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liver detox phase 2 illustration

Well my beauties, I am finally continuing my series on how liver detoxification.  I began this series after about the 50th company came and asked me to try their "miracle" liver cleanser, potion, and/or tea.  I decided it was time to expose the fact that, while seasonal 'resets' with real food are, indeed, helpful, all these 'products' out there making all sorts of claims on effective liver cleansing are nothing short of snake oil salesman in a traveling circus.  ...

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Vata season clouds

Calming the “Winds” of Vata Season

Fall has officially come to South Lebanon and, as the temperature drops and the wind starts howling, the crisp Autumn air ushers in my favorite time of the year.  In Ayurveda fall is ruled by the Vata dosha.  Vata characteristics are light, dry, cold, rough, subtle, clear and mobile.  People that have natural tendencies toward Vata as…

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massage with chocolate

Anatomy of Overindulgence

Indulgence; a beautiful yet complicated multi-dimensional word that strikes fear in the hearts of many of my clients, female friends, and family members. The word has a sensual quality about it and yet it is almost inextricably linked with the word ‘guilt’ and its evil twin of a word, ‘overindulgence’.  Overindulgence just doesn’t have the same luxurious ring…

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glow skincare bottles

Bespoke Luxury:: Glow Skincare

Show of hands.  How many of you think bespoke (personalized) skincare is for movie stars and royalty? Something created for Victoria Beckham or Jennifer Lopez by some celebrity facialist who creates the creams and potions out of butterfly kisses and rainbows meant to give them camera ready ageless skin right when they roll out of bed?