Dear Diet Industry,

It just galls me the amount of sheer garbage that churns out of your industry.  Every single day there are at least 20 new “hot” diet books, pills and potions promising to make someone “lose weight fast with no effort” and possibly .  I understand you are an industry and it’s your job to make as much money as humanly (and inhumanely) possible.  You are an industry after all; just like the pharmaceutical industry.

I just wish you could actually, for once, care, at least a little about the women (and men and children) who buy your crap products hook line and sinker and keep coming back for more because, when the latest book, pill or potion fails to keep the weight off you will come out with a way to rebrand the product or diet and, thanks to the ever growing functionality of Photoshop, provide glowing testimonials with ever more sensational “before” and “after” photos which will have people flocking to try it. That, or you will slap some doctor’s name looking for his 15 minutes of fame on it or, better yet, pay Dr. Oz to whore  endorse it on his show.

You’ll make millions until the masses catch on that MAYBE your ideas aren’t so miraculous and it is off to find the next latest and greatest secret cure all from the Amazonian forest.  Açai berry or Green Coffee anyone??

Oh and let’s talk about your the fact that you splash pictures of supermodels the size of stick insects all over God’s green earth letting women know that these images are the only pictures of beauty that matter.  Anything else is just substandard.  “But WE have a product or diet book that promises to make you look you just stepped off of the cover of Sport’s Illustrated in just five weeks!”   Never mind you are gluten intolerant. Eat your whole grains.  Forget that you are hypothyroid.  Drink your green smoothies.  Organic?  That’s just a stepping stone.  It’s better to buy our prepackaged “foods” that promise you just the right starvation, er, number of calories and all with really strong preservatives to make sure you can keep them forever.  Why not buy in bulk?  Close to menopause?  We have tons of phytoestrogens in the form of soy isolates and texturized soy protein!

Have you no shame?  1200 calorie diets full of cold cellulose laden salads and fibrous whole grains, little protein (or protein and nothing else with no emphasis on the quality of protein emphasizing tasteless boneless skinless chicken breasts). Camps are usually split into no fats or vegetable fats only.  Butter is a dirty word.  Sugar is put into the same category of heroine and no sugars escape vilification.  Whole entire macronutrient groups are eradicated.  If that’s not bad enough, you promise that if they weigh out exactly the right proportions they never have to count a calorie again.

Really guys?  You take beautiful women and gorgeous men who probably used to LOVE real food and your single goal in life seems to be making them feel bad about who they are; to confuse them so much with dietary jargon and theory that they are scared to put any morsel of food in their mouth without running to the internet to see if it’s “safe”.  Even if they see it’s safe there are 5 other sites telling them about the evils of that particular food.

You would think I would be happy that your industry exists because it ensures that I have a job after you screw up their metabolisms, kill their thyroids, eradicate their hormones (and banish their libido in the process) and put their adrenals into hyper drive.  The problem is by the time they get to me, I have the difficult, if not impossible task of treating not only their physical symptoms but the emotional issues of disordered eating.  None of them have the slightest idea of what to eat, and this I get because you are so busy spinning the wheel of misinformation.  Worse than this, they have no idea of how to eat.  They have no idea food can be pleasurable, instead of a guilt ridden journey where every bite they put into their mouths brings fear and self-loathing (and usually sends them off on a binge because you have told them if they fall off the bandwagon, they can just start again the next day).  By the time they get to me, the mere thought of needing to and being able to eat natural sugars sends them into shock and telling them butter can be healing is enough to launch anxiety attacks losing a job doesn’t cause.

The disordered eating, the fear of food, and worse, the fear of any trace of fat has killed any sense of feeling beautiful women have because “a size 6 is the new 14”.  I weep for our little girls growing up in your clutches, encouraging negative body image, feeding the fears of never being “enough” while inflating the hopes of achieving “perfection” all the while decimating metabolism and setting the body up for degenerative dis-ease having a metabolic dysfunction ensures.  You probably are slapping each other on the backs congratulating each other at the growing number of people that suffer from eating disorders and body dysmorphic syndrome; beautiful girls and handsome boys to begin with that have no clue just how gorgeous they are just as they are!

If anyone in the diet industry is reading this, YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED!!  If you are on the diet roller coaster falling for every new promise of the perfect body, please, I beg you, get help before it is too late.  Seek help in learning to make friends with food again.  Allow your body to heal from digestive tract damage these diets cause, allow your body to relearn how to detox naturally, and get to know the pleasures of healthy, nourishing food that nurtures your soul.