5 Popular Diet Myths Debunked

5 Diet Myths Debunked

I think my head is going to explode today.  I just sat through a monster 8 hour session with no less than 7 so called nutrition experts and, you know what???  They all had different opinions about what makes up good nutrition!  There were the adamant Paleotards (and I forgot where I heard that but it is absolutely brilliant!), the raw foodies, the raw food vegans, the “blend absolutely everythings” ….I mean I won’t bore you with all the “isms” going on in that room today.  {See When Food Becomes a Religion for more on why I despise partisan nutritics} What I did notice was there were a lot of really brilliant experts, with their own reasons behind what they believed in, missing a lot of points.

The fact is, there are many “fads” floating about and new ones (or recycled ones) that come out every day.  There is an awful lot of “in vitro” methodology regarding diet; a lot of isolationism regarding nutrition.  Today we debunk some of the most common myths.

1. Eggs are the enemy.  The next time someone orders an egg white omelette in a buffet line at breakfast I swear I am going to turn around and tell him to just open a vein.  It will make dying faster!  The reason for the egg white only omelette?  Cholesterol!!  The evil of evils!  Are you not thinking it too?  Guess what my beauties.  Cholesterol is your friend!  Your body needs cholesterol.   It needs good cholesterol from monounsaturated fat sources like olives and olive oil, macadamia, and avocado, and saturated fat sources from medium chain fatty acids like coconut oil, grass-fed ghee, and real butter from grass-fed cows (butter is yellow, people!).  These sources are the foundation of your HDL or High Density Lipoproteins. GOOD Cholesterol.

Side note:: Saturated fats have become the nutrition villains of the media when, in reality, they are necessary to the body as carriers for important fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E and K, and required for the conversion of carotene to vitamin A, for mineral absorption, and for a host of other biological, hormonal, and enymatic processes.  Caprilyic acid is a useful antiviral agent.  Lauric acid is useful as  anticaries, antiplaque and anti-fungal agents. They are all the building blocks of cell membranes and a host of other vital functions in the human body.  It is polyunsaturated fat (PUFAs) which can also be transfats (hydrogenated, chemically derived) such as ground nut, safflower, canola, and “vegetable oils” with their long chain fatty acids, being very hard for the body to break down, use pancreatic enzymes and bile to break down and what doesn’t break down circulates the body and builds up in arterial and vessel walls. (Causing plaque.)  These raise overall cholesterol numbers, specifically LDL (Low Density Lipoprotein)  or BAD cholesterol numbers.

Triglycerides store fat and are used by the body to create energy and serve as building blocks for cells. While they come from the fats in foods, they are also made in the liver from carbohydrates and proteins. Although the body needs some triglycerides , high levels in the blood can be a serious health problem and a risk factor for heart disease. High triglycerides can most often be seen in obese people but also in thin people who have “fat” around their organs.  Estrogen dominance is a HUGE factor in the raising of triglyceride levels as excess estrogen is often stored in fat cells. This is a simplistic explanation that we will delve into in subsequent posts.

So let me break down why cholesterol is your friend.  Cholesterol is the precursor to pregnenolone which is the precursor to many “sex” hormones, notably progesterone.  T3 which is converted from T4  (So this tells you that having a healthy thyroid is a really important function to have considering progesterone is considered to be the youth and fertility hormone.)  Without enough cholesterol, libido drops in both men and women, premature aging occurs, walls of arteries become weakened (causing increased risk of stroke), and even increase the risk of developing Alzheimer’s or severe depression due to impaired brain function.

Bottom line.  Banish anything made from Crisco or Wesson, pass on the organic sunflower or canola oil because you think it is somehow healthier because it isn’t GMO.  Eat pastured eggs INCLUDING the dark yellow yolk (and if it doesn’t have a dark yellow yolk, toss it away), coconut oil, yellow butter, grass-fed ghee, and macadamia nuts.  Eat avocados.  Eat within reason.  An avocado, a handful of macadamia nuts, a tablespoon of ghee, maybe a tablespoon of coconut oil or, better yet, some whole coconut.  The good thing about cholesterol and healthy fats is they increase your satiety level and keep you full longer.

2.  Green Juices are the cure all. Are you waiting for the “not” in that sentence?   I love my green smoothies but where most people go horribly wrong is in two areas.  One, they overload on fruit.  With an apple, a pear, maybe some mango, kiwi, and throw in a few bananas while adding a handful of spinach or two, day in and day out, this is just overloading on a good thing.  You will soon see why a little fruit with the right combination of protein and fat can tame the effects of cortisol (thus easing adrenal fatigue symptoms),  kick your metabolism into high gear, increase insulin sensitivity, and rev up your thyroid.  A lot of fruit is still too much of a good thing that the body cannot utilize.

The second mistake people make with green smooothies is using too many or not rotating their greens!!  Dark green leafy vegetables are full of essential macro and micronutrients along with trace minerals. Some are also full of oxalic acid which can bind to calcium and either rid the body of necessary calcium or even cause calcium oxalate kidney stones.  (It should be noted that animal proteins along with many other plant sources contain oxalates, some, in certain people with certain genetic or other physical dispositions to certain conditions will exacerbate those conditions.  These oxalates do not affect every single person across the board or even the same way in those that are predisposed to conditions exacerbated by oxalic acid.)  Spinach, chard, and mature beet greens have the highest oxalic acid content out of all the edible greens.  (Rhubarb leaves have such a high concentration they are inedible and poisonous.)  Because oxalic acid is not neutralized in these raw greens, calcium is not as bio-available as calcium in, let’s say, dairy.  (You would have to eat 16 cups of raw spinach to get the same amount of calcium absorption as in 1 cup of yogurt.)  Cooking seems to neutralize these oxalic acids and makes the absorption of calcium much easier.  A delicious way to get your calcium would be to saute a little spinach in ghee and garlic and then sprinkle it with a little parmesan cheese.

Some green leafy vegetables have compounds that are “goitrogentric” or suppress thyroid hormone production.  Understand, unless you have a preexisting thyroid condition and do not have an iodine deficiency (which is what amplifies the effect of the goitrogenic compounds), a reasonable amount, for instance a bunch of bok choy or a cup or two of broccoli should not hurt but broccoli, having some of the highest amounts of these compounds, should never be juiced if you have any kind of thyroid condition, and, in my opinion, should not be juiced at all.   Cooking seems to neutralize the compounds (called isothiocyanates) and broccoli should always be cooked.

Plant family greens chart

Greens should be rotated, and not just within families of greens (see above chart).  For instance, if you are using kale in your smoothie one day, use chard the next, and skip the greens the next day and add a bunch of parsley instead.  Romaine lettuce is a great alternative to more anti-nutrient heavy greens and should be added to your rotation or even added more often to “dumb down” the effects of anti-nutrients while boosting mineral content, and then sip them slowly “chewing” them to aid in digestion.

3.  Soy as a sinner or a savior.  We have discussed the problems and perks with regards to ingesting soy in Soy:: The Good, the Bad, and The Truth but truly, though soy, when improperly prepared (read…RAW) is a goitrogenic nightmare on par with some dark green leafy vegetables, it is, in my opinion, fine IN SMALL AMOUNTS in a healthy person with balanced metabolism and estrogen when fermented or otherwise properly prepared in its whole state.  Some people have a problem with soy.  If you look carefully, they probably have an underlying thyroid and/or estrogen dominance issue as well.  (And it may not help that these problems may have been brought on by the overabundance of soy isolates in every processed food on the market that we have been exposed to as a general population all our lives.)

Soy is, indeed, a source of phytoestrogens and, as more and more women (and men) are coming up estrogen dominant, minimizing exposure to ALL xenoestrogens (including phytoestrogens) until a balance has been achieved is preferable.  But hear me when I say this.  Grapefruit, flax, chia, sesame, (anything with lignans or lectins) all nuts, all grains, most legumes (if not all) and many vegetables have some, if not high phytoestrogen activity.  It is oversimplistic to say soy is the great evil when you realize that flax contains 379,380 mcg per 100 mg and soy has a mere 103,920 mcg. per 100 mg.  When you factor in that most soy is GMO, yes, it becomes a lot more sinister, but to vilify it for it’s phytoestrogenic qualities alone is a problem.

It is also not the great savior.  Estrogen, in improper amounts, (especially when it is supposed to be minimized during a woman’s cycle in favor of progesterone) wastes nutrients, and suppresses thyroid production (and low thyroid increases estrogen dominance as estrogen, not “pushed through” proper detox channels in the liver can produce pro-inflammatory prostaglandins that create more estrogen.)

4.  Sugar is the enemy/ All sugars are created equal.  First let’s talk about the difference in ALL carbohydrates.   There are monosaccharides like glucose (blood sugar), fructose(fruit sugar not to be confused with High Fructose Corn Syrup) and galactose; disaccharides like sucrose, which is a bond between two sugars (glucose+fructose) (glucose+galactose); finally, polysaccharides  which are many sugars bonded together (starch is a bunch of glucose molecules bonded together and cellulose which is a lot more glucose molecules bonded together.) Any carbohydrate bigger than a simple singular monosaccharide cannot be directly utilized by the body and must therefore be broken down into monosaccharides.  Our bodies secrete enzymes for this: lactase to breakdown (digest) lactose, sucrase to breakdown sucrose, amylase to break down starch, and so on….

Sugar is a disaccharide (glucose and fructose making sucrose) while fruit is a singular monosaccharide.  After these sugars are all digested, it is the balanced of the types of the monosaccharides that determines whether cellular respiration will be healthy and complete or we nourish or damage our metabolisms.

Cells require glucose for fuel therefore glucose is not the enemy when the carbohydrates, including fruit, are kept within range of what the body can and needs to utilize to function at a healthy level.  In order for the thyroid to  convert T4 to T3 properly and allow that T3 to convert cholesterol to pregnenolone  (to convert it to lovely sex hormones later) the cells need glucose.  Most people vilify fructose (fruit sugar) wrongly.  Fructose, when eaten as fruit, in its whole form, does not store as fat. Quite the contrary, it does not cause the insulin reaction/spike glucose does, therefore eating ripe fruit in its whole form, in sane amounts (a few pieces a day) will supply the body with the fuel it needs. Fruit juices (namely orange juice)  Fruits and fruit juices (namely fresh orange juice), in small amount, help balance blood sugar and calm the adrenal glands. If you add 1/4 to 1/2 tsp of sea salt to your fruit juice, this will raise your blood sugar to normal and lower damaging stress hormones.  Salty fruit juice helps stimulate the conversion of T4 (inactive thyroid) to T3 (active thyroid hormone).

Dietary fructose is preferable to starch for mineral balance in the body.  The anti-nutrients from most starch containing foods bind to minerals such as magnesium, copper, zinc, calcium, and iron.  Fructose actually helps retain these nutrients.  Again, we are talking about whole fruits, not HFCS nor isolated fructose.  Raw honey is almost a perfect balance of fructose and glucose (when unprocessed and not fed on sugar) and can be nourishing to the thyroid.

In short, and there is so much more to be covered in subsequent articles, white sugar, with absolutely no nutritional value and bleached with industrial chemicals is no better, and often far more addictive than heroine.  Fruits or even natural sugars like honey, unrefined cane sugar like sucanat in small amounts, even coconut syrup, combined properly with healthy fats and the right proteins, are actually necessary to create the trinity of perfect thyroid, adrenal, and sex hormone support.  (Which means a happier, healthier, slimmer, younger looking YOU!)

5.  Whole Grains are superior to refined.  Starch, be it refined or whole grain, breaks down entirely into glucose (though it may take a little longer to break down in a whole grain than a refined grain). Key dietary sources of starch are grains and legumes.  Root vegetables (carrots, beets, sweet potatoes, turnip and even white potatoes) are mostly starch as well, but also contain some fructose, high mineral levels, and none of the anti-nutrients or polyunsaturated fatty acids that grains do.  Glucose, by itself, can cause an over production of insulin; Starches (being all glucose) are more likely to be sent to convert to fat rather than where we want it, in the cells  (especially since most people rarely utilize all the glycogen stores/calories from the ingestion of these foods.) Fruits on the other hand, contain fructose with glucose, as well as high concentrations of potassium that helps to metabolize the glucose in a safe way so that you don’t turn it into fat.

Couple all of the fat storing capacity with the the issues with gluten, gliaden, and phytic acid malabsorption issues of consuming grain, or, at the very least, ill prepared grain, and you have a cocktail for a nutritional “perfect storm”.


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  1. says

    Hi there,I have a problem which doesnt relate to this post but I would appreciate ur reply,
    When I get my period,Its like the end of my life ,I get really weak and sever sever cramps and pains and I chill out n have dizziness and I have to just sleep ,,Even some hours before i bleed in my first day I really expreience death,,,,I get horribly cold and sweat n have pain ,shaking and all world goes dark infront of my eyes like fainting…..

    Nothing is shown wrong in my tests,,,But I really wanna find a solution ..whats the cause and what can i do to remove these physical and also SEVER DEPRESSION that I go through ..Im really tired of this cycle every month..

    Would appreciate ur kind suggestions.

    • thedetoxdiva says

      When you say nothing is showing on your tests how do you know? Is it from the doctors telling you? The reason I ask, it sounds like you have a major estrogen dominance issue which could be triggered BY or triggering a thyroid issue. I don’t know how you are eating. There are many variables here. You sound like you have a zinc deficiency with the hair falling, and if you have a thyroid issue, that is quite possible, as well as having a magnesium, possibly copper, and even iron deficiency. Many other trace elements are involved in this. It’s not as simple as saying, oh yeah, you have estrogen dominance, nor as simple as saying there’s nothing wrong. Doctors look at tests that are quantified improperly. For example, many do not look at free T3, only doing a TSH test. Still, even more look at anything 4 and under is normal. Optimal levels are 2 and under, as close to 0 as possible. Estrogen has to be tested as well as prolactin, FSH, LH, etc. I can’t make suggestions until I know how you eat, what you eat, your lifestyle, your test results up to now, etc. If you would like, I can take a health history from you and see if I can pinpoint anything and then make suggestions.

  2. says

    Thank you for replying me,Well,Nowadays doctors connect the issues with bein “stress” when they see the tests and cant do actualy anything.I dont have Iron deficiency ..ive done many blood tests n all of them said i have normal Iron.While I have dark circle n during period i feel it gets worse..I also have coarse hairs on both sides of my chin which is said hormones in meats n stuff causing that ,If You say that there is an estrogen imbalance,,will it be fixed if i go for 3 months on birthcontrol pills,,since of doctor suggested me of that ,to reduce pains n removing any possible cyst ,,if exists any.
    what do I eat?egg or omlete with whole grain bread for breakfast…Fruits r also one meal …lunches r also either protein(chicken or fish) plus rice and veggies+salad +beans ..well,I eat very healthy …I dont eat any sugar or fast food at all,though i have still problems.
    I have a plant based diet with beans n rice n whole grain bread if i wanna take bread…n eggs…
    Anything else you ‘d need to know?
    plus chammomile tea,and green tea..

    • thedetoxdiva says

      Hear me on this…. FIND A NEW DOCTOR! If your doctor is suggesting that you put EVEN more synthetic hormones in your system to combat a dramatic (probably estrogen dominance) hormonal imbalance you NEED a new doctor. If you are eating conventional meats, yes, there are hormones and antibiotic issues. You need to switch to grass fed and free range. You also could use some bone broth. I don’t see the need for the whole grain bread or rice (or even beans at this point) because hormonal balance always triggers some sort of blood sugar issue, either hypoglycemia or insulin resistance, or both. It’s not the sugar that I have the problem with (though white sugar is always a no no) and there are several ways we could go with this but I can’t treat you without having a full health history, I am sorry. This is not the proper venue to give you advice. I can arrange to send you a health history and we can schedule a Skype consult if you like and work out a treatment plan that would treat the entire body instead of just trying to address the sex hormones (which will never work anyway if you don’t look at the whole system).

  3. says

    Oh My goodness,yes.I almost everyday have the issue of hypoglycemia and didnt know what the reason may be ,no matter if i eat the rifined sugar or some meal of beans+veggies with bread.that all is making sense to me now…plus i always have cold feet n mostly hand with hair fall…No dostor has said this to me or has connected the dots to me …Ive seen 5 of them n they either say its becoz of stress n u should go on hormone pills to be it balanced,While non of them straightly has pinpointed estrogen dominance….I am in Iran and dont have access to a doctor like you with the way you approach…,can you please give me some specific suggestions in supplements or foods or some hints to go on a treatment plan? ..Im really tired with this..i feel really helpless
    I would appreciate it

    • thedetoxdiva says

      You are eating a LOT of starch. That can trigger blood sugar issues too. It’s NOT as simple as a one size fits all scenario. I don’t know your blood levels and I need these to be able to give you the right advice. You are showing symptoms of metabolic syndrome as well as PCOS and no, hormones won’t help you.

      • says

        Thank you for your time again.
        So what do you need for giving me the actual plan …What kind of blood test should I bring you ? Or any question which you need me to reply …..I read that Feline seed tea can help balancing the sexual hormones…is it really beneficial for me?
        looking forward fr ur kind reply.
        sending u much love

  4. says

    Your section about soy was interesting. I’ve never been into soy very much, but I’ve known people who eat it alot. The biggest problem with diets and claims about how great or bad foods are that the claims usually aren’t coming from qualified sources. You really have to look into it for yourself. Thanks for sharing these.

    • thedetoxdiva says

      I don’t know if they are not coming from qualified sources. There were a lot of Registered Dieticians and Clinical Nutritionists in that room. Doctors are well known for writing books but much of the information is based on trying to create different pathways in the body instead of using its own natural desires on how it needs to work to heal. Also, heavy emphasis is placed on supplementation as well, and that’s a problem for me. When you supplement without treating the underlying causes of the deficiency you will often tip the scales in the opposite direction!

    • thedetoxdiva says

      It’s about cutting out the starch NOT supplements right now, which will not be able to be absorbed into your body with your current state. It’s about repairing damage right now by avoiding the starches and focusing on rich bone broths (more on that shortly), pro-thyroid foods, and eating well.

  5. says

    I know that it is important to eat a certain amount of fat especially the good kind of fats. I remember when they claimed eggs were bad, then they changed their mind and said they were good but don’t over do it. Eggs have protein in them and are great for people who don’t eat enough meat. I think everything in moderation is the key to dieting success.

  6. says

    Thanks for the great information. My son is really big on the green juices. He has also been telling me that sugar is my enemy. I enjoy fruits and don’t use white sugar. Although I need to be more careful reading the ingredients list. I really appreciate the facts.

    • thedetoxdiva says

      Sugar is not solely the enemy and it is too bad they are not teaching them the problems when you combine sugar and grain, or sugar and nuts. White table sugar and it’s cronies truly is this generation’s cocaine but it is more the chronic overeating of modern wheat and gluten that is really not helping.

    • thedetoxdiva says

      I believe strongly that if the constitution of toddlers, once you have introduced him to veggies, can tolerate juices, then by all means. I have girlfriends that make green smoothies (very easy on the dark greens so as not to overwhelm their tiny thyroids) for their kids. Orange juice (post coming on the benefits of orange juice and thyroid) is very healing but, for toddlers, it does need watering down, about half and half and then buildup…..

  7. Mina says

    dear Jaqueline,
    We have been always known the ghee and solid oils the culprits ,saying these kinds of fats sane as animal ones in meat and chicken which we buy go to diffrent organs like heart n in vessels ,leading strokes …This all of a sudden Idea questioned other facts for ,too.Like why do we or should stay away of oily foods ,fried foods like those in fast foods…
    Im really confused ,would u plz give me some clearifying reply?

    Thank you

    • thedetoxdiva says

      Unfortunately in the face of farm subsidies and misunderstandings in allopathic medicine, along with the fact that the quality of ghee (with conventional farming) and the political situation in the tropics responsible for growing tropical oils all have helped vilify saturated fats. You SHOULD stay away from fried foods and oily foods if you are using heated monounsaturated fats like olive (which oxidize the oils quickly turning them toxic), or polyunsaturated fats like sunflower, corn, canola, and vegetable oils which go rancid very quickly turning THEM toxic as well. High quality fats such as grass fed ghee are high in CLA and their Omega-3 ratio to Omega 6 ratio is usually no more than 4:1 if not lower around 3:1 (and acceptable balance considering the Standard American Diet is upwards of 40:1 on a daily basis and we should be striving for a 1:1 ratio). Seed and nut oils, as I said, oxidize quickly and are, by and large, Omega 6 heavy so, if you are using an abundance of nut or seed oils, especially with heating them, buying them in plastic (a whole other ball of wax), or using chemically extracted oils, then you are creating an inflammation response from too many Omega 6s and too much rancidity. The high quality saturated fats like grass-fed ghee, coconut oil and proper butter do not cause raises in HDL cholesterol, in fact raise the heart protective qualities of these fats. Couple that with the fact that lauric acid, caprylic acid, palmitic and stearic acid all have positive health effects and it allows you to understand that cooking with high quality ghee, butter, coconut, and even palm oils and garnishing with olive oil will, in fact, increase your satisfaction level in your food, you will eat less, balance your blood sugar and protect your heart all in one.

  8. Mina says

    interesting!Thank u ,,,But what Causes high cholesterol then?and those vessel clogs or fat tissues around heart ?and people with these issues( High triglyceride n cholesterol) how should be healed.(since they all already told they have high cholesterol and also have their annoying symptoms …so,what should they avoid?If Its the case You r saying then wrong pills and medications are being prescribed out there!

    • thedetoxdiva says

      That’s several posts in one…not a question to be answered in a comment but…. insulin, starch, the wrong kinds of fats, etc. Statins are the absolute worst drugs on the planet most of the time because he might very well have an underlying thyroid issue, I mean there are many variables.

  9. Mina says

    oh wow! I cant believe that ,so transformational!
    Insuline n starch ! While is this case usualy people pinpoint at fats as culprits especialy solid ones like ghee ,…

    Another question,Should we skim the fat cooking bone broths or chicken,etc?Are they REALLY safe to eat?they wont be in the frozen figure in our colones n organs?
    It will be exactly this figure in body too.,,,so?

    And also can we fry with ghee n coconut oil,too?!!!

    • thedetoxdiva says

      You absolutely can fry in coconut oil and ghee. In fact, it is preferable! They have high smoke points and don’t oxidize. Of course you want to skim the “white crud” off the top of bone broths when they are first cooking. The “fat” will not be in high amounts anyway. What you see is gelatin which is really quite healthy. And they are not only safe to eat but preferable to eat. Just make sure the meat comes from a good source. I don’t even get the colon and organs question to answer. You are trying to heal your gut in this case….. Bone broth is one of the most healing ways to do that.

      • Mina says

        Thank you,Yes,I am on my third day now of veggies+protein with grasses (powdered in water n the fresh one in salads)..I feel full for a longer time after eating my meals which even having another snack seems unnecessary..
        I will try the broth soup too,should I cook n freeze in portions to use later ?

        I meant to convey that doctors say that as u see these solid fats in meats and also cooked foods on the surface ,they will be that solid shape in ur heart ,vessels,and other organs as well ..Is it true?

        Thank you Jaqueline

        • thedetoxdiva says

          Mina, the solid fats in the meat may actually not be fats at all. We will be getting into that more when talking about the benefits of gelatin and bone broth and also why it is important to cook meat with a bone to garner the best quality protein out of it. Although I do help people that are vegetarian, often healing the gut (and the rest of the body) using animal protein so as not to exacerbate any other problems in the body. And no, if the meat is HIGH QUALITY grass-fed then the fat in the animal will be minimal to start with and the balance of omega-3 to omega-6 will be in a much more balanced ratio which will make the fat a much healthier type of fat. I am glad you are starting to see that cutting out starches help. I suspect you may have a high testosterone level causing the hair growth Mina. Are you able to order supplements and from which countries?

          • Mina says

            Yeah,I am more grounded and the meals take my body up for a longer hour and I havnt experienced any hypoglycemia so far now,I hope it works out for me.

            well,Unfortunetly we cant order anything abroad and also Online .(We dont have paypal or any card system to shopp)..But If you let me know what kind of supplement may work for me regarding to these horrible hairs on my chin ,Maybe I can find some here .

          • thedetoxdiva says

            I will have a think about it. It’s not just something I can prescribe anything and what I do prescribe is pretty specific and the source is important. You might want to try chromium and niacinamide.

  10. Mina says

    okay I got a B complex pill now which has all forms of B vitamin in it.
    But I would like to educate myself more about “dairy foods”.too.ofcourse we dont know if they r grass fed or not which are not for sure ,grain fed and maybe hormonic.But what is your verdic on dairy foods ,overall?We r recently hearing much to avoid any dairy n go to soy milk and tofu and that dairy produts are mucus forming,leading to cancer n allergies.So same as Ghee Ive stopped using any dairy foods though it is kind of a fixed group in our culture and they want us to take it as a calcium or protein and a tool to increase longevity n living longer..will u have a post or reply me plz?
    Thank you so much .Im so happy I have you in my life after all those searches.

    • thedetoxdiva says

      For now you have to avoid soy and all lignans. Just to get your thyroid and adrenals as well as your hormones in check. You don’t have to avoid dairy, only HOMOGENIZED dairy. Labneh baladi (housemade labneh) would be fine for you. Dairy products are NOT mucous forming if they are RAW! I don’t know if you can get ahold of raw dairy though. Let me know.

  11. Worried says

    Is sesame bad as well? It’s been so painful to cut so many things I love from my diet and I was so happy to find sesame helps me so much with constipation. I used to eat plums or prunes every morning but where I’m living now it’s near impossible to find them so the only thing that really helps with my bowel movements is sesame. Sesame and plums are the only foods that really work for me. I’ve tried a lot of stuff. If I should cut sesame what do you suggest I could do with my constipation? What can I eat? Is black sesame bad for estrogen and thyroid as well? Thank you.

    • thedetoxdiva says

      Sesame isn’t bad per se…. If you buy the conventional industrialized kind I would say give it a miss but in Korea you can find some really amazing sesame oil done in the ancient artisanal way. Eat them but in moderation and NEVER with grains or too much sugar!! They are still little PUFA bombs so eat them in moderation with only fruits or veggies…. Black sesame is great for so many things but is not a cure all. It’s not particularly estrogenic BUT it is high in PUFA which can interfere with estrogen detox in high amounts. (You want to just make sure you aren’t eating HANDFULS a day.

  12. says

    There is so much conflicting information about food and dieting that it can actually stress you out – and stress is one of biggest reasons why people are getting sick.

    I made the conscious decision to take a simple approach to food. If it comes in a packet or is processed in some way I don’t touch it. This limits my choice to whole natural foods, but I’m no longer at the mercy of the next fad diet or fretting about what I should or should not eat.

    It takes time and effort to form this habit, but I know longer stress out about food.

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