums. I do still use them maybe once or twice a week (and I do use my One Love Skin Savior as a primer for my mineral makeup) when I want a little extra oomph but really, don’t need them.
      If I am wearing makeup, I do wash the cloths after each use simply because I can’t get all the “gunk” out of the cloth by simply rinsing. There are days I wear nothing though and when I oil cleanse I rinse the cloth and use it another time. I think that is all the questions answered. :) Our grandmothers didn’t have everything we have today. They had beautiful skin and hair.

  7. says

    Awesome information in your post! I’ve been using natural oils to cleanse and nourish my skin for years, but never Castor oil. The only memory I have of Castor oil is my mother making me take a tablespoon with honey once a week until I was 10. GAG! Mom thought it kept me regular. Disgusting to slug down but I’m very curious to see how it works on my face. Thanks!

  8. says

    You can never go wrong cleansing your skin with oil. I’m in the beauty business and I swear by this method. I also recommend microfiber cloths (your normal variety – you don’t need to go expensive with them :0) ) for this method as they really get all traces of makeup, dirt & grime off with the oil. Great post!

  9. says

    Great instructions, thanks so much for this. My question is about my hair! I use oil on my face as a moisturiser; just a couple of drops but I find I have to wash my hair much more than usual because it’s as if, no matter how careful I am when applying the oil to my forehead, it somehow ‘travels’ into my hair and makes it oily the next morning. I’ve tried applying the oil with my hair wrapped in an towel and it makes little difference. Is this something you can comment on and how do you wash your face using the oil method without making your hair oily?

    • thedetoxdiva says

      Since I use a washcloth to “steam” the oil off my face, this usually takes care of it travelling into my hair when washing. I use oil as a moisturizer as well though and when I do I take a hair band and gather all the hair away from my face and let the oil sink in totally before taking the hair band off. This works for me. I might suggest if that still doesn’t work, try putting a little arrowroot or corn starch (non GMO of course) in your fringe. That will “soak up” any stray oil that might make it into your hair. Now, please bear in mind, I oil my hair too. Not every day, mind you, but about 2 to 3 times a week. I am not averse to a little oil because I use Skinny Skinny dry shampoo if my hair gets beyond the “greasy” look…. The steam alone should keep the oil from migrating upon washing but letting the oil sink into the skin before letting your hair down should do the trick!

  10. mary says

    Thanks for all the info! I’ve just ordered some castor oil and some cloths (have plenty olive oil).
    The only thing I’m wondering….if you do this at night, what do you do in the morning? Or is that another blog post?!

    • thedetoxdiva says

      Mary, I do it at night, dissolving any makeup I have worn over the course of the day and the grime from city living. Having said that, I also don’t wash my skin in the morning any longer. I get up and pat on a little oil (from my stash of smell good oils but plain olive oil would work too) on my face, let it sit, and then splash with a little water. We are only talking two to three drops maximum though. If I wear makeup that day, I use my balm as a primer/moisturizer. If I don’t wear makeup and I am going out, I use a little rosehip oil (with its natural sunscreens) OR, worse case, in the summer, a little non-toxic sunscreen. It may sound complex, but it is actually only a few oils and your skin will thank you. As you said you were drawn to Lina Hanson, (and there are a few others I would recommend highly) these are AWESOME oils to use as moisturizers because they are blends of the very oils I recommend like rosehip, camellia, tamanu, and argan.

  11. mary says

    Thank you so much, Detox Diva:) This just sounds like a far better way of caring for the skin. I am ready to experiment!

  12. says

    such a great idea! i wouldn’t have thought of that..thanks for sharing:)

    i am so happy to have found you your blog is super awesome!

    visiting via katherine’s corner.

    have a great day!

  13. says

    stopping by to say thanks so much for your most generous comments. so glad you liked my photos.
    also, thank you for being such a reciprociacal blogger…i, peronally do my very best for returning every single comment, and i really am greatful for those people who take the time to visit my blog and leave a comment in return.

    nice to “meet” you and thank you for your great insught!


    • thedetoxdiva says

      Be careful about hidden “nasties” and “green washing” in salon shampoos. Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (or it’s evil twin Sodium laureth sulfate) and silicone are two things your hair does not need.

  14. says

    I used to use organic jojoba oil to cleanse my skin and I loved it. Not sure even why I stopped but I am glad I ran across this post bc I am back at it! I love the way it makes my face feel and look. I swear it helped to reduce the look of my wrinkles.

  15. mary says

    This thread has grown so long – it’s obvious it’s something that people are really interested in. I thought I’d come back and let you all know that I’ve tried the oil cleanse for 4 nights now and I love it. I used a homemade blend of olive and castor oil the first two nights and not sure I got the balance right but I had also ordered one of the ones recommended here at Detox Diva from House54VT that was very econmical and this seeemd to suit my skin better. It feels so clean afterwards like every trace of dirt and grime has been lifted and you’re left with a lovely soft, fresh feeling. I’m going to stick with it for a while and see how it goes. So far, I can’t see any major change in my skin but it’s too early to say….what I can say is it seems a bit more even toned and I haven’t broken out with any spots or blemishes whatsoever (and I do get them at times) so this is good! Has anyone else tried it?

    • thedetoxdiva says

      Hi Mary. First, yes, the castor and olive oil takes a little trial and error to get right. Even then I tend to cut it now with either almond or jojoba oil. I’m glad you found one that suits you! You have to give it about two weeks before you start to REALLY notice a difference (and even then it takes someone looking at you and saying “Wow, have you been on holiday?” to really take a good look. You may still break out around the beginning of your cycle. No amount of oil can prevent hormone surges…. Good nutrition can, though. Let me know how you get on with it towards the two week period. I’d love to hear if you like it as much as I do.

  16. says

    About two weeks ago I decided to give it a shot, as I had nothing to lose. I have very dry skin these days and the next day after washing my face I break out in little itchy red bumps with tiny white heads. It usually appears on my cheeks and lower jaw and is so red that it stands out in stark contrast against my white skin. It happens no matter what chemicals I use on my face or even if I just use a clean washcloth in the shower with nothing but water. I have noticed that if I do not wash my face at all for several days the bumps vanish but then my skin gets flaky and even dryer than usual, plus not washing makes me feel gross. So I read up on this method and hoped maybe it was what I needed. I went out and bought grapeseed, castor and tea tree oils and set about doing a 20% castor to 80% grapeseed mixture, followed up with dabbing the tea tree on the typical spots that break out after washing. The tea tree stopped the breakouts but my skin felt rough and very dry which was not what I had hoped for.

    The next few days I switched to pure grapeseed oil with dabs of tea tree after with the exact same dry results. I then switched over and tried using EVOO with a small bit of castor oil. STILL way too dry. So in a last ditch effort I began using nothing but the EVOO and dabbing the tea tree on if I felt like a break out was coming on. But even that felt as though my skin was too dry an hour or so later. I have resorted to dabbing on a tiny bit of lotion after washing with the EVOO just to feel like I am accomplishing something. The itchy breakouts HAVE stopped but the dry skin has got to go. Any suggestions? Am I doing something wrong?

    • thedetoxdiva says

      I don’t recommend grapeseed oil on the face at all so switching to EVOO was a good step. Cutting out the castor oil, if you have, is another good step because castor oil to viscous. I would recommend you find calendula oil because that mixed in about a 2 to 1 ratio, though it will still take a week to totally work, will cure your dry skin…. Also, dabbing calendula on straight (maybe mixed in with some rosehip oil which is very good for dry skin and healing) after you wash and leave it. You need something to heal your skin and calendula does just that. Next, you have to look at what you are eating. Without seeing what could be triggering this dry skin I would recommend making sure you are eating healthy fats such as avocado, sweet fruits like banana, and macadamia nuts which will lubricate your skin from the inside. If this doesn’t work, we need to look at what is triggering this bout of dry skin internally.

      • says

        Thank you for the suggestions. I have never heard of calendula oil but I am certainly going to be looking in to it. I DO eat bananas and nuts.. not macadamia but almond and occasionally cashews. I have to admit I am not much of a vegetable fan so I stray away from those more than I honestly should lol.

        • thedetoxdiva says

          You might, if you stay away from veggies like you say, have a micronutrient (vitamin, mineral, or both) imbalance or deficiency going on too. In that case, I have a few suggestions we could look at, perhaps smoothies and green powders might just get you to your nutrition goals and make your skin glow.

      • Just me says

        Why not grapeseed oil for the face? I have acne and I found that EVOO is too drying for me and my skin doesn’t agree with it. Well, my hair and my body both love EVOO but my face becomes too dry. I’m a bit hirsute so I am afraid to try castor oil. Grape seed oil leaves my skin glowing and moistured. It feels great in the morning but with EVOO it is dry in the morning. I use jojoba oil in the morning as a make up base and I often sleep with a honey mask on my face.
        It was difficult to find an oil to replace the hand and foot cream though. Coconut, EVOO, grapeseed etc just didn’t do it for me. However, I found almond oil. It is great for the hands and feet. I don’t like it on my hair. It makes my hair super soft but my hair gets greasy too fast after using it (my hair is greasy as well as my skin). Almond oil also makes my hair straight and I like it to be wavy (people who want straight hair – go for it). Also, almond oil makes hair a bit darker. I have light brown hair and I like it lighter. Sesame oil makes it even darker, I really hate it on my hair. But I was blonde as a child and my hair colour varies a lot so I’m sure this doesn’t apply to everyone. I like EVOO and coconut oil mixed on my hair. My hair is super soft, wavy and light after it. It doesn’t get greasy fast.

        • thedetoxdiva says

          I don’t personally like grapeseed oil but I see no reason, if you like it, that it can’t be employed if that’s what works for you. I like shea butter for a moisturizer for the body. I do occasionally use almond oil on my hair (in the winter time for its warming abilities) but now that the weather is hot, I am back to coconut oil.

  17. says

    Hi I just wanted to ask, I have a slight case of rosacea, can you tell me if you think it would be ok to use the hot water on my face as I know heat tends to inflame my rosacea. Would I get the same benefit if I only used warm water? Thank you for your help

    • thedetoxdiva says

      What I have found is that with the OCM (and a few changes in your diet) your rosacea would actually lessen if not heal. Use a lighter oil such a mix of castor and jojoba or almond and you could use less hot water but the oil protects your skin very well from the heat of the water anyway. The heat, in this case, would not exacerbate your rosacea. You might get a LITTLE pink after but it should dissipate within a few minutes.

      • marzimoo says

        Thank you Jacqueline for you help, I will give it a go. I am trying to make changes to my diet and i’m about to start a juice detox so hopefully that will be the beginning of a clearer face.

        Glad i found your website has been very helpful so far.


    • thedetoxdiva says

      For oil cleansing I recommend a terry cloth or other “rough” cloth. A muslin cloth is too light to really steam the oil into the pores and off the face and a microfiber cloth will just whisk the oil off the surface of the face instead of helping steaming the pores open. Your cloth, I see, would be a great cloth except you wouldn’t be able to apply the oil directly to the cloth, as in your demonstration. You would have to use it after the massage. It would be brilliant though because it’s big enough to steam the entire face at once.

  18. debsull says

    Thank you for this! I am giving it a try and I’m curious about something. I am learning a bit about ayurveda. I am primarily Vata and it’s recommended I use almond or sesame oil for self-massage, as these are heavier, warmer oils that help to balance out high Vata. What about using almond on the face? My face is quite dry, and historically sensitive (though far less so since I’ve been doing some huge personal growth in the past couple of years). I’d love to hear your thoughts about whether almond oil would be a good idea for OCM.

    • thedetoxdiva says

      Deb I actually do use almond oil on my face to clean as sometimes I can’t stomach the scent of EVOO with morning sickness. I am a Vata as well. It works just as well as EVOO, in my opinion, but I still recommend mixing a little camphor oil. With your abhyanga even the facial massage can include sesame oil but the cleansing should not if you are cleaning any makeup off your face. (For some reason it isn’t very cleansing). I do use, after my OCM with almond oil, some sesame oil with sandalwood and a blend of essential oils as a moisturizer. That balances my Vata quite nicely.

      • debsull says

        Hi Again,
        Have been doing OCM for a couple of months now and really like it. I have two things going on with my skin (upper chest and face) that need attention, though, and I’m wondering if you might be able to offer some help? Here they are.
        1: I’m in New Hampshire and it’s winter. We heat our house with a pellet stove. My normally dry and sensitive skin is soooooo tormented by dryness. Am wondering best moisturizer to make/use? Oil alone to moisturize is clearly not enough. I’ve fallen back on a moisturizer I’ve used in the past when my skin was very sensitive, but it’s not entirely natural.
        2: Several weeks ago I had an allergic reaction to a down pillow. Even after removing the offending pillow, my skin has not normalized. My chest has raised bumps and very itchy spots. Have done benadryl, oatmeal soaks, avacado masks, enhanced diet, no makeup, simplified oils in case I was reacting to different ones. Might you have any suggestions? I am considering calling my doctor and ask for a prednisone treatment–something I did three years ago when I had severe skin issues and it worked like a charm. However, I’d like to think there’s another solution that I haven’t tried yet.
        Another thing, you had recommended some camphor, but I found it gave me hives and sore, tender blotches, so I only use pure almond for my cleansing. I also steam only minimally, as too much heat seems to increase sensitivity.
        I love the care and detail you provide in your help to all of us. You do such a great work here and I am grateful, as I often learn from your responses to other people’s questions. Thank you so much!! Be well. <3

        • thedetoxdiva says

          I might go out of order with the answers here so bear with me. I don’t recommend camphor for everyone and I don’t really recommend camphor in the winter at all. You might want to try avocado oil or avocado with a little macadamia nut oil if you can find it. Really moisturizing, really healing (and might calm down that chest as well). As far as a moisturizer goes I would only recommend a moisturizer with NO water in it. One of my favorites is actually a multi-purpose balm by One Love Organics but it saved my skin this winter on a trip to Lebanon with only a wood burning stove for heat! I pat on a few dollops of it (small ones) and it really locks in the moisture. Now, as far as your allergic reaction, I would recommend LOTS of turmeric. Turmeric in your food, turmeric/yogurt masks, a few capsules of active turmeric a day (fermented ones if you can find them). This is an amazing Ayurvedic remedy that I prescribe many of my patients to calm a reaction…. Krill oil capsules (cold pressed ones) can help calm down the inflammation too. Oddly enough, we are talking about bone broth and immune system and bone broth, EVEN for a topical allergy, is incredibly anti-inflammatory. Try the orange juice with hydrolyzed collagen too because that, to me, with my hormonally charged allergy inducing body is the one thing that keeps me from breaking out in hives every two seconds. I would prefer you try these for a few days before resorting to prednisone because THEN we will have to work on balancing your immune system AND adrenals and thyroid after a course of that when right now it is just immune related. Make sense?

          • debsull says

            I love and appreciate you so!! I am happy to try these things first, as I’d love to avoid the prednisone. My budget doesn’t like the price of the balm, but I will either try to find something similar or will find a way. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I’ll let you know how I do with this. My life situation at present is quite difficult, so stress is a major factor as well, no doubt. It is a time for extreme self-care and I’m trying to do that–your contributions definitely help in that department! <3
            Love and light,

          • thedetoxdiva says

            What about THIS ONE?? I love this line and have used their products before. St. John’s Wort is incredibly healing so it would probably help and the price is VERY budget friendly.

          • debsull says

            You just don’t seem to stop being fabulous and helpful! Loads of gratitude and love being sent to you. Hope you can feel it! <3
            Thank you for suggesting another moisturizer! That one I can swing easily so I ordered it already. :) I've known to look for skin care without water, but they've been hard to find. I do have a neem cream but it's very greasy and still doesn't feel moisturizing and protective. Can't wait to be able to add this new balm to my skin care.
            Funny, just the other day I bought three yellow wash cloths so I could use turmeric more often and not worry about the staining. Just now I did a mask of avocado, yogurt, and a heap of turmeric. Let it sit for 10 minutes then sloughed it off with almond oil (messy but fun!), and had a shower. My skin already feels soothed and looks calmer.
            What are your thoughts on pure rosehip oil? Sometimes I use it as a serum, before moisturizing.
            Love and light,

          • thedetoxdiva says

            I LOVE LOVE LOVE Rosehip oil. I use it as a sunscreen in the winter because of it’s natural sun blocking properties!! I do buy it in small dark bottles and store it in the refrigerator to avoid oxidation but it is one of the highest topical Vitamin C oils you can find! I am so glad your skin is looking calmer, by the way!

          • debsull says

            Oh dear. I’ve got a skin situation here that did not go well. My St.John’s Wart balm arrived on Wednesday and I used it that evening. I woke up the next morning with a swollen, red face, itchy chest, runny nose and watery eyes. Did not use the balm any more, obviously. I calmed it down enough to get through the day with allergy medicine, cold packs, and eating avocados, but when it was worse the next morning (Saturday), I went to an immediate care center to be seen. My eyes were so swollen they were swallowed up. Felt so miserable, itchy, sore, and ugly! Boo-hoo and Oh, well! :( I’m on a predisone taper after all, along with another allergy medicine and it is improving. I’m going to see an allergist/immunologist next month, and hopefully I can identify exactly what I should stay away from. My skin is soooo fussy that I’m sure there’s more than one thing. I think winter is not the best time for me to experiment with my skin. I’m still so grateful for your help on this site! I know this is my body telling me somthing and I’m trying to listen. In the meantime, I’m upping my ashwaganda, green smoothies, water, and your delish bone broth.
            Love and light!!

          • thedetoxdiva says

            That’s an extreme reaction to St. John’s Wort!! I have never in all my years seen anything like that so I am wondering if you might have an allergy to seeds….even if you never had one before, sometimes the body “tips”. I say that NOT because of the St. John’s Wort but because of the base. I do like that you are going to see an immunologist though as I do think you NEED to have allergy tests done to determine what is your trigger. The issue now though is Deb, even after you figure it out you NEED to balance your adrenals and immune system from the INSIDE. Luckily we can help you do that….. Careful of the green smoothies…. LESS dark greens, more high water veggies for awhile.

          • debsull says

            Thanks for that, will do water veggies. I agree, not assuming it’s the st. Johns wort, could be vit e oil or any number of things, could have been a build-up of sth else even. It will be god to investgate it all with the doc. Til then will follow advice on immune and adrenal support. Will keep you posted! Thanks for everything. <3

  19. says


    Why is Coconut oil just for oily skin? I have heard to use around the eyes but maybe there is something better since the skin around my eyes is not even close to oily. Also, are there any good alternatives to hydroquinone to remove hyper pigmentation?


    • thedetoxdiva says

      Kojic acid and licorice root are better options than hydroquinone which can cause rebound hyperpigmentation. Lactic acid from yogurt, lemon, and pumpkin can help “eat” the dead skin cells revealing clearer skin underneath. Coconut oil is just for oily skin (and even then, only in the summer and not on the face) because it has a tendency to clog pores rather than moisturize.

      • says

        How would you use Kojic acid or Licorice root? Also what combination of oils would you add to Olive Oil for combination skin?

        FYI I love the Website!!!

        Thanks for all your help!

  20. amidoingthisright?? says

    I have been using the OCM for 2 weeks now. I noticed a little clearing in the first and second days, but from then on my skin is worse than ever! How long do i have to wait till it starts clearing?? Am i doing something wrong?

    • thedetoxdiva says

      First, when you start the OCM you have to bear in mind the more “junk” you have that has been pushed into the skin by conventional products (silicone takes a LOT to detox) the longer it takes to detox. I also recommend switching to an organic foundation when you switch to the OCM. Second, make sure you are putting the absolute hottest cloth you can to your skin and pressing deeply several times! The trick is you want to make sure you get all the gunk off your face (especially if you are still using conventional products) while leaving the protective layer behind. Switching to a lighter oil like almond or jojoba instead of EVOO might help too. Even adding in a touch more castor to the mix might dissolve the sebum that is just at the surface. Sometimes if a woman thinks she has dry, flaky skin, she actually has oilier skin!

      • amidoingthisright?? says

        What kind of organic foundation would you recommend? Right now I have been using clinique acne solutions. Its not organic but I’ve been really happy with it. Also, how do I know for sure what type of skin I have?

        • thedetoxdiva says

          Unfortunately Clinique has silicones it its formulations. It’s very conventional… great coverage but a whole lot of rubbish…. There are many organic foundations on the market. I would recommend Vapour Organic as a great foundation for you. You have to have the purest ingredients against your skin.. That will help the OCM work much better.

          • thedetoxdiva says

            I’m going to let you in on a little secret the skincare industry does not want you to know. Your hyperpigmentation will lift once you stop using conventional products. Most ingredients in conventional products are meant to cause inflammation in the skin which, unless you are pregnant and developing melasma, is one major cause of hyperpigmentation. Using a high grade rosehip oil such as Pai Fruit and Seed Oil with its high concentration of Vitamin C (Rosehip oil is the highest concentration of vitamin C in nature) is all you need to see dramatic improvement in your dark spots.

          • says

            That is great news, but I fear my hyperpigmentation is much more stubborn. It is the result of a bad chem peel, and a few months of Hydroquinone lifted some but it retuned after I stopped using it.

          • thedetoxdiva says

            I’ve been where you are with a bad chemical peel and rosehip oil is exactly what you need!!! Hydroquinone often causes rebound pigmentation whereas rosehip oil heals from within!

  21. amidoingthisright?? says

    Hi again, its been 3 weeks and my skin feels like sandpaper… its incredibly red and dry. I feel so frustrated. Is it possible the OCM isn’t for me? I’m 16 with acne and have tried tons of over the counters and natural things, and i had hoped this would be the answer. Isn’t the whole point of the OCM for the oils to dissolve the bad oil? but then we use hot steamy water to get it out? I thought water doesn’t dissolve oil.. I’m ready to give up. A little help?

    • thedetoxdiva says

      If you are 16 and suffering from acne, the OCM should be for you but perhaps the mix of oils isn’t the best. Almond or jojoba is much more preferable to your skin type than olive and if you have only been using it for 3 weeks then you are more than likely experiencing breakouts that are caused from the castor oil pulling all the “gunk” out of the pores. This can take awhile. If you feel you absolutely cannot go on with the OCM switch to a gentle cleanser like the one from One Love Organic gentle foaming cleanser. It’s coconut oil based and will clear your skin nicely. One thing that bears saying here. Sometimes you can aggravate your skin with the sheer force of which you cleanse. Take a breath. When you do the OCM make sure you are massaging the light oils (and I do recommend you switching to something like jojoba oil) into your skin before steaming them out. Try a few drops of tea tree oil in the mix. This will help treat the existing breakouts. Give your skin time to readjust. It didn’t get into this state overnight.
      Something else that bears saying. Your nutrition needs to be looked at. At 16 your hormones are at an all time high. Make SURE you are not eating sugar (or anything with artificial sweeteners). You might want to cut out or down on your grains. Make sure you are eating lots of veggies, and less fruit. Lean free range grass-fed meats if you eat them. Avocados are particularly good for acneic skin so one a day would be perfect for you.
      You must use a multi-pronged approach for treating what sounds like true acne to me.

  22. says

    Hay there,
    This article has been so interesting for me and I have really visible and large pores on my fair skin.which oils should i exactly use to get benefit…i would appreciate if u have some articles on the benefit uses of oils…to know which one to pick up…for winter or summer and based on the skin…

    and also how do you start your day?do u wash it with Oil cleansing method?dont you clean the last night moisturizer or stuff off your skin?

    would appreciate your reply.

    • thedetoxdiva says

      Within the article it gives some suggestions but for winter, depending on your current skin type I would recommend almond oil with castor or jojoba with castor (the drier your skin is the less castor oil you will need). EVOO is a good option too. There are other oils on the market such as argan, tamanu, and even camelia oil but I find camelia is too light and argan and tamanu are rather expensive for the OCM. With regards to what I use as far as the OCM in the morning, I usually don’t wash my face in the morning, rather splash it with a little water and use my favorite skin oil blend as a moisturizer. I don’t use moisturizer at night, the oil doesn’t require that I moisturize and my skin is all nice and dewy in the morning. Your face, unless you are sleeping on dirty sheets, really doesn’t get dirty over night so cleansing in the morning would just be over cleansing. If I am feeling a little grotty in need of exfoliation, I use a gentle exfoliant like Brand New Day and then a little skin oil. Especially loving One Love Organics Super Critical Chia Oil at the moment.

    • thedetoxdiva says

      I’m only opposed to the low quality highly refined product most people gravitate towards. If it is high quality, cold pressed from organic grapes I can totally get on board with it. Few people actually seek out high quality though because it is still a relatively unknown seed oil throughout North America. Thankfully, there are producers in the marketplace turning out cold pressed organic grapeseed oil but when there are other choices on the market that offer more readily available oils, those are the ones I recommend simply because they are easier to obtain.

  23. Erin says

    I’ve been using this method for 2-3 months now using 2 parts castor oil to 1 part jojoba oil. My skin has definitely gotten a little better, but not a whole lot. I still break out all the time and have small acne bumps covering my face that have been there pretty much since puberty. I’ve read so much about this and have been really hoping this would work for me and i’m really upset it hasn’t done a whole lot. do you have any suggestions of what I could try doing differently? Different oils or different ratios? I have really oily acne-prone skin and would seriously do anything to clear it up!

    • thedetoxdiva says

      Erin, I believe you are going way over board on the castor oil. You may THINK your skin is super oily because of its acne but in reality it might be quite combination or the acne is not from the oil in your skin. There are other root causes of acne (which I will get into shortly) but I suggest the castor oil is too pulling for you and is aggravating the pulling factor a bit too much. I would also suggest using maybe 1 part castor oil, one part almond, and one part jojoba until your skin normalizes, and then go to jojoba in the summer.

  24. Anabella says

    Hello Detox Diva

    Thank you in advance for answering my question. I’ve been using the OCM for 5 days now, my pimples are really coming out now, i also get heat pimples that suddenly appear on my face in the morning. I use 3 part castor oil and 1 part EVOO with a number of drops of Tea Tree Oil. I have combination skin, mainly my T Zone is oily.

    My question is, how long have you been using the OCM for now in total? And do you still get breakouts using it? Also some people on other websites have been complaining about OCM stating that after a few weeks of using the OCM their skin gets worse? Has this been your experience. Im just scared, I don’t want my skin to get any worse.

    • thedetoxdiva says

      Anabella, I really think 3 parts castor oil in the winter is too strong for anyone. It’s oil pulling abilities are legendary but it can also be too much for winter skin and make it go dry and that’s NOT what you want either. I also recommend, if your skin doesn’t get any better in the next three weeks, to switch to a lighter but more warming oil like almond oil or jojoba but I bet your T Zone isn’t truly oily, just hormonally producing sebum. 5 days is when the detox symptoms start. They can get worse but to slow down the detox symptoms cut back the castor oil. Also, make sure you are using nicely hot (but not burning) water on your cloth and pressing several times before you wipe to make sure you are getting it all off. It will still leave a film, don’t worry, and you can always use EVOO as a moisturizer or more of another carrier oil.

  25. says

    hi there
    I would appreciate if helping me to make a decent moisturizer for skin same as a conditionaer fr hair but no which gives a shiny n oily look.,
    As soon as i blend the oils and rub to my skin, Rashes start to come up with iching …im allergic to any oil mix which i make so i have given up…but i reallt like 2 stay away of chemical moisturizers and use an oil instead,..i also want to add some vit C in it is the oil available or what can i do


    • thedetoxdiva says

      I highly doubt you are allergic to ALL oil mixes but probably nut oils like almond or even jojoba might be a trigger. Rosehip oil has loads of vitamin C and mixing this with an equal part of calendula oil is probably just what the doctor ordered. Rosehip oil, especially when mixed with Vitamin E (capsules you can buy in any pharmacy broken open and used in the mix) is very penetrable too.

  26. says

    I just loove your website! I tried the oil cleansing method and OMG my skin is looking so clean! Its not oily and neither does it feel dry. Most of my blackheads are almost gone! Miracle! Thanks for this post!

  27. melissa doggett says

    Ive struggled with acne since teen yrs and am now 24. Got tired of all the chemical peels cost and i found the OCM, its fantastic, however, i do have a question? How many times a day can the regimen be used? See, ive beenbeen doing OCM at night, but ii go to the gym and face feels so nasty afterwards so i would wash face afterwards with ceptafil face wash, it wasnt feeling clean enuf so i bought something that had 2%to saylic acid in it to do for my after gym wash, but that has turned into a bad idea seeing that its making me break out more. So my question is: how many times a day can i OCM? And if only one time then what do i use to wash my face with the other times?

    • thedetoxdiva says

      Melissa, that is a bad idea (re: cetaphil). Optimally I do the OCM once but then, if I need extra cleansing, say, after the gym, I use a light organic foaming or non water based cream cleanser which doesn’t strip oil. My favorites at the moment are One Love Organics Chia Whip which gets your skin clean but doesn’t strip or Pai Camellia and Rose Gentle Cleansing Cream (with their miracle muslin cloth) it makes it perfect for after gym grime! Either of those two cleansers will keep what you are doing on the right track because flip-flopping back and forth to Cetaphil is just confusing the heck out of your skin.

  28. padmasudha says

    hi jaqueline,

    i have used ocm for abot 2 weeks now not continously thoguh. i quit for 3days after a week bec my skin got worse. iam 33and have quite oily and very acne prone skin. i use proactiv for about 3 years and just quit it about 2 months ago. i strongly believe using proactiv was te worst thing i hv eveof castor oilr done for my skin. anuwayn my questin is that i initially used 30%castor and 70%evoo. then i reduced te amount bec my skin felt dry around the mouth and chin area. then iadded some more evoo but after all this im still breaking out all over my face. m. my skin looks like a bumpy indian road:-)im indian living in india. what am i doing wrong. we dont get unrefined oils her very easily. i dont want to give it up but i dont want to make it any worse either. i have the worst skin now than ever had. please help. im desparate and at the verge of breaking down. …….i

    • thedetoxdiva says

      Padma, the problem here is that you expect things to be fine after 3 days or a week. Depending on what you were using before the OCM your skin may very well have a LOT to detox. It may get worse before it gets better and if you aren’t prepared to batten down the hatches and wait for things to get better, all the while making sure you are steaming your face properly to remove the oil, using pure makeup products rather than rubbish, and eating the best quality food (something easy to do in India) then you will be disappointed with the OCM. The OCM will clear everything you have in your skin but can take 8 weeks to detox thoroughly! Proactive treats the symptoms not the root. Castor oil mixed with proper unrefined oils (EVOO in India is not indigenous) is still the best thing you can do but maybe using less castor oil with a little almond oil would be better for your skin than trying to go full force with castor oil. Let me know how I can help.

  29. padmasudha says

    Thank you jaqueline. It really does make me feel a whole lot better and you have very rightly pin pointed that i really was expecting results within a week. I was influenced by so many posts i read online saying that ocm cleared up their skin within a week. like you said maybe it will take longerfor me bec of having used proactiv for ages:-) you have given me a ray of hope and i will now diligently do ocm. The good thing is I wear make up only very rarely. Since it is winters right now i dont drink enough water rigt now but that is one thing i can correct right away. I can also eat bettr. I do hv one question though. Should i stop Evoo bec many posts say to discontine using evoo if i experience breakouts, and also will i experience breakouts in places that i have neve had acne. Thank you again jaqueline for your support. TThank

    • thedetoxdiva says

      Padma, in my honest opinion for your type of skin you should be using a lighter oil like jojoba or almond. You get such great almond oil in India anyway! EVOO is not something that you would use on a regular basis in India (not really) and I find, though I don’t recommend coconut, using a lighter but more warming oil would be just perfect for you!

      • padmasudha says

        Hi Jaqueline,
        I went and got sweet almond oil today and some tea tree oil. Im going to try that tonig. lets see how it works. Tjank you and be prepared to be bombarded by updates and questions from me:-)

          • padmasudha says

            Jacky that would be lovely:-) I live in New Delhi. It will be scorching in April May though. So be prepared for some hot hot weather and drink lots of fluids:-) you can also give us tips on ocm using ingredients that are easily available to us and how to take care of our skins in hot weather. Let me know if Ican help in anyway:-)

          • thedetoxdiva says

            Oh I would love to give you tips!!! I know it’s hot in April and May and I will be there until the beginning of monsoon season!!!

      • padmasudha says

        IYesI understand that diet will play a huge role in bringing my body back to its oriignal state. Naan is not an issue bec we dont have refined flour in our meals at all. we only have wheat flour chappatis. However, rice is my biggest enemy. I just love rice with everything and since we are from the south of India, rice is a staple in all threemeals. I will gradually try to replace it with rotis and will also try and find a better wheat flour. In the ladt about three days I have drastically reduced my intake of coffee and tea and am having green tea about two to three cups a day. No sugar. I never used to take sugar so this doesnt seem like a big deal. I have started taking watemelon seeds and dry roasted peanuts which we get in plenty in wintes. Same with green veggies. we get all kinds of leafy veggies in winters and I lovr all of them:-) But again coming back, rice is my biggest weakness. I.m also planning to start doing yoga again. Breathing excercises are an exellent way to detox.

        So That is my plan of action. Thanks for your support:-) Give me tips on how to mprove my diet:-)

  30. padmasudha says

    So tonig was night two of my ocm with 10% castor oil and 90%almond oil and a few drops of tea tree oil. last night was the first nigt. Tis morning i woke up with about 6 to 7 small pimples(they loked white in xolour so im assuming they ar called whit heads) and two juicy red bumps under the skin bith develoing a small white dot ontop by the end of the day. I,m not discouraged by this and i,m taking this as a sign of my ski ddeoxing. Hope to God i,m right:-) My skin looks the worst it has ever loked to the point that even polite aquaintances cant resist asking me what is wrong. However Lm marching ahead armed with some information and a lot of hope and a lot of love and pure reverance from my one year old ange:-) He is the only one who doesnt seem to be bothered by mommy,s skin:-) Anyway, I just wantd to ask you if I can apply lemon juice on my face in the morning for some time because I feel like there is a layer of dead skin which i hope wil be dissolved by the acid in lemon,or will it be to much for my skin to handle right now?

    So that was my first update. Dont feel much diferent but skin seems a little less drier than when i was using evoo and castor.

    • thedetoxdiva says

      This is a sign your skin is detoxing and HARD. Up your green veggies and make sure you are getting enough ZINC!

      • padmasudha says

        up my green veggies. Noted. How do i make sure i have enough zinc? we dont take vitamin suplements her much. we rely on natural foods unless someone is severely deficient. Ill also do some research. I just had one new pimplein the morninh when i woke up. rest of themseem to healing a bit.

        Nice that you will be staying here for abot 2 to 3 months then. Plenty of time to impart your wisdom:-)upUp my g

        • thedetoxdiva says

          Padma, read Want Beautiful Skin? Think Zinc! for more information on sources of zinc. Make sure you are getting plenty of healthy fats too, avocado, seed oils, desi ghee (the good stuff….not the stuff on the supermarket shelves) as well. I noticed many Indian women starting to “diet” rather than watch their nutrition and one of the first things to go was ghee. Also, watch your white rice intake. I know that is difficult with all the lovely basmati but seriously, it can be murder on the blood sugar which is murder on the skin!

          • padmasudha says

            Hi Jacky,
            I read your blog about zinc and it touched a nerve. I never knew zinc was so important in fertility. My husband and I spent 7 years trying to convieve. We had a few unsuccessful, disappointing and heartbreaking cyles of IVF and IUI and at the end of it all we gave up and about 6 months ago we adopted the most beautiful 7 month old baby boy! He just turned one last week and I cant imagine my life without him but I could hv tried uping my zinc intake alongwith all the painful and expensive i jections I had to take. Anyway, atleast nowi know. We are not trying anymore and are planning to adopt another child but if in the, eantime another miracle happens then why not:-)

            Sorry this was a little off topic but the moment i read infertility it brought back all the pain and heartbreak. But it was worth it i think bec now my son just doesnt seem to get enough of mommy:-):-):-):-)

          • thedetoxdiva says

            The problem is, even in India where doctors are usually very on point, they don’t realize that trace minerals really do affect fertility!! I have helped so many women (including myself) detox, balance, and keep their bodies balanced even through IVF procedures and it has made all the difference to the success of their fertility treatments (and have even helped a few get pregnant naturally after their many attempts.) I know very well the heartbreak of infertility. I am expecting triplets, myself but it was a long long road to get my body into balance. Your baby boy sounds so amazing and you are lucky to have him and he is lucky to have such a wonderful mommy. Who knows? Maybe The Detox Diva can help you make enough of a change that your body balances itself and may just surprise you!!

      • padmasudha says

        Rblo your blog about coconut oil. Now you have my full attention. First of you MUST tell me how you make your own oil!!!! You must know that I can ge coconuts in abundance here. So I can make own oil. Actually all these years my mom and I have been using parachute for hair and ocassionally in cooking. So give me therecipe for the oil:-):-)g abouRead your

      • padmasudha says

        Hi Jaqueline

        i have been wanting topost for a long time. I finally had to consult a skin specialist for my cndition. I got jojoba oil and started using it but my skin was just getting worse and therahes just didnt seem to dry up. my chin area especially loks horrible with at least 3 or 4 huge inflammations which gradually become ripe with pus and the slowly dry up. It is painful to the extent that it brings tears to my eyes when my sons hands brush across my face. Soi decided to get a priffessional consultation and consukted an “ayurvedic “doctor who gv me medicibes to be taken internally for a month and also a face pack tobapplied once a day. Things seem to be getting a little better now. Rash seems to hv gone down a little and i can feel a semblance of my oiginal skin surfacing. However the is still a really long road ahead.

        Rigt now iam on those medicines and using their face pack. imnot using mine rigt now becit is courser andirritates my skin further but i want to thank you for all your help and your tips. You have surely put me on the road to healthier living and once my troubled skin is under control iam thinking of giving ocm another try. So you are not getting rid of me anytime soon :-) Illbe ther asking questions:-)

        • thedetoxdiva says

          I’m glad you went to an ayurvedic specialist! I was actually a little surprised you hadn’t before this and wanted to suggest it but I remember the last time I was there how a lot of people looked at me oddly when I told them I was going to see my Ayurvedic guru! They thought I was old fashioned. The face pack PROBABLY has a lot of what you were already using however it probably has need and maybe even Bringhraj or another adaptive so this is a good thing for you!!! You ask all the questions you want. We are getting closer to our trip to Delhi so I look forward to meeting you then!

  31. padmasudha says

    Congratulations and a million hugs to you on your pregnancy!! Wow Triplets! Do you know the sexes yet? Who knew detoxing can make miracles come alive:-) But it does makle snse to rid the body of anythin foreign and balancing it and keping it as nature intended wil help the body do what it is naturally supposed to do.

    So day 2 update is I did wake up with only one new breakout but during the day several bumps developed into a total of 7nasty white things.(I.m sorr if I,m grossing you out) but I.m taking it as a sugn of detoxing. My skin doesnt fel too dry. Im steaming my face about 4 to 5 times bec i feel like othewise simw oil residue remains. Am I overdoing it? Like I told you earlier my face seems like it has a layer of dead skin on it. Can I use lemon on it? I think my skin is just too raw rigt niw to be fissling with it.

    • thedetoxdiva says

      You are detoxing and if your face isn’t dry then you aren’t over steaming. Padma, at some point we might have to look at what you are eating as well as how you are cleansing because you took a lot of hormones over years of trying for a child and acne as an adult is one sign of estrogen dominance. I think looking at detoxing your body from all that (it’s not hard… you can do it with diet) and balancing even your insulin (naan and rice mean insulin working overtime and perhaps even a candida overgrowth) to help ease the symptoms of detox or at least get them over with quicker and get you back to glowing skin!

  32. padmasudha says

    Please pardon my typing mistakes. Im typing on my tablet and it seems to have a mind of its own:-):-) Please

  33. padmasudha says

    I just posted a comment bt I dont know wher it got lost. Anyway, I understand that having a wholesome healthy diet is key to a healthy balanced body. In the last 3 days I have started with reducing the amount of coffee and tea. Instead I have started having about two to three cups of green tea a day. I have alos started taking dry roasted peanuts and watermelon seeds for zinc. Could not get pumpkin seeds. Also very important, make a concious effort to drink more water. That being said, my biggestenemy and weakis white rice. Not just Basmati:-) It is a staple in our diet. At least two out of threemeals consistof rice. I just have to Ii jufigure out a way to decrease that. In our family we dont consume refined flour so naan is not something that i have commonly. Also in winters we get really nkce green leafy veggies and my family including me just love them. So thatis alostaken care of. Roce I have to make an effor andI can hopefully bring that under control.

    So now you know my planof action to an extent. Let me know whereit needs tweaking:-)

    • thedetoxdiva says

      Switch to brown basmati or try adding quinoa (in New Delhi there are a few “organic” supermarkets that carry it”) or millet instead of the rice. As far as the rotis go….I will let you in on a little secret. Anything done with flour is refined enough your body will take it in as sugar!! That includes unrefined flours. Chickpea flour is a little excluded from this simply because it is a legume, not a grain…. so rotis are not the best way to go either!

      • padmasudha says

        Wow, i thought my wheat flour rotis were healthy!! I will start with reducing rice first:-) This seems a little tougher than i thought:-) I.m eating peanuts and watermelon seeds for zinc. No direct sugar. Drinking sufficient water. No tea or coffee. Just green tea. These are the changes that made so far. I know still a long way to go. I also plan on starting yoga again.

        Also, I had a question. Should I be doing Ocm every night or alternate nights. I didnt do it last night and there are no new breakouts yet. Am I aggravating it too much by doing it daily. I stay at home anddont go out much and dont wear any make up. So my skin doesnt really get that dirty superficially.

        Switching entirely to organic food will overshoot my monthly budget by almost double:-) Is there a cheaper alternative? It is available to usin supermarkets but is almost double the price. Organic grains and pulses are not that readily available though. only a few placescarry them so far.

        • thedetoxdiva says

          If you don’t wear makeup then yes, you can do it on alternate nights. Also, there is something I think you might be missing here. You are in India, home of amazing Ayurvedic doctors. All that green tea may not be good for you. You may need more healthy fats and less polyunsaturated fats. Go back, if you aren’t already, to using desi ghee and get RID of any other sunflower, corn, or other kind of oil, except for the homemade type coconut oil you can get in the markets. You don’t have to worry about organic fruits and veggies because, unless your foods are coming directly from Punjab, many of the market fruits and veggies are still being raised traditionally in mineral rich soil. I was in Delhi in September dying for a mango. I couldn’t find one in the market!! That tells me that you should still be buying local and NOT going to organic!!! Buy and eat seasonally. Cut down on the grains (I’d rather you eat brown RICE than whole wheat!!) Yoga will help you. A little ghee will help you, and even a little fresh raw milk properly heated would help you!!! It’s not sugar that is all the problem…. It is all the excess oils and in India I noticed a lot of people have turned away from desi ghee (we are talking the homemade stuff from well fed grass-grazed cows) and have started to use vegetable fats. THIS may be why Indian skin is starting to turn problematic.

          • padmasudha says

            The moment you hear someone mentio desi ghee, the mind starts flashing warning signs of cholesterol and weight gain and related problems. That is how people of mr generation have been trained. I find it reallyshocking and surprising that you are suggesting the twi thubgs that we refrain from:-) Coconut oil and dexi ghee. They are believed to be the two most fattening things. And in India we use quite some amout of oil for tempering our dishes. I.m talking about home cookedmeals nit restaurant meals. Is it really advisable to be replacing my refined sunflower oil with these two in day to day cooking. Also our “cow’s milk” might not really be cows milk. It may just be milk from the Mother Dairy. That is what we use and also give our children. Actually we can also make ghee from that milk at home. Will that be any good?

            I’m sorry if I’m sounding too dumb:-) It is just that from you I’mactually having to unlearn all the things that TV and internet have been trying to promote. You are actually tellingme things that I would never have believed if my Grandmother had told me but she is still healthy and stunning at 80:-) My granny used to say outside air and home medicine can necer go wrong and I’m beginning to feel she might have had a point there. However by outside air she must have meant the atmosphere in the last century, not this polluted air:-)

            Anyway thank youfor bring so patient with me and being so prompt in responding to all my comments.

          • thedetoxdiva says

            Although this is going to be a post shortly….. I will give you a heads up…. Starch (rice, rotis, naan) whether refined or not, converts to sugar. Glucose on its own can cause an over production of insulin; Starches (being all glucose) are more likely to be sent to convert to fat rather than where we want it, in the cells. Polyunsaturated fatty acids (like your sunflower oil) block the cell’s ability to take sugar in, therefore keeping the blood glucose levels high or in an almost diabetic state.. Desi Ghee and coconut oil (we are talking about REAL coconut oil not Parachute!!!) produce cholesterol in the body but it is this cholesterol that is the precursor to pregnenolone which can be converted to progesterone (the fertility and youth hormone). Now, I am not suggesting drinking gallons of ghee or coconut oil (read Coconut Oil:: The Hope and the Hype) but to cook, in my house, we use ghee, coconut oil (and VERY occasionally grapeseed oil) and for salads, always EVOO but I am liberal with my use. I don’t know about the milk in Delhi. I ASSUME somewhere you can get proper Desi ghee. I know there is a supermarket in one of the malls (the one with three parts) and they have organic ghee. It’s not even terribly expensive though it IS packaged in plastic, which I don’t get. I know somewhere you must have access to NON UHT, fresh, not pasteurized definitely not homogenized milk. I would actually encourage a daily chai masala for a nice balancing elixir, with this milk of course.
            Your grandmother is absolutely right, and though you have a point that Delhi is not just the cleanest of air…… it’s much better than many places in the world and you need to go and hug your grandmother for me and tell her I think she’s the greatest woman in the world! She’s right!

          • padmasudha says

            do I do in the mornings and on nigts that I’m not oil cleansing. In the mornings I just wash my face with warm water and a towel. rAlso, what

          • thedetoxdiva says

            Might I suggest an ubtan (Forest Essentials has a good one) for the days you aren’t doing the OCM? I use one and love it! Otherwise, a NATURAL light foaming cleanser would work…..

  34. padmasudha says

    Again my comment got lost. Well I read your blog regarding coconut oil and now you have my full attention:-) HOW DO YOU MAKE YOUR IWN COCONUT OIL???? I want to try that:-) Now I hv to start looking for good milk:-) The mall that you said is about an hors drive from where I live but there are bigger malls close by. Ill try there but I have a question. how do you differntiate between the real ghee or coconut oil and the stuff sold in suoermarkets. Is there a test fir that?

    can I use gram flour that we get in the market as a cleanser. That is what I use for my son on the days when he has an oil bath. it is non foaming but I think it is natural. You now have me totally cobfused about what is natural and what is not.

    • thedetoxdiva says

      I do a raw coconut oil involving a dehydrator, a juicer, and a lot of waiting. There ARE easier ways, though I don’t know the traditional method. I bet your grandmother does though! There are zillions of youtube ways that are good but involve heat. I don’t find, due to the stability of coconut, that adding heat destroys anything, especially since even my own teachers have used heat to get the coconut oil out. I just have much too much time on my hands, I guess. At any rate, you CAN get good coconut oil without spending a fortune…. you can watch this really cute YOUTUBE That gives you simple way of doing it!

      • padmasudha says

        My grandmom tells me that in their days in villages extracting coconut oil involved drying out the kernels and then they were pressed on a machine to take out the oil. But it was wirth it. The fragrance was excellent. These days they(both my grandmas one is 103 and one is 80) say that everything has lost its natural fragrance. They used to take their homegrown coconuts and get them pressed for oil. Ill try the youtube method. That seems quite easy.

        Tonight I made my own ubtan by using besan or chickpea flour, yogurt and a pinch of turmeric. Imay add a little bit of neem powder to the mix. I plan on making the neem powder myself by drying neem leaves and then powdering them. But I want to figure out how to remove the dirt and dust that will get settled on the leaves when they are drying. Mybe ill just do it inside the house. How does it sound to you?

        I have noticed that my skin, in the last about week or so has developed a tan, if you will, especially on my forehead and chin. It looks vaguely like sunburnt leathery skin. Could it be because Im steaming with very hot water. I can stand the temperature and also I feel if the water is not that hot then it wont properly steam off the oil. Maybe the yogurt will help with it.

        Last but not the least, I hv noticed (or maube it is just wishful thinking) that my skin has a faint glow to it on the small patch that has so far not been victimised by acne. So im happy, slowly but surely I migh be FINALLY on the road to better skin, something that has always been an elusive dream!!!!!

        • thedetoxdiva says

          Be careful with the heat of the steam. Your aim is not the completely create squeaky clean. Your skin needs to replenish its sebum balance. Your dead skin could be coming to the top though about to be sloughed depending on the castor oil combination. I wouldn’t worry about it too much. Your ubtan sounds amazing!! I would dry the neem leaves in your oven on the lowest setting or dry them inside. (and save me some because I hate having to buy expensive neem leaves from outside!)
          I am going to post a good recipe tomorrow on how to make coconut oil just for YOU! :) Your grandmother is right. Nothing is as it used to be but we have to press on with what we have and start a revolution to make things more like the way they were!

          • padmasudha says

            A packet of dried neem leaves coming right up! Cant wait for your coconut oil recipe:-)

            After using the ubtan yesterday, this morning my skin looked a little fresh. Maybe the curd helped :-) Dont know but loving it. Loving it better coz it is home made and unbelievably inexpensive:-)

            By the way, dont you ever sleep:-) I post during the day time which Im sure is night tine for you but there is always a response in a few hours:-) kudos to you:-) A packet of dried neem leaves c

          • thedetoxdiva says

            Padma, I am in Qatar now. You are only 2 and a half hours ahead of me! That’s why we are in sync! I will hold you to the neem leaves though. You will have to teach me clever ways to use it too! I’m still trying to perfect my shikakai/aritha herbal paste recipe so maybe you will have to introduce me to your grandmother when I am there!

  35. padmasudha says

    Hi Jaqueline,

    First post for the day. Was busy preparing for a religious function at our house on 7th. It is actually my son’s first birthday according to our religious calender. His actual birth date falls on 22nd Jan actually according to the English calender. So just slightky busy with that:-)

    About the neem leavesfor you, I really mean it when I say that I’ll have a bag of neem leaves for you! It is easily available to me. There are at leat two neem trees in our parking lot. I can get you lots of leaves. It is a shame that I havent made better use of it till just now:-(

    I’d love for you to meet my grannies:-) They are both such amaxingly string women. Ill tell you their lifr stories anotherday:-) However they live in the south and I live up north and it is a long journey to meet them. However once my sons function is over and life gets back to normal:-) , Ill talk to them and collect as much info as I can about natural beauty remedies:-) I’m sure they have a few tricks up their sleeves. The one use I know of neem leaves is that is was put in our bath water when we suffeed from chivken pox. It is supposed to be anti bacterial and my grannies used to chew on neem sticks instead of brushing their teeth.

    I.ll collect more relevant info and keep posting for you:-)

    • thedetoxdiva says

      Happy Birthday to your son!!! I am very happy for you all! We will talk about the neem leaves. Won’t be long until I am there!

  36. padmasudha says

    By the way, I read yourhomemade coconut oil post:-) Love it:-):-) You bet I’ll be doing it the cheaper way once the weather becomes warmer in a month or so, bec I hate having to buy appliances. All I have are a mixer and a microwave oven and a wet grinder for douth indian dishes. Actually this is what most Indian homes will have. One question though. Is it possible that the coconut milk or cream can go bad in hot weathers like ours during the separation process? Should I not expose it to too much warmth bec fresh coconut I know cant stznd much heat.

  37. padmasudha says

    long time:-)
    Busy buttt just managed to find some alone time:-) Guests hv arrived for the bday function yomorrow. Diet has completely gone for a to and face is worse than ever. Made my neem powder and used it as a face pack for one day and my skin appeared a lot better the next day. Today again I hv three huge ones under the skin. They look very angry and red. My skin rift now feels like sandpaper. It is not dry but very riug to touch. Even I get grossed out by it when I wash my faceand I can feel another new one starting to rear its ugly head right at the tip of my nose. Im really depressed that on the best day of my life I cant look my best. I know it sounds very trivial but It doesnt feel like it. There are many small rash like things almost all over my face. They have been there for almost a week now and dont seem to get any better. Is it at all possible that maybe ocm isnt for me? Shoukd I revert to my old days? I dont want to use any chemicals anymore. Another thing I noticed is my skin has started to become slightly oily now that the weather is getting warmer. Im using almond oil, castor oil and tea tree oil.

    Dont know what to do. Sorry fot sounding like a teenager but rigt now that is what Im feeling and looking like. Any advice would be good:-)

    • thedetoxdiva says

      Unfortunately you are detoxing. IF you want to change and abandon the OCM I would urge you NOT to go back to chemicals. Go and get yourself either some KAMA Ayurvedic or Forest Essentials light foaming cleanser (both stores are in Khan Market) because at least there are no nasties. You are on stress overload which isn’t helping either. I don’t see the use in tea tree oil at the moment. If you are getting a RASH though, that tells me there is a food intolerance or maybe an allergy to one of the oils!

      • padmasudha says

        I desparately dont want to abandon ocm and come what may, wont go back to chemicals. I was thinking more about doing something homemade like turmeric neem etc. you are right about stress though. I hv been trying to calm myself and trying not to think too much about it. Regarding allergies to oil, I do eat almonds and hv never had a reaction to it. Castor oil and tea tree oil are the only two completely new things. and regarding foods, watermelonseeds are the only new thing. But I dont eat it regularly. Maybe it is tea tree oi, bec i itially when I was doing ocm with evoo and castor oil, I was breaking out but didnt get this rash like thing. So it could be tea tree oil. Tomorrow I’ll try without tea tree oil. Now I’ll sign out for the night and do some breathing excercises and cleanse:-):-):-) I des

  38. Marnie says

    Wow, this article has really grown with comments! Love the interaction going on here. Perhaps there should be another article on this great topic. It seems to be really catching on & it’s so interesting.

  39. padmasudha says

    Good day Jaqueline,

    It has been a few days since I last posted. My son’s birthhdayfunction went off well and all the guests have left. I’m slowly getting back to my normal routine and diet. My skin isnt much different from before. There may be a sloght diffence tjoug. I have been usinga face pack of neem powder, yogurt a pinch of turmeric and chickpea flower, let it sit for about half an hour and wash off with warm water. Then I aply almond oil as moisturiser. Im also doing ocm without tea tree oil. Just castor oil and almond oil. Last night was the first night without tea tree. My rash is still the same. Not geting worse. The pack seems to be dring out my existing acne. Ther are about a couple new ones everyday though, concentratedmostly on my chin. The only problem is that the pack when it dries is too abrasive on my skin and it hurts when I try to was it off. Also when I apply almond oil to moidturise it doest realy seepintomy skin and Ihv to really rub it in which again irritates my skin. It just sems to sit on top of my face if I dont rub it in. I dont want tousea scrub tore ove any deadskin bec tight npw my skin just cant take it. Whatdo you suggest i do?

    • thedetoxdiva says

      Your face pack is what I recommend to people with rashes so you are doing well (add a little lemon juice to the mix when the rash goes away). Don’t use almond oil to moisturize. You don’t want to scrub the dead skin. You want to use lactic acid like yogurt and lemon juice maybe with a little papaya, if you can find one….. Is it possible for you to find avocado oil where you live?? I ask because I had a client with severe acne and this is what we used and it calmed her right down!

      • padmasudha says

        Jacky I dont think I can find avacado oil here or even if I do it will be too pricey.Papayas are readily available though. We get sesame oil or mustard oil but mustard oil will be tooooo heavy for the face. Should I just put some coconut oil? not homrmade but better than parachute. I think that also would probably be too heavy for me.

        • thedetoxdiva says

          No, not mustard but definitely not coconut as it is comedogenic. Try to find jojoba oil (this should be readily available in Chemists as I bought a bottle.) If all else fails, and I can’t stress this enough, go and find something called KAMA Ayurvedic and get an oil called Kumkumadi. I am not sure where they are in Khan market but this is the most pure Ayurvedic line ever! (they have a great hair oil too). It’s worth it and will be much better than mere Almond oil. Oh and I would recommend you double cleanse. OCM and then use a gentle soap like Nimba soap from KAMA. I think that will get your skin clear straight away. We MUST still look at your diet though. I do believe you have a sugar imbalance and hormonal imbalance ultimately contributing to the health of the skin.

  40. padmasudha says

    it is defi itely getting warme but I think nit warm enough to be using sandal. Will wait until march. I went to the market today looking for jojoba and avacado oils. Couldnt find either. I hv asked a beauty store supplier to get me jojoba oil. So in a week or so Ill get ir. In the meantime can i use glycerine to moisturise? I hv been looking online for Kama Ayurvedic products but cant seem ti find any website that will ship me their products. Ill find time and go to khan market myself. Khan market is rally upmarket so products that we find there are not easily available wher I live. I can go there but just ned to find time. I think forest essentials ship their products. Can you suggest a good moisturiser for my skin fron their line.?

    • thedetoxdiva says

      Kama is a better company but Forest Essentials DOES have a Pure Rose Water GEL I do love…. It FEELS pure to me…. They also have an Aloe version that is nice….

      • padmasudha says

        Ill look for Kama then. How about glycerine? I really appreciate that you respond so quickly. You must be super busy but you still take the time to give each question your full attention.

      • padmasudha says

        tok two brief quizesto findoutmy dosha, and I thinkiamprimarily pitta. Does it sound rigt toyou and what can I doto balance nuself. I dont want to obsess about how my face looks but I vant help it. So I think maybeby balancing I will regain my earlier looking self. never had pgod skin thoug so Iamno more aiming forit but it wasnt tjis bad either:-)

        how have you been doing? are you back homeor still in quatar?

        • thedetoxdiva says

          If you are primarily pitta and it is UNBALANCED it will cause acne just like you are talking about. You must continue to detox, use a small amount of “soap” after your oil cleansing method and follow a Pitta reducing diet (info is on my website too). And for now, Qatar is home. It’s usually a base where I travel around giving seminars but with me preparing for babies, it’s home now…… My husband is Lebanese and works here.

          • padmasudha says

            interesting. By soap iam pretty sure you meanone from the Kama line right. Bec other soaps are full of chemicals and strangely now i am repelled by them:-) they dry meout. Lsothese days what ive been doingis that I do ocm and then I apply theface mask,That seems to take careof anyoil residue. Should Istill be using soap and if so which one specificaly.

            Another thing the acne seems to be drying withthe help ofthe mask but the rash doesnt seem to be getting ny better. Shoukd Imaybe stop ocm and use a homemade cleanser or the sop which you will suggest and the pack and see if it gets any better. A few rashes on myforehead have become whiteheads today. The rashis also getting pus filed now. If this is alsoonly detoing d othing to worry bout thenim afrad to imgine how much toxinsmy body must have:-):-) Anywayjokes apart iamseriously worried about the rash and also todaymy face ooked shade darker than my neck. i havent been out inthesun so it is not tanning. Suggestions and remedy p,ease:-):-)

          • thedetoxdiva says

            I am indeed talking about a Kama soap because they have no chemicals however, any Ayurvedic pharmacy should have something similar. You can try there. It’s your call whether you stop the OCM but I think, with the right combination (jojoba oil) and the right diet you’d do fine.

      • padmasudha says

        I h decided to give it about 3 months starting from now bec so far I hv not been able to ollow proper diet. however now i will try harder and then lts see. Also a small clarification. do you recommend tnat I stop using almondoil altogether or use it in ocm and stop using it as moisturiser. Yesterdayi used it in ocm and for moisuriseri used glycerine.

      • padmasudha says

        Howhave you been.

        Im happy to report that my face is getting a lot better. No big breakouts in the last four to five days. Just little ones. So i think the medcines may be working. However ever since i started the medicones i hv stopped ocm completely. I use jojpba oil only as a moisturiser. And im really loving how it is very light yet moisturising on my skin.
        The dryness has completely gone. My face has started regaining its original complexion. There are many scars and a little bit of redness however which im sure will go with time.

        I want to start ocm again and this time i want to do it right. However honestly im scared to death it might flare up my acne again. I want your opinion on what i should do. Jojoba oil as moisturiser is good but if i start using it for ocm them it will become quite heavy on my pocket. Should i try the almond oil castor oil combination again. or do you suggest i wait till my medication is over and my acne gets ckeared up which will take two more months and then venture into ocm.

        Just let me kno what you think.

        I hope things are good at your end and you are keeping good health.

        Take care
        PadmacHello ja

        • thedetoxdiva says

          Hi Padma,
          I think you should stick, for the time being, with a non soap cleansing grain since you don’t wear makeup. I wouldn’t start the OCM again until the medication is over and even then, if your breakouts don’t come back, stick with the way you are doing for NOW. I do NOT like white rice, even on a Pitta reducing diet. I would prefer you stick to millet or quinoa if you can’t eat brown rice OR mix the two at the very least. Frankly, I am not a big fan of grains when dealing with acne. I believe it is a source of inflammation.

  41. says

    Do you recommend using baking soda for exfoliation? I want to start doing this, but we have family photos on the 27th and i dont want my (combo skin) face resembling a pepperoni pizza.

    • thedetoxdiva says

      Baking soda should be used sparingly….. I prefer sugar and honey or sugar an olive oil as an exfoliant otherwise the baking soda can be quite drying. No more than once a week.

  42. Anonymous says


    I like the idea of using oil to cleanse the face which is an important part of your body, but can this method be followed 2-3 times a day because I always wash my face with a face wash otherwise.

    • thedetoxdiva says

      Hazel, I am concerned that you have to wash your face 2-3 times a day, unless of course you have a job that either requires that or one that would actually create dirt on your face. I wouldn’t recommend washing any part of your body, save your hands, more than twice a day. I would recommend a good gentle organic cleansing cream like the one mentioned in today’s post for those times when you need to cleanse in between exfoliations or the OCM.

      • Anonymous says


        Thanks for your reply!

        I am from India and the climate here is pretty warm and humid, would you still suggest the OCM for people living in these climatic conditions as my skin breaks out with blackheads specially on my nose and chin area and the rest of my face is relatively dry.
        Also, I just read about the Camellia cleanser and I must say that the list of ingredients that have been used in it sound really impressive but are these products available in India so that I could go and purchase them or order them online.

        • thedetoxdiva says

          You can absolutely still do the OCM (and I continued to do it throughout my trip to Delhi last monsoon season with great success!). You have to adjust your oils. See the NEW POST for more information on how to deal with different climates. I would recommend, for a daily cleanser pretty much ANY of the soaps or the Mridul soap free cleanser from Kama Ayurveda (you can find them in Khan Market in Delhi and various places all over India. Click HERE to discover locations.) and they have a VERY good oil for facial moisturizer! You can definitely order the camellia cleanser online! Just remember, anything you can SOURCE in India is going to be specially created for the environment and Kama Ayurveda is one of my favorite products for glowing skin!

          • Hazel says

            Hello there,

            I wanted to know if the OCM method is just for those who’ve used makeup and harsh chemicals all their life or is it for just about for everyone and anyone who wants a detoxifying and moisturizing facial effect. I never or have never used any makeup stuff or any chemicals on my face for the past 30 years(that’s my age)apart from different types of face washes and moisture creams.Right now I am using the body shop vitamin c microdermabrasion cleanser and polish along with their vitamin e moisturizer and vitamin c sunscreen and usually some talcum powder apart from which I don’t like using makeup, also can I wash my face with the kama soap right after the OCM as my face looks really oilly and greasy in the evenings at work after doing the OCM in the morning.

          • thedetoxdiva says

            The OCM is for EVERYONE! It’s about the best skin you can have with or without makeup! Yes, you can use the Kama soap (preferably the Mridul cleanser) after the OCM.

  43. Hazel says

    Hey Jackie,

    Its been 9 days now and I haven’t broken out with pimples or anything else…Touch wood!
    I have a light skin complexion but it looks dark and tanned and very very dry although it’s not beacuse of going out in the sun.
    The water that I use on my face is bearably hot so I’m not sure as to what’s wrong.Also, I am using 20 percent castor and 80 percent almond oil.I hate the dryness and roughness.Could you please suggest?

    Thanks for your help.

    • thedetoxdiva says

      Try a yoghurt and turmeric mask to help with the dryness…. that may clear it up. Otherwise cut the castor oil down to 10%.

  44. mshack says

    I am curious about what to help my EXREMELY dry skin. I have dry skin, head to toe. Super flaky, itchy, and very uncomfortable. My face is flaky and so dry and even applying moisturizer makes it drier. My skin can’t be rubbed or touched with out crazy flakes appearing, I can’t even use a tissue to blow my nose without my nose getting covered in flaky dry skin. It is a nightmare. So now for my question…I heard about all of the benefits of Coconut oil and started using it on my face and body. I was amazed at how well it worked for about 3 days…and then it did nothing…in fact made my face SO dry that I stopped using it. My face is awful right now. So dry and flaky it is embarrassing. I am still using it on my body, my skin isn’t flaky but it feels to dry and tight. Kind of looks like snake skin. I am unsure what to do with my face. Some things I read said that my face was just detoxing and that I should use it longer, but it is a MESS. Do you think I should use the oil cleansing method? (I don’t use anything but water now to wash my face…I don’t wear foundation, just a bit of powder blush and mascara) I get breakouts occasionally, not too much of a problem. I live in NH, heat with wood, and am 35 years old. I have been noticing some crazy wrinkles on my face setting in, and during the few days of using coconut oil on my face, I felt like my skin looked like leather. Eeeek! I need help!

    • thedetoxdiva says

      You are using water based moisturizers on your face which will dehydrate your face further. That’s the beauty of the OCM or using balms to cleanse. I don’t recommend coconut oil on the face unless that is the purest oil you can get but I would recommend something like argan or tamanu oil AND making sure you are getting enough essential fats into your body. Frankly speaking, to have skin this dry, it indicates something is going on internally….. Something is triggering it and maybe instead of adding the coconut oil to your skincare regimen you should try adding it to your diet.

      • mshack says

        Thank you so much for the reply, I love your blog, and the time you take to answer all of the questions…so helpful. I started using raw shea butter that I whipped with extra virgin olive oil two weeks ago on my face and body. My face has been great! No more flakes and not too oily or shiny. The rest of me is a mess. Dry, flaky, itchy, and covered in grease from the shea butter. Not sure if there is an adjustment period, but I am losing my patience with how sticky I feel with no relief, I could deal with it if there was some actual relief for my skin. Do you have any ideas on what to add to my diet to maybe improve my skin. I do add coconut oil to my smoothie in the morning. (How much do you think I should add each day?) I take 4 to 6 fish oil pills a day. I drink plenty of water (some days better with that than others). Just don’t know what to do. I have been to dermatologists a few times and they never have anything that helps so am reluctant to go back. Again, thank you so much for your reply…I so appreciate any advice you could give me. (haven’t tried OCM yet, just loving how my face has recovered from the unfortunate coconut oil incident of 2013…not brave enough to mess with it)

        • thedetoxdiva says

          I actually would suggest you stop the fish oils (they tend to be rancid) and find sources of the WHOLE fish (wild, of course, salmon, mackerel, line caught tuna from coastal waters) and eat that. Increase your healthy fats, coconut oils, EVOO (NOT cooked with), grass-fed ghee and healthy grass-fed butter (Kerry Gold makes a great one from Ireland and Anchor makes one from New Zealand that you can trust), avocado, beef tallow, duck fat, are all sources of healthy fats…. They also are amazing skin tonics. I would recommend rosehip tea and raspberry leaf tea as well. You need healthy fats to combat dry skin from the inside out.

  45. padmasudha says

    Oh and also i know you wont be too proud of me but i hv not been following good diet. My husband is away sailing and this is the first time im alone with my child. So im just literally eating whatever is easiest to prepare or i order in. I know excuses excuses. I however read the article on your website about pitta reducing diet. The one thing i got from it is that it asks me to eat rice. But there is another article online that says i shouldnt be eating brown rice! So im a little confused.

    I tried getting cows milk, unpasturised from three vendors. Believe me i hv never been more disappointed inlife with anyone else:-) my mom told me there will be a yellowish layer on top after it is boiled.none of the samples had that. My mom knows cows milk. They had cows growing up and she was convinced it is adulterated. So for now im sticking to the mother dairy milk which is pasturised but that is what we hv grown up on.

    So that is the story so far:-) a lot of reading for you:-):-)

    • thedetoxdiva says

      Padma, I am so sorry I didn’t see this to reply to it. You CAN get unpasteurized milk from The Altitude Store in Delhi. You can google it. It’s better though to have the adulterated unpasteurized than the homogenized pasteurized which actually has molecules that increase LDL and triglycerides. Remember, whenever you order in you cannot control the type of oil they are using on your food. Just be aware that with health, it is sometimes about deciding to eat healthy because that is what is best for yourself and your child!! As far as eating brown rice, as an ayurvedic practioner, I still don’t like the idea of all that refined carbohydrate going into a woman’s body. It simply leads to insulin resistance which leads to many other issues. Think about it.

  46. says

    Hi Jacqueline, the OCM is great! I discovered this method accidentally when I decided to use oil for shaving instead of conventional shaving products. I love how my skin feels after I rinse off the oil :) I recommend this cleansing for everybody

  47. says

    Not too sure if you’ve already addressed this question, but I read on another site that blending Sesame Oil and a little sea salt, to remove bacteria, dry skin cells, etc… is just as beneficial as the EVOO and castor oil. I love what you have advised so far and am curious if this is something you would recommend? And if not sea salt, can i supplement sesame oil for the olive oil and still get the same results?? (just because i have loads of sesame oil laying around ) Thank you in advance! :)

    • thedetoxdiva says

      I’ll tell you Olga, I don’t believe in sesame oil for CLEANSING the face as I find it too heavy. I do, however, use a sesame oil/jojoba mix with a little sea salt for exfoliating the skin but use either my rhassoul cleanser or my OCM afterwards so yes, you can use that sesame oil (and while it’s cool outside use it for your WHOLE body as a pre-oil for the shower!!) with the sea salt. Once the weather heats up though, switch to any other oil as sesame oil is warming to the body.

  48. says

    I am going shopping tomorrow and am thinking about buying castor oil to mix with olive oil.

    I am 22 and my skin used to be perfect a few years ago. It is pretty clear still, I only get pimples before my period starts.

    I have noticed that my face is more red next to my nose and around the middle of my eye brows. My skin in the middle of my eyebrows is also a little more rough and bumpy and I can’t seem to make it calm down. Also I have a little bit of un-noticeable milia under my eyes and I also have dark circles. My skin is not super dry, but it is a little bit, and it is not oily and all. And my pores next to my nose and on my forehead seem larger.

    If I use the castor oil and EVOO like you said, and then use grapeseed oil under my eyes of milia (I read online that that is a good option for milia and for under eyes).

    Would you recommend using any thing else after you wash off your OCM?

    Does this seem ok? What would you suggest?


      • thedetoxdiva says

        Argan oil is a good option with castor oil for cleansing and as a moisturizer. Right now I am using a mixture of argan and tamanu with a little camellia and that works well for me.

    • thedetoxdiva says

      You sound like you have a little hormone imbalance and the milia could be a mineral imbalance but the OCM will help, or it should. I like jojoba for the milia under the eyes, incidentally. You probably won’t need a moisturizer after the OCM.

      • says

        I castor oil and olive oil with jojoba as a moisturizer or caster with jojoba and argon as a moisturizer.

        I want something that will almost prevent wrinkles as much as possible aha, and I heard argon was good for that, Wil jojoba be good for that instead?

      • says

        I have been using the castor oil with olive oil (1:4) And jojoba as a moisturizer after. I have been doing this for only 2 days now. I have been using olive oil to take off my make up for the 3 days before I started using the OCM method. I haven’t noticed much of a difference yet (I don’t expect to) but what I have noticed is that my small bit of milia that is under my eyes by my dark circles and now spread up to the inner corners and to the middle of my eye lids…I don’t know if I should stop using it or not, I am afraid it will just get worse. What do you recommend?

          • thedetoxdiva says

            I don’t know that it is milia by what you are describing but I don’t know that the OCM at this stage is the right thing to use based on this. What do you think of a gentle NON water based cleanser? I can recommend a good one.

          • says

            Ya if you could recommend a good face cleanser/ make up remover and a moisturizer that would be awesome! I am having so much trouble finding the right thing for my face!

  49. says

    now, the thing you need to know about me before you process what i’m about to tell you is that i have pretty much always have had dry skin to varying degrees. not just my face. my whole body. i would define myself to have mild acne (whiteheads, pimples). mild acne can be seen on my:

    1. face
    2. cleavage/decollètè
    3. back
    4. neck
    5. forearms

    i discovered benzoylperoxid in 2009 to deal with my mild acne in check and have been using it ever since. of course the result is that i have the acne in check, but overall my skin suffers from this. benzoylperoxid dries the skin, even with the moisturizer. the longer i’ve been using this stuff, the more i noticed that my skin looked a LOT older than it should actually look like.

    what i needed was a change in my approach to cleanse my skin.

    i’ve heard about the “ocm” a few months ago in “crunchy betty” and tried it with pure olive oil, but because of the effort, just dropped it.

    i’ve started fasting (only fluids for a week ranging from selfmade fruit juices, to broth and tea and at last 3litres water, no food) and thinking more about my body and skin. so naturally i thought back on what i’ve read on the “ocm” and decided to give it another go and this time for real and at LEAST .. say 3 weeks. i mixed castor oil and extra virgin olive oil in a ratio of 1:3. my skin feels good when i touch it, but on my forehead (especially between my eyebrows) it feels a little too dry even though the skin is softer due to the oil cleansing.

    i’m not sure what to do now.

    should i change the ratio? meaning more basic oil (in my case: extra virgin olive oil) or switch the basic oil to another one (say: jojoba oil)?

    or is it because i’m trying to drop the benzoylperoxid altogether (thus the whiteheads/pimples held in check are breaking out) and completely rely on the “ocm”?

    what do you think? should i wait a 2-3 weeks and give my skin time to adjust, see what it looks like and only THEN attempt to change the ratio. or do something right now.

    • thedetoxdiva says

      I think jojoba would be a tad drying. Argan oil, Tammanu oil, or a might be a better choice for you but add 1 tsp.castor oil to the mix. Make sure you are getting tons of healthy fats to lubricate your skin.

      • says

        thanks for replying. i thought about your suggestions and will look if i can get these oils from my local stores!
        one other thing: can you recommend something for me to use for my whole body? something that can be used regularly to moisturize acne-prone skin while also getting rid of the acne? some sort of organical regimen (maybe while showering) that can be used daily or every couple of days.

        much obliged as always! :)

        • thedetoxdiva says

          I would recommend a gentle soap (think Ivory snow or an organic coconut based soap) and either shea butter, cocoa butter, or coconut oil on your skin from the neck down. I use a mixture of coconut milk and saponified coconut. {Find the recipe HERE}

  50. Martin says

    Hey Jacqueline, I’m considering starting the OCM but am rather confused on what oils to use, and I was thinking maybe you could give me some insight on how to start off experimenting.

    I’m an 18 year old male and would say I have sensitive & combination skin, with a greasy t-zone and somewhat dry cheeks and mostly around my mouth. I have moderate acne, consisting of inflamed zits primarily on forehead and at the neck, below my jawline, which I think might result from shaving. I also suffer from lots of blackheads and clogged pores on my nose, and occasionally cystic acne on the cheekfolds.

    I recently ditched my morning’s shower facial cleanser which contained glycolic & salicylic acid since I thought it might be going too harsh on my face, and switched instead to a Calendula & Geranium homeopathic soap which I’ve been pleasantly surprised although I’ve had it for only a couple of days. Apart from that, I use 10% salicylic acid or seldom benzoyl peroxide as an on-spot treatment, and both serve me pretty well, plus I have had pleasant results with the tea tree oil. I also dab witch hazel prior to going to bed.

    Long story short, I have the following oils available at home, and would prefer to utilize only those if possible in the trial-phase. Bare in mind that the origin of these ingredients have great reputation:

    -Extra Virgin Olive Oil
    -Castor Oil
    -Jojoba Oil (About 100ml, kinda pricey in my country)
    -Sweet Almond Oil
    -Grapeseed Oil
    -Calendula Oil (A little)
    -Tea Tree Oil

    Which ones do u think would be a good idea to utilize? What ratios do you recommend for me to try? Do you have any other oils in mind? All advice will be greatly appreciated.

    All the best.

    • thedetoxdiva says

      Tea tree oil in small amount (a few drops in your nightly oil) is powerful. For you I don’t see why you wouldn’t stick to your Calendula soap but calendula OIL mixed with a tiny bit of castor oil and perhaps some EVOO like in a 2 parts calendula oil (I use this at the moment) 1 part EVOO and 1 part castor might give you great results. Add in a few drops of Tea Tree oil and you should be golden but I would stop the salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide if you are going to commit to this and give it six weeks otherwise don’t bother.

      • Martin says

        Hello again!

        So far I’m off through the 5th night using the OCM, and I would say my skin looks better and worse at the same time. While it is true that my skin isn’t near as dry as it used to be in my cheeks and elsewhere, and also not as oily in the T-zone, and I haven’t gotten any inflamed nor painful zits, I’m struggling to keep up.

        In the morning of the 4th day I could notice, upon close examination, that almost my entire face, mainly cheeks and forehead were full of these tiny red bumps which had no apparent head, just plain minusculous red spots, and it is freaking me out. Nevertheless I continued with the method, and sticked to the mixture you suggested (2 part calendula to 1 part EVOO and 1 part castor, with a few drops of tea tree) followed by the steaming with a towel and rubbing some witch hazel. I also noticed some small whiteheads the next mornings, but nothing to worry about.

        How do you recommend proceeding? Should I give it time to work its magic, or rather change my mixture, perhaps doing it every other night only? Is this the so-called purging stage? Is there anything to ease the annoying red bumps that hunt me in my sleep? Thank you for your time, and keep up the good work! Cheers.

  51. says

    as of today i’ve been on the ocm regimen exactly 7 days. benzoylperoxid being the harsh chemical that it is, has served its purpose in keeping my acne at bay. now that i am completely trying to stay off it … it shows. and i am guessing it’s the combination of benzoylperoxid withdrawal and ocm that is doing this to my faces. i am breaking out and it’s FREAKING me out!

    weirdly enough it feels smooth and nourished (if you ignore the whiteheads/pimples), but looks a bit dry. i added more basic oil (initially 1:3 –> castor:evoo /// now it’s more 1:4 –> castor:evoo+jojoba) to the mix, so my skin doesn’t look so dry. i think i have to add more jojoba? or just dab jojoba afterwards on my skin?

    how long does it take in general to see if the ocm is working or not? 2 weeks? 3 weeks?

    x joe

    • thedetoxdiva says

      It can take up to about 4 weeks before you stop detoxing but you don’t wear makeup so it probably won’t take that long! Add more jojoba or look for argan and cut down to 1/2 part on the castor oil if your skin gets too dry. Make sure you are eating enough healthy fats too….

      • thedetoxdiva says

        True, gluten can trigger breakouts! Dairy can too but it has a tendency to really aggravate when it is feedlot raised, less so with raw dairy. Getting off of dairy may not be necessary if you have access to raw grass-fed dairy.

  52. says


    I started EVOO cleansing method about a month ago. I am using about 10% castor and 90% olive oil. After the purging stage, I find that my skin is glowing. The problem is it is too drying. After the second day it feels a little too tight, after the 4th my skin has definite dry/ flaky patches. I switched to just olive oil and I really broke out. I stopped after 3 days of that and went back to my normal concoction. I have bought apricot kernal oil and am thinking of adding that in, making it 10% castor, 10% apricot, and 80% evoo. What do you think?

    Most importantly, even though my acne has diminished, I am still getting white heads. I don’t pop them anymore (takes a great deal of effort not to!), they are smaller then when I used to get them, and they go away much quicker. However, I have suffered from acne all my life which has really taken a toll on my self-esteem. What do you recommend I do about them? I won’t rest til no more pimples show up on my face!

    Lastly, I have acne scars that are red and brown and scattered all over my face. I know you mentioned rose hip oil but I might be allergic to roses so I can’t use that.

    • thedetoxdiva says

      Try tamanu or argan instead of the apricot because the aggravated white heads might be a common allergy to certain seed oils…. for the scarring, try a good vitamin C emulsion if you can’t do rosehips but verify that you are in fact allergic to roses before you count it out…..It’s quite good for your skin!

  53. Martin says

    Hello again!

    So far I’m off through the 7th night using the OCM, and I would say my skin looks better and worse at the same time. While it is true that my skin isn’t near as dry as it used to be in my cheeks and elsewhere, and also not as oily in the T-zone, and I haven’t gotten any inflamed nor painful zits, I’m struggling to keep up.

    In the morning of the 4th day I could notice, upon close examination, that almost my entire face, mainly cheeks and forehead were full of these tiny red bumps which had no apparent head, just plain minusculous red spots, and it is freaking me out. Nevertheless I continued with the method, and sticked to the mixture you suggested (2 part calendula to 1 part EVOO and 1 part castor, with a few drops of tea tree) followed by the steaming with a towel and rubbing some witch hazel. I also noticed some small whiteheads the next mornings, but nothing to worry about. On the 6th night I tried switching EVOO for Jojoba while maintaining ratios, and I felt much lighter, don’t know if I should switch to Jojoba permanently.

    Anyways, this last day some painful pimples appeared, the ones that do not develop a head easily, plus I also feel drier, but that probably is due to me shaving last for the first time in the past 2 weeks.

    How do you recommend proceeding? Should I give it time to work its magic, or rather change my mixture, perhaps doing it every other night only? Is this the so-called purging stage? Is there anything to ease the annoying red bumps that hunt me in my sleep? Thank you for your time, and keep up the good work! Cheers.

    • thedetoxdiva says

      You are looking for immediate responses that are just not possible Martin. You have to give yourself a chance to purge before you start to make changes. I strongly suggest you give it a week more before you contemplate your next move…

  54. says

    I have been using ocm for two weeks now. I have very acne prone skin and just used Proactiv for the previous month. I made a mixture of half castor oil and half jojoba oil with a few drops of tea tree. The first week I was in love. Breakouts were healing and new ones were small and I treated them overnight with aloe Vera. Then one morning I put some of my cetaphil moisturizer after feeling dry from showering. I was starting to break out by that evening and its been getting worse and worse since then. My face is a mess especially my chin and around my nose. This is not my usual breakout type. It is very red and itchy with tons of whiteheads and a few deeper bumps. It’s so bad I don’t want to leave the house.

    I don’t know if it was the lotion and I’m having an extreme reaction to it or if this is a very severe detox reaction. I’m skipping ocm tonight because I am at a loss of what to do. I’m so uncomfortable and embarrassed. Help!

      • says

        I think I was having a major detox reaction. I didn’t give up and go back to something medicated. I’m still using ocm. I’m still breaking out, just not as severely as a few weeks ago and that horrible sudden breakout is healing. I’m thinking of trying a candida cleanse to see if that might be part of my issue as well. I’m so happy to have friends and family that stuck by my side through that horrible few weeks. I’m determined to heal my skin naturally no matter what it takes. Thanks for your amazing website.

  55. says

    hi jacqueline,

    i have been using this method for the last three weeks with 70% grapeseed oil and 30% castor oil and a few drops of calendula oil. prior to starting this i had really oily acne prone skin and it has since been a lot less oily. the only thing is that after the 1st week, my skin felt great and was glowing – on to week three – my skin is the most broken out it has ever been! i am getting all of these little white/black heads and even the cystic acne hasn’t ceased. before, i never even really had a problem with black/white heads and they are so out of control! i workout regularly and have a sweaty face in general – just fyi. i wear mineral foundation for work but i never wear it when i work out. in regards to the sweat and the makeup, what should i be doing? my thought is that if i am wearing makeup before i need to workout, then i will remove the makeup with a cotton ball and some of the oil. then after i workout and before bed i would do the ocm. in the morning i rinse with water in the shower and moisturize before applying makeup. if i don’t have to work i just don’t do the makeup part.

    so, am i overdrying my face with the oil now? should i mix up a new ratio of the oil to accomodate a less oily face? i am committing to seeing through the purging process but is this normal?? i was using the neutrogena skinid set for the last couple of years until they discontinued it – it wasn’t really working anymore anyway but at least it kept it at bay for the most part – nothing like i am experiencing now. i just want to know if this is a normal part of the process? or am i doing something wrong? like i said, i want to see it through but it is getting difficult to cover up at this point. i feel so gross and the acne on my face hurts! on a side note, i drink lots of water daily (i rarely drink anything else but 1 cup of morning coffee and occasional tea or kombucha) and i eat a really healthy whole food diet which is generally low on grains and dairy. also, i am asian if that makes a difference?

    please, any advice will help!

    • thedetoxdiva says

      You want to cut down on the castor oil as your skin gets less oily…. that’s the only thing I can think of. Sweat is sterile and won’t cause an overdrying or acne. Watch what’s in your mineral makeup because that could be part of the problem, there could be something in that causing an issue.

    • thedetoxdiva says

      Use something other than sesame oil. It’s coming into summer anyway and sesame oil is too warming for the season.

  56. djshep says

    Hi, I was told coconut oil was great for your skin. I tried it and I have developed deep white heads around my nose and some on my check. After reading your post, I am going to use olive oil and hope it helps. I have lines around my lips and crows feet, will this help minimize?

    What do you think of this natural face mask?

    1 carrot, peeled and de-stemmed
    1/2 avocado
    1 tablespoon honey
    1/2 tablespoon extra virgin olive oil (any oil in your cabinet can work here including vegetable oil or my favorite — coconut oil)
    1 teaspoon of lemon juice (you can nix this if you don’t have it on hand)
    1 egg yolk

    Thank you

    • djshep says

      I have also started to juice every day. Mornings – kale, spinach, carrot, beet, apple, cucumber, celery, orange. Lunch – I blend mixed berries, banana, papaya and mango.

      I am a little confused after reading reviews on this, and some say beets and carrots can cause harm to your kidneys if taken everyday? I have been experiencing some slight abdominal pain after 3 weeks of juicing.

      Your thoughts?


      • thedetoxdiva says

        I prefer my carrots raw with coconut oil and celtic sea salt because the fiber is brilliant for reducing estrogen dominance. Beets are not harmful when mixed with other veggies but I would definitely mix it up a bit and rotate them. I crave beets and eat them as often as possible so consider eating them rather than only juicing them. If you are experiencing abdominal pain it can be the sugars are causing some gastric distress (which is common with juicing.) Also, kale (regardless of what the masses say) is incredibly hard on the system when juiced (and really not good for the thyroid) so if you are juicing kale, make sure you rotate them to no more than once or twice a week.

    • thedetoxdiva says

      Coconut oil is comedogenic. I use it on the skin of my body but never ever on my face. The OCM can absolutely help minimize lines. I love your face mask idea except for the part about any vegetable oil. I don’t prefer people use just plain vegetable oils because most are chemically extracted and just not good for your skin. If you have extremely oily skin coconut oil in the summer MAY be ok but it can be really quite clogging if you aren’t careful.

  57. djshep says

    I recently visit a spa and was told I have nice complexion, but dry and some dead skin. They recommend I have microdermabrasion. I received a tip from one of their customers to blend olive oil and coffee beans, or sugar to exfoliate my skin?

    So much out there, and just want to do the right thing without damaging my skin.

    • thedetoxdiva says

      Don’t use coffee beans but coffee grounds finely ground are a great way to exfoliate your face. I mix yoghurt and coffee grounds with a little honey and that keeps my skin glowing (and depuffs brilliantly!).

      • djshep says

        Great to know, thank you! :) What do you recommend to juice and/or blend everyday? And do you recommend microdermabrasion?

        BTW – I love what Olive Oil is doing for my skin and complexion :D

        Thank you,
        Deborah :)

      • djshep says

        With all the oils mentioned, which blend is your favorite for moisture and wrinkles? Can I add rosehip or jojoba oil with olive oil?

        I am 42, and have combination to dry skin, and under my eyes my skin is thin, I sometimes have dark circles. I would love to minimize the crows feet and few lines around my lips. I also have frown lines on my forehead.

        What facial exercises do you recommend to tighten the muscles around the corners of my lips and jaw line. I am noticing some sagging :(

        Thank you

  58. TiffanyL says

    Hi & thanks in advance for your help
    About 2 weeks ago I started the OCM, my mixture was 2 parts castor oil(cold pressed/processed) & 1 part Grapeseed (100% pure from NOW). I apply approx quarter size, massage it in, then remove with the hot cloth, which i normally do 3-4 times. In the last few days i have developed 2 large cystic acnes on my chin. Also I”ve noticed lots of “congestion”/bumbs on my face, mostly on the check area & jaw line. Is this a normal purging process? should I modify the oils? Please offer suggestion!
    For the most part, my diet is clean, no gluten, nothing refined/enriched, no industrial oils, healty carbs, etc

    Thanks for sharing all of your knowledge!

    • thedetoxdiva says

      I never like cysts as a sign of purging but you have been only using the OCM for 2 weeks. If those cysts or little bumps don’t resolve in about 2 weeks, think of switching up your oils or cutting down on the castor oil which can “pull” a bit too much.

  59. Sherese says

    My mother taught me to do this when I was old enough to do it myself, and to this day I get compliments from strangers on my “beautiful skin” at age 48. She had beautiful skin until she died, at age 88. We both have/had very fair German complexions, so there was no protection from melanin. What I would like to add to this wonderful information is: if you go to the dollar store, you can get a stack of washcloths for $1. They are thin, which is actually better for the face and body, as they are slightly exfoliant. After you use them, if you soak them in a pail of ammonia or Thymol solution (thymol is a natural disinfectant derived from Thyme) it kills the bacteria that causes mold on towels that stay moist for long periods. It’s like an old-fashioned diaper pail. Fewer chemicals and toxins in your environment and on your body, and less waste.

    • thedetoxdiva says

      Awesome suggestion though I would prefer the thymol to the ammonia, honestly. It’s cheap and easy to find.

  60. Upeka says

    I’ve been using OCM like for a month but after a while.. I got huge pores on my face… Do I have to use a toner to close the opened pores?? And how often do you this? Thanks.. Enjoyed reading your article…

  61. as08 says

    I read your blog and find it very interesting, never thought of such a method. Cn u please help me sort out my skin issue. My skin is combination/normal to oily. I dont have acne or pimple in general. My basic problem is hyperpigmentation on forehead and cheeks. In all my face skin is darker than my neck and body. Is there any solution to the same through your above methods. Eagerly waiting for your reply.

    • thedetoxdiva says

      With the oil cleansing method there is little you can do for hyperpigmentation though I have found that the very act of balancing the skin could very well clear it up on its own. Using a mask or cream containing licorice ( I will post on this in a few days) which helps lighten pigmentation.

  62. as08 says

    Thanks for ur reply. Well there are many creams n serums available in the market with licorice, hydrquinone, kojic acid, bha’s and aha’s claiming to treat such conditions. I have already tried many. Also was scared of their side effects while using. Though things have improved a bit but not much. I wished to have something which can treat from within, some natural treatment. A complete clean and glowing skin. Hoping for some natural and ultimate way to get rid of such condition…. or any other chemical which would not have a side effect and can be used in long term. Thanx…I liked your article and ur quick reply.

    • thedetoxdiva says

      Hydroquinone is the absolute last thing you should be using. Licorice works. BHA’s and AHAs are often too harsh for treating hyperpigmentation….. Licorice is your best bet.

  63. as08 says

    ok..thanx…One more thing u hv any idea about these cosmetic lines. Such as Elizabeth Arden, it has one visible whitening range (melanin control day essence or Capsules containing Vitamin C n all). I hv heard that it works. Can u help me with that…whther I should try n use that or any other product recommended by you.

    • thedetoxdiva says

      Elizabeth Arden is full of “nasties” like parabens and other chemicals. I prefer all natural lines and no, I don’t have a specific whitening line I can recommend. The Body Deli makes an excellent Vitamin C serum that works a treat.

      • as08 says

        I have purchased ‘The Body Shop- Vitamin C Skin Boost’….is it fine?…at my place ‘The Body Deli’ products are not available. I just hope both are same.

        • thedetoxdiva says

          The Body Deli products are in California. EVERYONE orders them but they ship worldwide. Unfortunately the Body Shop still has a few nasties (after having been bought by Estee Lauder years ago) but it’s not terrible.

  64. thefrighteningone says

    I suffer from eczema on my left eyelid which makes the skin extra-sensitive and sore regardless of whatever products I use on it, even prescription ointments and creams from my GP. Is there a particular type of oil that would help to clear it up? Many thanks in advance :)

  65. says

    Hello again! So, I’ve got an update and a question. I’ve been using the OCM for 2 weeks now. The mixture recommended was 1 part castor 1 part sweet almond and 1 part jojoba. My skin has been fine up until the past few days. I’ve started to break out. Not just one of two pimples but I couple clusters. I can’t quite see them yet, but I can feel them. They’re coming. I haven’t had this many pimples all at once is a lot of years so I’m going to guess that this is my skin detoxing? I only use the OCM once a day just before bed and I’ve added a rosehip oil as a pre-bedtime treatment for my acne scars and dark spots. How long should I expect my skin to be bad for? I am starting a cleanse a week from now and I’m going to guess that that might make it even worse? Yikes.

    Also, that you so much for your amazing articles. They’ve truly opened my eyes!

    • thedetoxdiva says

      Kathie, it’s my experience the skin will detox. Be careful with that cleanse of yours because it can exacerbate things, for sure. If you break out for too long, let me know. You can do away with the almond oil and stick to the jojoba for less chances of breakouts. The rosehip oil is an EXCELLENT addition. How long you draw out impurities is not something I can say BUT I would say if, in a month, your skin is still having issues, you need to come back to me and let me look at what you are doing and what we can do to change things.

  66. Azlec says

    Hey I recently started this ocm method and I’m Into my third night, I use just pure Virgin oil and it seems to be fine for my oily skin. Doesn’t feel dry or oily after it actually feels refreshing i have broken out a bit but not a lot surprisingly with oily skin i haven’t been the kind to breakout at all so this is the most i have gotten since i can ever remember but anyways I was wondering what procedures to do when I wake up. I was thinking of using my cetaphil facial cleanser but I’m still not sure about it. Also I’m a guy and I’m thinking of using this for shaving too, would I use it before or after I shave?

    • thedetoxdiva says

      I think you could use it for shaving as I know many men do…. You would naturally have a little left over after shaving for a moisturized face!

      • Azlec says

        Okay so I’m guessing do the ocm after i shave? Not to sound too time consuming or anything but some of my questions didn’t get answered and also I have a little bit of dark spots on my cheeks I assume its from the sun, will this process help elimaminate these spots?

  67. Hazel says

    Hi Jackie,I started the OCM sometime in March when I first tried the OCM for about 15 days using almond oil and 10 percent castor oil and I didnt see any difference on my clean and clear skin instead it turned really dry,dark and dull.I then replaced the almond oil with jojoba oil mixed with little castor oil.Tried this for 2 days and I had an office outing that day so I did the OCM in the evening and followed up with some \’The Body Shop\’ moisturizer and some make up.Ever since then I have ruined my skin getting red non itchy rashes all over my cheeks. These non itchy rashes are red, some containing black heads and some white heads.I tried all sorts of home remedies like turmeric,neem, lime juice,besan etc but they just dont seem to go away.I finally visited a Skin Specialist who gave me some antibiotics (6 day course) but the rashes have just become less and have not gone away completely.Some of them have disapperared and have left scars behind.It\’s been over 6 months now and I am not getting to a permanant solution to get rid of them completely.One doc suggested to go in for some treatment where they pluck these bumps with some device and have promised that there wouldn\’t be any scars left behind after the procedure but I really dont want to worsen things.I am really depressed and shattered and dont even look at my skin in the mirror.Any help would be much appreciated Jackie.Thanks!

    • thedetoxdiva says

      I wish I could tell you why you have had this experience. What I know now after months of studying the effects of nut and seed oils is many people cannot tolerate them so perhaps when you were using the almond you couldn’t tolerate such a high rancidity oil. Perhaps you needed to either cut the castor oil down more or increase it slightly. You more than likely were not using a hot enough (hot enough where you almost can’t stand it) water and pressing it enough. Most women make the mistake of wiping and that leaves too much debris behind. Rashes are never good but many many people are walking around with a nut/seed intolerance that shows even when you use oils topically.
      For these instances, if this is the case, using a rich emollient such as avocado oil seems to work or using rosehip or argan oil in place of jojoba or almond often works. It sounds to me though like you tried to make too many changes too soon, for example the bodyshop moisturizer which you should not have been using. What you are describing isn’t “the norm” so perhaps you just need to abandon the OCM and try a very gentle coconut oil derived soap.

  68. Hazel says

    I stopped the OCM ages ago when I broke out. Any recommendations/suggestions on how I could get rid of these rashes permanantly?I’ve tried so many herbal soaps and creams and even Azithromycin antibiotics but none of these worked for me.At this point I am just conecentrating on clearing up the rash as I cannot exfoliate my skin or do anything at all at the moment due to this condition..

    • thedetoxdiva says

      Try aloe and witch hazel. Also, go and find a practitioner who does oxygen facials and have her spray your face with oxygen. If it is that bad, you may have to consult a dermatologist.

  69. Hazel says

    My neighbour has the aloe vera plant in her garden so I will ask her for some. Should I try applying a mixture of witch hazel and aloe and for how long should I try it…a month….15 days??or is there an ETA. Also I know some doctors who do peels , is this the same as an oxygen facial? Sorry for too many questions.

    • thedetoxdiva says

      I am talking about specifically the use of oxygen. It is not the same as a peel. And try the witch hazel and aloe until works. I am not a psychic to give you an ETA, sorry. :)

  70. Hazel says

    Also, I live in India and am not sure if I could get witch hazel in its purest form here.But I will still try to find out.

    • thedetoxdiva says

      I don’t know how to help there…. You can find very little pure and natural there…. Try some of the bigger more reputable pharmacies.

  71. says

    Hi Jacky!

    So, I’ve now been using the OCM for about 5 weeks. My breakouts haven’t gotten too much worse, but they haven’t stopped yet either. Just wondering what your advice would be? I’m not sure if you remember but just to refresh your memory I’ve been using a mixture of castor, jojoba and almond oil for the past 5 weeks on my previously dry and clear skin which has now turned oily and acne prone. The dry to oily change happened before I started the OCM, possibly due to a change in diet from junk to more healthy and organic whole foods. I’ve read that coconut oil can help with acne. Is that something that I can try? Is so, how would I use it? At this point I am looking for something to clear up my acne and then get back to my previous problem of dark acne spots and some pock marks as well. For the past 3 weeks, I’ve also been using rosehip oil as a moisturizer after cleansing. Please advise. Thanks so much for your help.

    • thedetoxdiva says

      Honestly, it depends on lifestyle. If you wear makeup, you could do it every day. You being acne prone should use a lighter oil like jojoba with castor.

  72. meg says

    i’ve been using the OCM for a little over a week now (half castor oil/ half avocado oil/ few drops neem oil). i do notice that clogged pores along my jaw line & nose have significantly been reduced. however, i’m breaking out more than ever before around my cheeks! help please!!

  73. Elissa says

    Hi Jacqueline! So today I started OCM, let\’s see how it goes. I do not wear much makeup, just eyeshadow, mascara, lip gloss and a little blush (I have never been very interested in lathering on foundation and then powders), so maybe my detox period won\’t be too long.I also found free range eggs in the supermarket today and you are so right, the difference in the yolk\’s colour is amazing! XoElissa

  74. Hazel says

    Hi Jackie,

    I tried the aloe vera-witch hazel mask but it didn\’t work, even tried some aspirin tablets mixed with water after reading the benefits of salicylic acid but that was of no use at all. I went to a dermat and he said that these are closed comedones and that I would have to undergo a procedure where they would remove the stuff from the clogged pore with a comedone extractor.Do you have any idea about this procedure and its after effects, would it leave any scars or would the wounds not heal and worsen the condition.I am a bit curious or rather worried about its after effects.Is there an alternative treatment that you know of that could cure this.any help would be appreciated.Thanks!

    • thedetoxdiva says

      Closed comedones WILL open given the right care. I have no idea why you are having so many issues but I wouldn’t go for anything using an extractor as it can damage blood vessels. I would recommend highly the May Lindstrom Problem Solver Mask for absorbing all those problem comedones before you result to a tool that will damage your vessels.

      • Hazel says

        Is there a product by Kama Ayurveda or any other good brand in India that could help restore mys skin’s condition getting it back to normal.

  75. Becca says

    Hi! I’ve been using the OCM for about a month now and I’ve noticed my pores seem to be much larger on my cheeks than they were before. Should this go away? Would you recommend I try something different. I started with castor oil and olive oil (1 part castor and 2 parts olive) and then switched from olive oil to sunflower oil. I am sure to wipe the oil away after I’ve steamed my face with the hot washcloth. I find I still need to add more oil/natural moisturizer after that or my skin feels a bit tight. Any suggestions would be much appreciated! All the best.

    • thedetoxdiva says

      I think a month is WAY too soon to be giving up but I would definitely not be using sunflower oil. Grapeseed oil is about the highest PUFA oil I would consider use and never ever wipe the oil. Always press. Your skin needs time to adjust. It’s coming winter so I would avoid using a whole lot of castor oil, rather a dash in a carrier oil like jojoba or plain EVOO.

  76. says

    hi, i\’ve been ocm for months…. will use your tips now to improve my method. i would like to know if it is ok to oil cleanse morning and night….. if not what can i use in the morning…. i am done with products… threw them all away months ago.

    • thedetoxdiva says

      I don’t believe if you use the OCM at night your face needs it in the morning. I generally spritz on some rosewater. IF I feel a little gritty or in need of some exfoliation, I have a clay cleanser I love or the new Lollique natural organic products I adore or a really simple coconut based cleanser.

  77. Anon says


    I have lovely skin with an oily T-zone but luckily have no problem of pimples,blemishes and breakouts except for maybe 2-3 in a month which go away on their own. I have been reading alot about the OCM and am okay with the oil cleansing capabilities of essential oils and how they deep clean from right below the pores but was a bit concerned about the steaming part-wouldn’t steam used either everyday or every other day damage the skin in the long run.It may shine for a few months but what about later, probably after a year or two or maybe more.Steaming could burn the skin after prolonged use or even burst the facial capillaries and veins.Again Im no expert or professional in this field but was just curious before trying this technique although I would definitely be using the oils on my skin , I am 31 now and wouldn’t want to regret later.

    • thedetoxdiva says

      I’m in no way condoning using piping hot scalding water. In fact, I say use the hottest water you can stand (to leave on your face for a few minutes at a time) which would be hot but not hot enough to break capillaries. (I am prone to broken capillaries and have never broken one with this method). You do, however, need to use hot enough water to dissolve the majority of the oil. The oil is heat protective as well.

  78. says

    Acne is something that runs in my family, and I’ve been hit with it my whole life. I have oily skin. I was on Proactive for years. I stopped using it in April, after I stopped wearing chemical laden deodorant, in the search for natural things in my life. While on Proactive, my face was mostly clear, but as I researched the negative effects of it, and found that it strips your skin of everything it has, and turns it into a desert. This is why my face went nuts after stopping it. I used natural bottled products for a while, and it got worse and worse. One day, I stumbled upon the OCM online. I’ve been using it for a month. I started with a higher ratio of sunflower oil than castor oil, but now I’ve cut down the sunflower, turned up the castor, and added a drop of tea tree. I can honestly say that my skin looks better than it has…ever. I do still break out a little, but just mostly on my forehead, and side of my face. My skin looks very smooth and clean in the clear areas. I think most of my breakouts are hormonal at this point. When I stopped eating gluten, and taking Omegas and Vitamin A, Selenium, and E, I’ve noticed a huge difference. Now if I could only cut out the sugar and dairy, I think I will look and feel even better. With a little patience, the OCM works! :)

    • thedetoxdiva says

      You don’t have to (I don’t even recommend) cut sugar, just the rubbish food that contains it… Some homemade food containing sugar is actually pro-thyroid and thyroid has a lot to do with clear skin. As far as dairy, cut the rubbish dairy and switch to raw!

  79. says

    Ello. Great site you have here. I am learning so much. Just one question, when we put the hot cloth over our face do we actually rub it gently to remove the oil and impurities Or just place it over my face. Just a bit confused. Thanks. :)

    • thedetoxdiva says

      Summaiya, the first and second time you kind of just press it in to let the oil emulsify and “melt” so to speak. The next few times you rub it gently to remove the impurities.

  80. Babs says

    I have uneven skin tone and my chin area, especially the sides are dark. I find that when I use a muslin cloth my skin gets irritated and I come out with peeling skin. I do not suffer from spots or pimples. I have used Ocm in the past but used coconut oil, no wonder my skin was drying out. What oils would suit me? If it’s evoo would it be the one you buy from the health shop or the one you have at home for cooking also, can I put Eucalyptus essential oil with it. I seem to like the smell of this. I have in the past used cleanse and polish and eve lom but found that it irritated me and the muslin cloth made it eorse when I was remving and rubbing. Please let me know what oils I would benefit from and a mktning routine. Many thans

    • thedetoxdiva says

      EVOO is the one you cook with, not one you buy from a health food store. I would try sweet almond oil and castor. Eve Lom is petroleum based so no wonder it irritated. Eucalyptus oil is murder on the eyes. I know this from experience! You have to play around with the ratio of castor to almond but usually start with 1:3 castor to almond.

  81. Jackie says

    Oooh I SO want to try this but I have a question….I workout like a beast twice a day, I typically wash my face in the morning, after my morning workout, after I shower from my evening workout, and then again before bed…only because my doctor has me on a Rx for some Melasma (booooooo!) that I am supposed to use at night, but I am finding the older I get that my skin is just not being as accepting of all the Rx I am slung. How many times per day would you recommend one could use this method?

    • thedetoxdiva says

      I would recommend it only once a day. I would use a non-PUFA rich oil like jojoba or EVOO. Which medication does your doctor have you on for melasma? There aren’t that many that actually work (if any) and many actually cause MORE melasma in the long run.

  82. Deidre says

    I have always had a difficult time with acne. Now as an adult I still struggle with it. I’ve used lots of different face systems and am trying to get as natural as possible. I found a system that I liked and they changed their formula which has caused my eczema to flair up. I’m going to try using the OCM Method but I’m not ready to do it right now. I want to do it while I’m on vacation so if I break out the whole world won’t see me. :) I’m trying to go as organic as I can. Can you suggest a system that works with adult acne that is as close to organic as possible?

    PS I just switched to the Body Deli hair care system and so far I LOVE it!

    • thedetoxdiva says

      A system? Hmmm. I would say One Love Organics would be organic, good for acne, and not have to worry about the breakouts. Their balm and their gel cleanser (it is a double cleansing method but I love it) work well together. Elizabeth Dehn makes a couple cleansers and toners for acne you might like on that site. Nutrisorb A is a great supplement for acne and make sure you are, with all that stress in your life, keeping your estrogen as low as possible!

      • Deidre says

        Thanks for the reply and especially the prayers. We really appreciate them! I’ve ordered One Love Organics so I’ll try that. I will check into the Nutrisorb A. Good point on the estrogen. I’m on bioidentical hormones and just did a recheck to make sure my estrogen is at the right level since it tends to run high. One other question I have for you is regarding Essential Oils. I’m wondering what your thoughts are on them regarding healing (internal/external) and if you use them what brand you use? Thanks in advance for your help!

        • thedetoxdiva says

          I see some value but I don’t put a whole lot of stock in them as a method of healing per se. I know certain oils attract me, certain ones provoke negative reactions as well. I do use them but I don’t use one particular brand as there is no one particular brand that has the best of everything. Jasmine, for example, is incredibly difficult to source and there are only a handful of brands that I choose to use for it.

  83. Deidre says

    One more thing…I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate your blog. I’m a single mom with a child with Leukemia so I don’t have much time to research. I’m trying to go as green/organic as possible so our environment is healthier for both of us. You’ve saved me so much time. Thank You!

    • thedetoxdiva says

      Bless your child and you as you navigate this path. I hope you are surrounded with so much healing light and I am adding you to my prayers! While I never claim to be able to heal cancer, I can tell you, keeping chemicals to a bare minimum as well as STRESS (where possible) is the best and fastest way to healing! I wish you and your little angel peace and health!

    • thedetoxdiva says

      Try jojoba or macadamia nut oil as a much better, low in PUFA alternative. A little rosehip oil added to the carrier is a much better way to go.

  84. Christina says

    I have been using the OCM for about a week now, and my skin has become very dry and flaky, particularly in my T-zone. I have been using one part castor oil to two parts jojoba oil at night. Any recommendations? Is this all part of the adjustment process? Should I try an exfoliant, or just stick it out with the oil?

    • thedetoxdiva says

      Stick it out with the oil and back the castor oil down to 1/2 part to very little. That will stop the drying. Make sure you are steaming your face with the cloth 4-5 times before wiping!

  85. Tamara says

    I have melasma on my face and am wondering if this method would work for me? I have combination skin.. From my nose up is oily and mouth to chin is dry. The melasma is around my mouth and it is very dark. Please, any suggestions are welcome!

    • thedetoxdiva says

      This method would work for you. I will tell you it won’t help with the melasma but licorice root will help with that. Try jojoba oil with a TOUCH of castor.

  86. Tamara says

    Ok thanks for your response! What type of licorice root? Poweder, serum? And would i apply directly to the maelasma? I also read that pure lemon juice can used by putting it on a cotton ball. Also mix lemon juice and olive oil and dab on the spots. Your thoughts?

  87. Victoria says

    I have been using the OCM for almost 2 weeks and just starting 2 days ago my skin is starting to get little red bumps everywhere! I have heard of this happening but it is starting so late in the process. I started with 1 part castor oil and 2 parts sunflower seed oil. Then I added 1 part jojoba oil but felt the whole mixture was during so I went to about 3-4 parts sunflower seed oil and 1 part castor. Then my skin felt perfect afterwards and in no need of a moisturizer. The only reason I tried the method is because I wanted to do something natural but my skin had no issues at all beforehand so now I am frustrated. I really want to stick with it and hope it gets better. I thought I was clogging my pores so added more castor oil but after reading I am thinking that will make the bumps worse! Is this just the castor oil pulling out impurities? Also before I started this I had been using an oil of Olay gentle face wash and oil of Olay regenerist moisturizer for years. I wanted to stop having to pay 30 dollars a bottle for moisturizer! I think I have combination skin but a little more dry these days. I have been rubbing in a drop of tea tree oil on my face for the past day now as well.

    • thedetoxdiva says

      PLEASE stop the sunflower seed oil and use a little less castor and a lot more jojoba or other non-PUFA oil. The red bumps can be an allergy to the actual seed oil! Try that and see if it gets better!

  88. Mercedes Bauman says

    So, I used coconut oil alone for about a year but in the past couple months it’s been too heavy and sinking into the the lines of my skin. And now I’ve been using olive oil for the past two nights; it seemed to leave dry patches on my face. So, I tried more olive oil and leaving it on longer, and sudden little red, hot spots appeared on my face. But I’ve liked olive oil better, on how it looks on my face but am I allergic? I’ve switched back to coconut oil and I’m still not liking it…:(

    • thedetoxdiva says

      It doesn’t sound like an allergy to any oil but it does sound like the olive oil might not agree with your skin. You might want to try jojoba oil which matches the sebum of your skin.

  89. Adriana says

    I started this method a few days ago. I think I need to adjust my oils because my skin is drier than I would have thought. I love the process though!

    Ive heard of using freshly brewed coffee grounds for exfoliating. What do you think of the oils in the grounds and as an exfoliant?

    • thedetoxdiva says

      I don’t store my oils in the refrigerator but in a cool dark place and always in an amber bottle. If you don’t have an amber UV bottle, storing it in the refrigerator is a good idea. Using mono and more saturated fat is also more protective than using a polyunsaturated oil.

  90. Lori Young says


    My teenage daughter gets pityrosporum “yeast” bumps on her face and back, in addition to breakouts on her t-zone. Would the oil cleansing method work for the yeast? Anything else you would recommend?


    • thedetoxdiva says

      I would recommend neem oil but that is the only oil and not as an OCM but as a topical application. I would urge you to have her take salt baths and get some sun (without sunscreen) as well. The three provide a pretty good approach to ridding yeast bumps but remember, her diet matters too. Have her ONLY do fruit as sugar (can use a bit of honey or maple syrup too but only a bit) and do healthy fats like avocados and coconut oil and now would be a good time to fall in love with turmeric because it is a very potent anti-inflammatory. In fact, you can, as a topical treatment, mix a turmeric paste with a few drops of neem oil, spread it on her breakouts and leave on for 20 minutes. Rinse off.

  91. Misty says

    Hello da detox diva!
    I just read your blog it was very informative..and please please relpy i can find no answer for it..and im going to go a bit in detail so bare with me!
    I have dry skin ..never had a break out my 26 years of life i mean one or two maybe and i had black heads on my nose..but otherwise clear skin..but recently i gained weight and i work out 2 hours straight in gym and they have steam room..oh i have big pores i guess and i was scared to take steam sauna..but my gym instructor suggested that i take the steam sauna for 10 minutes and said my pores wont be a problem..but i have breakouts in my face after the steam not just the face but a little my back and a hell lot on my butt! What should i i stop using steam sauna all together or could i exfoiliate then use oil then go take sauna for 10 minutes..n i have like two big red break out under my skin on my cheek and chin and small red dot like on the cheek aroud the nose it because my skin is heat sensetive? Before sauna after workout my skin looked great!One of my sisters told its cause we get gamachi cause of humid heat weather condition in our country( the reason people in our country use prickly heat power) anyways i never had that i dont know please please help?!oh i have neem and tulsi tree in my house and tredationaly my mom and i use oil to clean our make from Bangladesh!

    • says

      It sounds to me as if the steam sauna in your gym may not be the cleanest. I recommend you not sitting down for sure. I would make sure you are exfoliating well before your sauna if you insist on taking the sauna and yes, putting a little coconut oil on the area CAN protect your skin but I don’t think it is necessary. Your skin may be purging after the steam though so you may want to exfoliate well, spend a little time in the sauna, get out, take a cold plunge or shower and see if that doesn’t help.

      • Misty says

        Yeey you replyed! Thanks a lot…i took sauna today for 10 mins before that got a neem soap bar and cleaned my self and put some kali zera oil (black cumin seed oil) on my face and back then exfoliated my slf with a herbal scrub after the sauna!then came home and applied ice on my face and then uptan all over my body and took it off with olive oil then took a shower again..fingures crossed i hope i did the right thing??..and i wont sit for face still feels warm more question ..should i take the sauna regularly?once again.. Thanks a lot for your reply..xoxo

  92. Reshma says


    I really liked your site.I have been suffering from serious ageing signs on my face plus large pores and black heads also…;i have tried out several creams and many…but no results at all. i look 25 years older than what i am(I’m from India and 27 years old,F)..Will sesame oil massage permanently prevent the fine lines on my fore head ,deep laughing lines and eye bags?If yes,then how long do i need to practice?i have used coconut oil but it made the situation very worse(pores became even bigger(I’m not much aware of other oils mentioned on this site)…Actually i was thinking of chemical peeling…which method is better? ).feeling disappointed………Please suggest me a solution

    Thanks in advance

    • says

      Honestly, no, sesame oil or any oil for that matter will permanently prevent lines but keeping your diet clean, using the oil cleansing method with pure oils (coconut is not indicated for large pores but jojoba might be a better choice), water, sleep, will brighten your complexion. Chemical peeling is not really a good thing because they are very temporary. Laser might be a good option though.

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