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Fatworks Traditional Fats

I love traditional fats.  There is nothing worse to me than seeing a big bottle of canola, corn, sunflower or "vegetable" oil in anybody's kitchen. I'd rather them eat a vat of grains or bushel of nuts.  I once Facebook stalked a dietician here in Lebanon because she went on a TV show with a well-known chef and took him on a shopping trip to the supermarket.  She made sure she told him and the rest of the viewers that butter and "samne" (ghee) were terrible for you and for your ...

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milk thistle tea

Estrogen Dominance and Liver Detox

You all know by now how much I love talking about the powerful effects too much estrogen has on the body.  Estrogen dominance, for women, causes so many symptoms including PMS symptoms, anxiety, depression, weight gain, heavy bleeding and fibroids, and really rough peri and menopause phases.  Indeed you need estrogen.  In the first half…

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nyquil funny

Toxic Cold Season:: What’s Really in Nyquil?

I remember taking Nyquil a child.  Oh how I loathed the shots of mysterious green liquid and hated, even more, the headaches that ensued the next day. Years later, still reaching for Nyquil for every fall and summer cold, still suffering from “Nyquil Hangovers” I had the worst “out of body” experience of my life….

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woman with detox issues

Path(ways) to Detox Pt. 4:: Phase II Whats and Hows

I never thought I would be one of those writers that did long “series” but let’s face it; liver detoxification is a seriously complex issue.  I started to write all the explanations of what the various conjugation pathways did yesterday and it would have been a novel by the time I was done so I…

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