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Intention setting and the rule of 5

My most productive days are the days when I have set active intentions in the morning.  Indeed, my most productive months have been the months I have set clear intentions and goals for what I desire to accomplish. Intention setting is one of the most powerful tools we have in our arsenal to build the life of our dreams.  No, I am not talking about The Secret or anything as trivial as "think it and it will magically appear" because, as lovely as that sounds, intention without action ...

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shedding light on dark circles

Shedding Light on Dark Circles

“I have adorably sweet loving children.”  This is what I am chanting to myself at 5am when ALL of them decide to wake up, en masse and ALL of them want something from mommy.  (I should probably tell you also that I am chanting “Thou shalt not kill thy husband” who is snoring peacefully and…

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how to increase leptin sensitivity

The Lowdown on Leptin Pt. 3:: Healing Leptin Resistance

In The Lowdown on Leptin Pt. 1 we learned how Leptin is the master hormone that monitors the energy status of the body and tells us when we are in danger of running low on energy to properly function and when we have enough energy to have our body’s run smoothly triggering our satiety and telling…

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the truth about leptin resistance

The Lowdown on Leptin:: Pt. 2

Leptin is one of the reasons I love my job.  I know that sounds a little insane but it’s true.  One of the big reasons I love being a nutritionist is having the unique opportunity to unravel the mystery of the health issues of my clients.  Sometimes it takes some digging but it is so…

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