Hear me out with this infographic.  I am NOT suggesting you cut out your vegetables or even your fruits.  (I am not even suggesting you limit most of them!)  I am not suggesting you eat half a cow a day nor do I honestly believe unlimited bacon and cheese is particularly healthy for anyone. (Having said that,  if it is raw milk cheese coming from grass fed cows, goats or sheep and bacon from pigs that are allowed to forage, not fed on grain and the meat not treated with nitrates can be part of a healthy eating plan and can actually have a positive effect on metabolism.) I am not in love or even infatuated with The Atkins Diet and really thought hard about posting the infographic because of the reference made to it’s metabolic effects.

As I said in yesterday’s post The Whole Grain Myth:: An Insulin Nightmare, the body’s preferred fuel IS, in fact, glucose, so cutting out nutrient dense vegetables and, even worse, fruit, is cutting out an entire macronutrient.  The problem is, instead of getting our glucose from fruits and vegetables we are getting the majority of our glucose from starchy carbohydrates, namely grains and those grains convert directly to glucose and, much of the time, those grains, especially when in the presence of other sugar (cakes, cookies, pastries) and polyunsaturated fats (those prevent glucose from entering the cells), which is just pouring more glucose into the system and setting off all kinds of insulin spikes because the glucose can’t even get into the cell to create energy.  It’s enough to send you screaming down the hall……..straight to the refrigerator…..right??

I decided to post this because, overall, it is a pretty good infographic about HOW eating certain carbs  (namely STARCH) cause you to gain weight.  I won’t beat a dead horse and remind you that the super gluten and anti-nutrients present in grains cause all kinds of havoc on your immune system, adrenals, liver, and pretty much every other system in your body.  Oh…. well, maybe a few kicks more.

Which of these pictures actually LOOK happier and healthier to you?

nutrient dense All Carbs are NOT Created Equal All Carbs are NOT Created Equal nutrient dense1



nutrient poor diet All Carbs are NOT Created Equal All Carbs are NOT Created Equal nutrient poor1

Although the infographic doesn’t go deep enough as to dealing with why (certain) fats aren’t the enemy, I am not terribly bothered because you know, at some point, in the very near future, I will.  And oh will I ever!  Until then, understand me.  I am NOT telling you to cut carbs, per se.  Eat your veggies, your fruit, drink your orange juice (with a pinch of salt and maybe some gelatin for good measure).

If you feel the need to ingest grains, try quinoa (rinsed), or buckwheat (roasted), or even oats soaked overnight in a little milk (and not nut milk either) or lemon juice.  If you don’t do dairy, you could try a little whey (which should not aggravate lactose intolerance) or just water with a little lemon juice or apple cider vinegar.